Did anyone hear about not being able to download music and burn CDs after Sept. 1st?

The Mystery Machine

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Jan 4, 2001
My sis told me that as of Sept 1st we won't be able to download music and burn CDs! Is their any hint of truth to this rumor????
I just learned how to download & haven't burned yet...

Can anyone can shed light on this?


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Sep 11, 2000
I doubt its true, it woudl be too hard to pull off! Snopes also has no mention of it :confused:


Jun 6, 2001
Maybe record labels are encoding cds so they can't be burned but I doubt they are banning people from burning music cds...Think of the millions of cds people have in their homes. Even if they shut down the music exchange sites we would still be able to email mp3s to each other.


DIS Veteran
Aug 17, 1999
While I can see the no downloading of music from places like Kazaa after Sept 1, I don't see how it would be possible for them to keep you from burning CDs of the music you already have, or of "ripping" CDs that you currently own and burning your own compilations from those.


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Dec 15, 1998
<font color=navy>I heard on the news that record companies would be looking in computers, and if they found music that had been downloaded, not part of an "official" cd, they would dismantle the share file program....

How that is supposed to happen - I have no idea - but, that's basically what I heard a couple of days ago.


DIS Old Timer
Jun 1, 2000
1) The record companies have no way of knowing that you legally own the records that you have on your PC. If you own it, you can rip and burn it. If they were going to look at my PC, they's also have to peruse through my 500+ CD collection.

2) They won't get through my firewall.

3) This would be considered, by some, an invasion of privacy. Don't be surprised if they try this that they get sued by the Civil liberties Union.

4) They said they were thinking about trying to shut down 'supernodes' that traded/offered thousands of files. This would be up to and including Denial of Service Attacks, and complaining to your ISP.

So, it's probably true in part,but if you've downloaded a few MP3s here and there, you should be fine.

The Mystery Machine

Sunrise at my house. :+)
Jan 4, 2001
OH great! That is what I have been using...KaZaA!!! It figures. I am always late on the uptake. I guess I will be burning a whole lot of MP3s in the next week. KaZaA was a dream come true for me. OH WELL...it was good while it lasted.

Jeff in BigD

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Aug 18, 1999
There's several other file-sharing programs besides Kazaa.

The main problem is that you can start making computers that can't rip & burn music (though there's not really a way to do that), but the older computers will still be able to. They figure since they can't do that the next answer is to make the CDs uncopyable, but the problem there is that it completely disregards the owner's right to make reproductions (in whatever format they choose) & the CDs won't play on computers or some regular CD players.

When I buy CDs, I always make sure that they'll work in the usually players I use. If it doesn't (which has yet to happen), I'd return it explaining that I purchased the product not expecting limitations on it's playablity. If they have a copy that will work, it's acceptable. If not then a refund will be required.


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Feb 24, 2002
AHHH NOOO not my baby KaZaA. I hope this isn't true. KaZaA has been a big help when it comes to making CDs not only for me, but also to play at school during lunch for ASB.

If this is true i will have to go back to *GASP* buying CDs!!


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Nov 6, 2000
I love Kazaa not only for the music, but because I can download episodes of Undeclared, which was cancelled.. does anyone know if we can still get TV shows?


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