Desnik and family Day4: DVC tour AK and Epcot

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Desnik, Nov 30, 2000.

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    Oct 16, 1999
    Tues. Nov. 14 Up early to take DVC tour. DVC van came to our resort to get us and was equipped with a car seat. Our driver was so nice and we were excited as we headed to BWV. We were prepared to purchase if we "fell in love" with the DVC.We waited for our guide or whatever they are called. We had to take our DD along, she is not yet 3 and they don't bend the rules! The woman who we spoke to was the most unprofessional person I have encountered. I don't want to sound mean but how she got a job at Disney is beyond me. She reminded us of an over bearing real estate agent. Let me just say that DH and I are young(25 and 28) and we look about 18. We have alot of problems with being treated differently by people because I guess we don't look like "potential" buyers for anything!! We are aware of this and usually don't let it get to us. Not to get off the subject but as an example, we went to purchase a BMW and they took one look at us and said "maybe this is alittle out of your price range". Well we left, went to Mercedes, bought a car, went back to BMW and rubed it in their faces!!! Anyway, this was the impression this woman at DVC was giving us. Just the little comments here and there. So, in a nut shell, she told us we had to purchase 220pts. because thats what everyone else does. She didn't go into any detail about the financial aspect of it I guess because she didn't think we were really going to buy. We had mentioned we were going to look at Celebration to see how much the houses were and she said "Don't go there. You wouldn't want to live there. I wouldn't live there, that place is not any good. Did you know 2 German tourists were shot there?" This went on and on and it got worse about all different types of things. Lets just say we left there with no more info. than before we arrived. We were mad and discouraged. We left and the Dvc driver dropped us off at AK. Could this day get any better you asked? Of course, it started poring as soon as we got to AK. We decided to eat at Rainforest to stay out of the rain. It was packed, we had no p.s. so we had to waid 45min. We actually got seated alittle faster than that. The food was great, I had ribs with chicken and shimp anb meat on a stick with mashed potatos, dh ate chiken breast with mashed potatos and dd had a kids pizza. After, it had stopped raining, so I took dd to see ITTBAB show while dh walked around. DD was alittle scared at first and I just held her and she was fine. She fears very little LOL!! DH and I had those walkie talkie things which worked really well. Sometimes there was alittle interfearance and we just had to change channels. We then saw The Lion King show. Oh while we waited we saw a woman who was exiting the previous show, stop in front of everyone, take of her shoe, lean it on her husband who was in a wheelchair and proceeded to scratch her foot!!!!! Now we've seen everything! Anyway, the show was great, we then saw the Tarzan show and enjoyed that then it was time to go because they were closing. We then took the bus back to the resort to change and then went to Epcot to see Illuminations, but we never got to see the show. We did see TON which we had to laugh about. What was this? The only thing that was good was the music, we really didn't like this. We shopped and dd and I went on Spaceship earth with no line whatsoever!! After we ate at the fast food place next to it. We had mickey pizza, chicken and a brownie which was all good. We were too tired and headed back to the resort and beat the crowd! Next time:1900Park faire, Chef mickeys and Celebration.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Sorry your day started off bad. Glad to hear that it improved as it went along. Thanks for posting. :)

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    Feb 11, 1999
    It's a shame you were treated so poorly by the DVC salesperson.

    I'm glad your day improved after that.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. :)


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    Mar 25, 2000
    Hope you wrote a letter complaigning about your treatment - I would have. Sounds like the rest of the day was good. Thanks for posting!

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