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    May 25, 2010
    I just watched the "Ultimate Walt Disney World" DVD (Part of the "Disney Parks: The Secrets, Stories and Magic Behind The Scenes" box set), and was thinking of how great a "Definitive Walt Disney World" DVD/Blu-Ray set would be. Many of the ones available aren't bad, but I want more more MORE! Considering you can visit the Magic Kingdom for days without seeing everything, I always feel a little cheated with a DVD about the park that has a running time of around an hour. I would gladly pay for a 10-disc box set, with multiple discs dedicated to each park. I don't expect complete ride-throughs, but I'd love to see the Imagineers' inspiration for each attraction, notes on construction, etc.--kind of a visual companion to the Imagineering books. Most of the programs on Walt Disney World always feature the same few attractions, and I'd love to have a complete souvenir of the parks for those times I can't visit. Any thoughts?
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    I have often thought the same myself. I think there are a couple of obstacles: 1) Capturing all the detail would be expensive/time consuming and many people just wouldn't have the patience to watch, and 2) Perhaps Disney doesn't want too much of the "magic" available to people who aren't paying the admission.

    BYW-Looks as though you are a newcomer to the Dis, WELCOME! :earsboy:

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