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    I will taking my 86 year old mom and my 19 year old daughter to WDW in a few days. We always take my mom each year staying 2-3 days on site and only visit one park trying to keep things simple and easy for my mom. My mom uses a rollator walker all the time, but we always take a transport wheelchair to WDW because she can't walk more than 20-30 feet without getting winded or holding onto something.

    Since the announcement of the Frozen Summer event at DHS we have decided to add an extra day at DHS. I am curious about wheelchair viewing for the Frozen Welcome parade at 11:00 each day. I know that the Magic Kingdom has parade viewing for wheelchairs. Also I was wondering if there is a wheelchair viewing spot for the fireworks. I was there last year for May the Fourth Be With You Fireworks and it was like a mosh-pit. Everyone was standing shoulder to shoulder trying to get a view of the fireworks. Does anyone know if they have a spot for those in wheelchairs to view the fireworks without other people hanging all over them?
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    There is nothing currently on the Disney's Hollywood Studios park map showing a handicapped since they have not had a parade for a while.

    When they do have a parade, they have handicapped viewing spots marked on the maps. If I recall correctly, one of the spots had been near the outdoor seating area at Min & Bill's Dining - kind of across the street from there.
    It may be in the same spot, but will be marked on the maps.

    You will want to check out the spots ahead of time - in the past, some were in full sun and you may be able to find a better spot out of the sun.

    There have not been handicapped viewing spots in the past for fireworks (with the exception of Illuminations, which is a show more than fireworks). The reason given was that the fireworks are overhead.

    I'd suggest checking where the fireworks will be shot from and then scout out places to watch. There may be an area where you can stand behind a fence and not have anyone right ahead of you (like around the little lake )

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