Did anyone take out a loan for their WDW wedding?

Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by ead79, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. ead79

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    Jan 21, 2000
    Were you able to get a good interest rate? What sort of loan did you get (like an installment loan, etc.)? Any info is appreciated!
  2. nydizfan

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    May 31, 2000
    yes we took out a home equity loan out .we are very happy . hope your wedding is great . disney treats you like a princess from beginning to end . it was worth the money . good luck. dave:tongue:
  3. Ranatra

    Ranatra Elliott Fan

    Sep 17, 2000
    No, we just saved for years and years. Our Intimate Disney Wedding in 1997 cost us $10,000, and I wouldn't do anything different!
  4. KnightsQwn

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    Aug 20, 2001
    I wish I could do a WDW Wedding!
  5. gemanda

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    Aug 2, 2001
    We're not doing a Disney Wedding (wish we were), just a Disney honeymoon.

    However, we have taken out a loan. It's through MBNA....it's called a wedding loan. It's basically a line of credit that's good for 2 years...the interest rate is great (I don't remember what it is exactly), and with our loan of $10K, the highest our payments will get is like $165 or something.

    Wish we didn't have to do this, but it was the best thing for us for a few reasons.

    1. Wedding $$ don't flow out evenly. There are tons of deposits at the beginning, and tons of payments at the end. We can't budget to have $3000 in deposits go out one month, then nothing for a few, then $8000 at the end.

    2. We don't have a huge savings base, but nor do we want to wait to get married until we do!! I understand the argument about not starting out in the red (and I've already heard it enough, so please don't flame me). I just know that at 25 and 21, we haven't had years and years to save. I just got out of college!!

    3. We have great, steady income jobs that neither one of us is in danger of losing in the coming year till our wedding.

    It's not for everyone. Yes, the ideal situation is to have it in cash. We couldn't. So this is what we chose instead.

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