Describe your perfect Disneyland Day

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Tink33, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Tink33

    Tink33 Disneyland Parade High Kicker

    May 3, 2000
    We have done this before but I thought it would be fun to do again.

    What attractions would you visit?

    Where would you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Don't forget the snacks.

    What would you buy?
  2. Buckimion

    Buckimion Purple Heart Park Commando

    Dec 29, 2003
    First, I love all of the dark rides most, more than even coasters or other thrill rides. I usually don't have too many problems getting onto these (except for Pan and Pinocchio.); So I'd hope for low crowds so there's never more than a 10-15 minute wait at any time. I'm going to miss that Space Mountain isn't expected to be open on our upcoming trip, but at least I can introduce my wife and daughter to the Matterhorn this time. (Was closed on our last visit.)

    Really miss the subs, people mover and skyway so I'd wish those were back.
    (Also miss the old Alweg monorail cars.)

    Breakfast would be 2 hours before the park opens so we'd be there when it is open. Would like the Lilo & Stitch character b-fast since those are DD's favorite characters.

    Would take a break from the parks and go to DD to the Rainforest cafe for lunch. Love the coconut shrimp.

    Dinner would be a waterside table at the Blue Bayou. Prime Rib for the wife and I.

    Would like to try a skewer at Bengal BBQ for a snack and can guarantee we'll get a churro or 3.

    For souvineers...will absolutely get a set of Golden Ears (with names) and will probably blow some bucks on the retro stuff.

    I wish there would be some way to bring back the old MPC model kits of the Haunted Mansion and PotC. (Or better, newer kits of EXACT scenes in the rides.)
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  4. iceskatejen

    iceskatejen <font color=0000CC>I did it 4 times during my trip

    Mar 24, 2004
    Gee, I had just about as perfect a DL day as I could hope for last Wednesday. Great weather (sun was warm, but the breeze was cool), low crowds (or at least the lines were short) and had the best time.

    I got to the parking garage just a few minutes before the 8am opening of the garage. Got a great parking space and was on the first tram to DL. Got in line only a few people back and was through the gate within a minute of them opening the gates. I was right at the rope for rope drop and headed to the Matterhorn and walked right on and got the front seat. I then walked to TL past the submarine lagoon, which is now walled off) and went around Club Buzz to ride Buzz--got a FP then got in the regular line (rode a total of 5 times that day and got my two highest scores ever). I then went over to the River Belle Terrace to grab some breakfast, then rode BTM two times in a row (wait was 5 minutes both times), then went in front of the Golden Horseshoe because it was almost time for Laughing Stock Co to perform. Saw the show and laughed my head off (and was Sally Mae's homegirl--don't know if I should be proud of that or not).

    Went back to use my Buzz FP and got another for it before I rode. I rode Star Tours, then was able to get another FP, so I got one for Splash. Saw the second part of Laughing Stock then used Buzz FP # 2 for my third ride on it that day. I walked around a little and before I knew it, I could get another FP, so I got one for Indy. I went and rode POTC (sign said 15 minutes, but I pretty much walked on, only stopping because some people in the line ahead of me got distracted when the line paused for a couple of seconds), then Splash. Laughing Stock was doing part 3 by this point, but I was hungry and they were letting people in for the 1:15 Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show, so I went into the Golden Horshoe. Got some fish & chips and watched the Billys, who were fantastic as always. It was alomost time for Laughing Stock again (I love this little act, can you tell?) so I looked around the Pioneer Mercantile for a few minutes. Saw the 1st skit again (and was the homegirl a second time). After, I could get another FP, so I went back to Buzz, then used my Indy FP. I had fun making the ceiling come down in the spike room, couldn't get the rope on the well to do much, and still can't find that Eeyore sign next to the projector, sigh. I next went to HM. Then it was time for part 2 of Laughing Stock (got to see it all the way through this time as I missed the beginning earlier--the woman picked to be the bank teller couldn't manage the line--she was giggling too much).

    After, I rode Buzz yet again and got a FP for ride #5. At 4 I saw the third part of Laughing Stock, then went back to ride Buzz for the 5th and final time that day. I went back to the Golden Horshoe as the Billys were finishing up their 4:15 set, but decided to wait outside and go in for the 5:30 show. At 5 they let us in and I got some chicken and a second row seat. The show was even funnier the second time (and a little different from the first). I decided to ride some FL rides (don't do that very often) and rode Mr Toad, Snow White, Pinnocchio and Peter Pan. I got in line for PP just before the 7pm closing time. After I slowly wandered down Main Street reflecting on how much fun I had.
  5. abby

    abby Abby's Mom

    Feb 17, 2005
    We were also there last wednesday. Me and my dd who is almost 5. We got the to park before the opening, and were in the crowd on main street for the rope drop. (although far enough back we couldn't see it.) walked fast (almost a run) to dumbo, and fulfilled my kids greatest wish being first in line for Dumbo. Did Dumbo twice, the tea cups twice, and alice in wonderland all within 30 minutes. Then went to critter country and did Pooh ride. Got off that and saw Pooh, Tigger and Eeyor , all of the above by 10:30. The rest of the day was looking around a few rides a swimming at the hotel pool. My DDL when they opened at 8 and then at CA when they opened at 10. Did all four kids rides at CA (some twice) in 20 minutes. :rotfl: :cool1:
    Most of all, I loved watching my kid have such fun.
  6. Larry

    Larry Want to see something really scary? Hey stop looki

    Aug 18, 1999
    I had mine many years ago...besides being there for the Captain EO party, Opend Friday and did not close until Sunday night awesome but it was twenty something years ago. Kaiser Steel and rented the park for the day for its employees and that morning a nasty storm rolled in. by noon the storm rolled away and there was only about 5000 or less people in the park. It was like no one was there. Only a fraction of the people who had tickets for the private party came.

    Captain EO was cool too. I waited for over four hours from 1am to 5am or so to see it. Still have my ticket and the wristband...lost the Teeshirt years ago. :confused3

    I wonder if they are going to do the same "Stay Open" for the 50th party?
  7. zukeeper

    zukeeper <font color=darkorchid>Wants to live in Disneyland

    Apr 29, 2005
    I would not miss Princess Storytelling with my daughter, and riding Peter Pan, Teacups, Alice, and Dumbo behind the other half of my family. Watching their faces is a magical! If we're talking dreams, I would go on the submarine. That was my childhood favorite and I had the opportunity to go on it with my oldest when he was 3 and it was as good as I remembered!

    I would skip standing in line for autographs and go for as many character meals as worked into my schedule.

    I would definitely buy the Splash Mountain picture and not quibble over what it cost. I always find something in the critter country gift shop that I wish I would've bought and don't find anywhere else.

    I would relax more on Tom Sawyer Island and the National Park? in Grand California. This is what my kids always talk about when we reminisce and there were no lines!

    I would buy matching t-shirts with my daughter!

    Oh boy - I can't wait to go again!! princess:

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