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    Just wanted to share some thoughts from my last trip. We were 5 adults on the Basic DDP, myself, parents and 2 aunts. Will say we didn't have a bad meal and all the servers were very pleasant.

    1/19 - Early dinner at Raglan Road - We ordered two its not bleeding chowder, 2 fish and chips and 1 mixed grill. Everyone enjoyed their dinners and were anxious for the desserts. We had 2 bread n butter puddings and 3 raspberry riots. Have to say we were underwhelmed by the desserts. I expected the bread pudding to be creamier.

    1/20 - Breakfast at The Mara at AKL - Used 5 counter serves and got 2 large Mickey waffles with bacon and 3 bounty platters (scrambled eggs, bacon, mini mickey waffle and biscuit) with an assortment of juices and waters since we had bought refillable mugs using thwm for coffee and hot chocolate. Everything was hot and fresh and tasted good.

    Dinner - Ohanas - One of our favorites and it did not disappoint. Wings, pot stickers, noodles and vegetables were delicious as were the meats. I just wish we didn't have to peel the shrimp! And for dessert, the bread pudding was outstanding, much better than the previous evening.

    1/21 - Breakfast at Captain Cookes at the Poly - We had 3 tonga toast with bacon and two mickey waffles with bacon and again an assortment of water and juices. Haven't had Tonga toast in about 4 years (and only at the Kona) but it was as good as remembered, sweet and delicious needing no syrup. Again everything was hot, fresh and tasted good.

    Dinner - Whispering Canyon Cafe - (I think this was the most expensive meal of the trip!) Five canyon skillets, four milkshakes, one beer (paid separately), and for desset, a pecan pie, 3 cheesecakes and an apple pie. Again the food was good and everyone had their favorites, one aunt loved the ribs, the other aunt, the salad, my father, the chicken, my mother, the brisket and me the sides especially the mashed potatos. The caramel shakes were awesome and the desserts very good, we took 1/2 of them to go!

    1/22 - Breakfast at Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT - Two egg platters, 2 waffle platters and a breakfast sandwich along with 4 coffees, 1 water and 5 OJs. The breakfast sandwich was very good and rest I guess was okay as they ate it while I road Soarin, Test Track and Mission: Space.

    Late lunch at Le Cellier - Had 2:30p ADRs but they took us early because my father was hungry. We had five of the mushroom filets, excellent as usual but not as tender as last year. For drinks, it was chocolate rasperry shake for me, lemonade for 2 aunts and diet cokes for my parents. For dessert it was creme brulee for me, wonderful, vanilla ice cream for 1 aunt, sorbet for my mom and apple TARTS for my father and aunt who thought it would be apple PIE, despite the server telling them specifically it was a TART! (This follows last years cornflake french toast at WPE, that my father stll says was not french toast:confused3) I know I will hear the this wasn't apple pie until next trip!:rolleyes1

    1/23 - Early lunch at Cookes in DTD - Three fish and chips and two shrimp and chips, all were hot fresh and delicious!! The breading on the shrimp was awesome. For dessert it was a dough bar, one of my all-time favorite WDW desserts, delicious as always, 2 vanilla ice creams, 1 strawberry and a fresh fruit cup for my father, who tries to eat healthy most of the time!

    Dinner at Cape May - This was my pick because of the crab legs. First batch was done perfectly the 2nd was a struggle getting the meat out! Everything else was good. Oreo bon bons were fabulous and the cookies were excellent!Only waiter of the trip that we had trouble finding for drink refills but we managed!

    1/24 - Breakfast at WPE in DTD - After last years cornflake french toast, my father listened and got a spinach, mushroom and cheese omlette and breakfast potatos that he thoroughly enjoyed! My mom and aunts got Belgium waffles, that they enjoyed and I got the breakfast pizza, it was very very good! Again 4 coffees and an assortment of juices.

    Dinner - The Mara at AKL- Three shrimp and fries for my mom and aunts, an African stew in a bread bowl for my father and vegetarian flatbread for me. The portions were large and the food hot but just okay. Easily the least favorite meal of the trip. Four Mickey bars and a fruit cup (dad) for dessert, the best part of the meal!:mickeybar We also used a bunch of snack credits on packs of carrot and celery sticks with dip, hummus, pita chips, potato chips, cheetos and rice crispy treats for the football games!

    1/25 - Breakfast at the Mara - used snack credits for bagels and mugs for drinks. There is no place like NY for bagels!

    Late lunch at 50s Primetime in DHS - Three fried chicken dinners, a pot pie fro mom and pot roast for dad. We have had the fried chicken and pot roast before and they didn't disappoint! The potpie was excellent as well but my mom wised she had a spoon for the gravy as it dripped off the fork! For drinks we had a PB&J shake for me (another of my WDW favorites), rootbeer floats for mom and aunts and a soda for dad, which mom drank because he only had water. For dessert it was no sugar added cheesecake for dad, which he liked, smores for me, my favorite there and 3 Dad's brownie sundae. The other funny food moment as my aunt said "I didn't know it would have chocolate in it" upon seeing the sundae. When asked what she thought "brownie" in the title meant, said she didn't see it.:rotfl:

    1/26 - Breakfast at Artist Pallette - We switched resorts today and were using up our last CS and TS credits. It was a breakfast flatbread, eggs, bacon and sausage gravy, mmmm! for me! Aunt had large Mickey waffles and bacon as usual, mom had a croissant sandwich, that she enjoyed and dad had oatmeal and bread with butter and jelly. Of course there was the usual assortment of drinks. The only problem was they only can make 2 large Mickey waffles at a time and about 10 people were ordering them at the same time. They also were not giving out pagers, just taking the orders, telling you to pay and come back so the waffles were not given out in the order they were ordered which is a pain when you already have the rest of your food.

    Dinner at Turf Grill at SSR - Last TS of the trip. We ordered 2 prime rib, 2 lamb chops and a NY strip steak for me. Strip steak was cooked perfectly and tender, the prime ribs were huge and it was 4 baby lamb chops per plate. Lots of food and very good. I had my last chocolate shake, diet coke for mom, bottled water for dad (only restaurant to offer it on DDP) and sprite for aunts. For dessert it was chocolate expresso torte, flavorful and intense, I couldn't finish it and I love chocolate, vanilla ice for one aunt, apple pies for mom and other aunt and no sugar added lemon pound cake for dad, his zest for healthy eating backfired as this was his worst dessert of the trip.

    1/27 - Breakfast at Olivias at OKW - Paid out of pocket for this and it was worth it. Both cost and taste wise!! Three pancake platters, 2 with bacon and 1 with ham. The panckaes were huge and there were 3 of them. One eggs, bacon and pancakes with pecans, there were 3 huge pancakes on that plate as well and a banana bread french toast that was divine for me! Four coffees and and OJ to drink. With my 10% DVC discount it was only a few dollars more than the CS and that is with the tip included!

    All in all we had some excellent meals and got to try some desserts and drinks that we would never normally order. For us the DDP is worth the money because it mirrors how we like to eat at WDW, a CS for breakfast or lunch and an early TS for dinner. One difference this year is the at the TS, we got to keep a receipt that had the actual totals of what the meals would cost instead of one with $0.00 for everything. Overall had we saved over a $100 each on food and beverages for a savings of almost $600 for the 5 of us!
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    Thanks for the food reviews. We are going to try Ohana and LeCellier next trip...thanks for sharing.

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