Diamond Horseshoe

Lisa P.

Peaceful, Worshipful, Joyful
Aug 27, 1999
It's been years since I've looked in there. Is there still a show performed in the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon? Any good? Does it go on in the slower season (September)? Do you need reservations for seating & how do you get them? Do they still serve lunch at the tables? Any good?

Thanks for any help. :)
The show is very entertaining. Somewhat different now b/c the dancing girls were cut last year during the entertainment cutbacks.

There's no longer table service here, so no reservation is necessary. They have a very basic lunch/snack menu as a counter service option. Nice place to get drinks or ice cream, but we prefer to eat lunch elsewhere. Also, the lines are set up in such a way that it takes forever to get your food.
We were just there a week ago and stopped in really just to kill time. Kids were on Splash Mountain, and it began to rain and we had older people in our party with a wheel chair, so we went in. The show was already in progress, but we found a seat, and I ordered a PB&J sandwich for DD. It came with chips and a soda and was OK (too much PB, not enuf jelly!) The magician was one when we were there. He was very good. The house was packed, both upstairs and down, and the ice cream selections looked very good. If you had time and could fit it in, I'm sure the whole show is enjoyable. Good luck!!
Thanks for your thoughts and tips!!! :D It's appreciated!

Don't know if we'll eat there, but knowing that we don't need ressies, the show is fun and food is an option if the line's not too long are all very helpful. :D :D :D


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