Deluxe at Xmas?


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Sep 15, 2000
I was just looking at the rates for the different Deluxe hotels during the holiday season. We're going on the 7 night cruise beginning Dec 28, and would like to spend a couple of nights at WDW first... this would mean either coming in the 25th or 26th... Do these rooms ever get discounted during this period? My daughters choice of rooms is a standard at the BC... Should I just suck it up and keep my fingers crossed?
In short, no discounts for after Christmas. This is their busiest week of the year. Having said this, we got a post card for a discount that was good through 12/24/01. We backed up our arrival date to 12/23/01 and were able to use the discount.

If you can be flexible with your arrival date, you might be able to stay a couple of extra days at WDW for the same or less than arriving after Christmas. Then again, this may have been a one time discount never to be seen or heard of again. LOL
You may be interested to know that you can get discounts at the Dolphin and Swan for this period. We have booked for 6 nights arriving Dec 26 and got half price rate with our Disney Club Card. The Dolphin is just across the way from the Beach Club.

This last christmas i got cr tower for 139.00 on ap rate. the rate was for the wing but got upgraded at check in

Mike, was this at Christmas '01 or earlier. We will be going back at Christmas '02 and had planned to stay at the Dolphin. We are AP holders and I would like to try the Contemporary sometime and if I could get it for $139.00, or close to it, I would go for it this year.


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