Deluxe rooms at HRH refurbed?


Apr 11, 2009
On the Universal and Loew's sites the pictures of regular rooms show the new decor but the Deluxe and Kids' suites have the old decor. Were they skipped in the recent refurb or are the pictures just not updated yet, does anyone know?
All of the rooms were refurbed. I assume the pictures just haven't been updated. Trip Advisor has a few photos if you wade through them ...
We were in a Deluxe room the 1st week of March and it was refurbed. Great room!
Has anybody slept on the sleeper sofa in the deluxe 2 queen room? Is it decent? Big enough for an adult or just a child? Thanks!

My 12 year old at the time daughter slept in the sofabed for 3 nights, pre-refurb. She had no complaints. Or at least realized that complaining would just result in trading with one of her sisters sharing one of the queen beds.


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