Did I see a dream being fulfilled?


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Apr 7, 2005
On my recent trip to WDW, I spent the day at Disney-MGM Studios. Since ToT is my favorite ride I went on it a few times. At one point I saw a ToT bellhop with a suitcase in his hands standing just outside of the queue entrance talking with a large family.

I know the ToT costume pretty well and the suitcase made me take notice. Was this a dream being fullfilled?

Having had no other experience with dreams being given out during my trip, I decided to "hang around" and see if I could get the inside scoop.

Obviously, I didn't walk right up to the guy while he was talking to this family, that would have been rude. But I tried to observe.

The group was about 7 people large and one girl, I'd say around 11, was crying because the rest of the family wanted to ride, but she was scared.

I didn't hear the conversation they were having, but the CM eventually assured her and got the whole family into the FastPass line. This, of course, is when I jumped in (with my FastPass) behind them.

When they entered the lobby, the CM was pointing something out to them on the right hand side, but I was staying too far back to hear.

He then took them to the right hand side library. I, along with everyone else in line, was put into the left hand side library. From what I gathered, they got that library to themselves.

After I went through the boiler room, I saw the family again, waiting for a elevator. It looked like they were the only ones in front of that elevator.

I didn't see them again, but I did see the CM with the suitcase standing out in front of ToT. My aunt and I tried to get some info out of him, but he insisted that he was simply holding onto a guest's bags before escorting them to their room.

Has anybody been a part of this dream or seen anything like this?


Jul 29, 2006
Not sure but when I got my dream FP last week at was on ToT. However the CMs who gave the dream FPs out were not dressed in Bellhop attire. In fact, we had been chatting with them in the library before the film started and I assumed they were just doing a ride through or taking some sort of data. I was shocked when we got pulled aside. I think they use ToT for dreams a lot. Several people we ran into with dream ears or FPs said it happened on ToT.


Queen of Disney Elephants
Jun 23, 2006
a lot of dreams on ToT...ironic, since that is the only ride I don't really want to ride *sigh*

ah well, Disney will still be magically w/o the dreams.


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Oct 1, 2006
It may have been a Magical Moment I saw one on Star Tours. A kid and his dad got a back stage tour of the ride then right to the front sets of the car. He had a certificate and 6 Startour trading card type fastpasses. They said they were just picked out of line by the ST CM .


DIS Veteran
Oct 10, 2005
Last time we were at MGM there was a bellhop waiting for his shift to start. He was carrying a suitcase, too.

I think it's just a prop (or maybe it contains their "real" clothes?)


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