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Oct 27, 2016

Does anyone have an opinion on this hotel? I know its a distance from DC/Seaworld but the price is right ($334 for 5 days in a 2 bedroom suite; 5th night free).

Also is there something I'm missing with the price? I booked through DC's website but didn't add DC tickets, I bought those from ******************.

For 5 nights it works out to be $67/night. Which I think is unreal for Thanksgiving week.

So I'm thinking, due to its proximity to Disney, is that this would be a good alternative for a out-of-park accommodations for my next Disney trip.


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Apr 21, 2003
Have you checked other sites such at trip advisor for this hotel ?

When I read that it is only $67 a night for a two bedroom suite, I would wonder ......


Oct 27, 2016
Well Trip Advisor aggregate is 4/5 circles. It is a Seaworld partner hotel not sure if they would want to be affiliated with a sketchy hotel. They also waive the resort fee of around $20 night when booking through Discovery Cove.

I ran the reservation again and attached the results below

This is a price for 11.22-11.27



May 2, 2006
This used to be the Nickelodeon hotel. Holiday Inn bought it and IMHO have greatly improved the property. Updated rooms, improved the water park, etc. Enjoy those low prices while you can because as reviews and ratings and word of mouth improve rates will go up.


Oct 27, 2016
Here is my report back.

As a family hotel, this worked out great. The room we had (2 bedroom suite) looked just like the pics online.
We arrived around 7:30pm and check in was a breeze.

The room was nice and clean, the beds were comfy, and my girls (10 and 8) loved the bunk beds in their room.

I would have been nice if their room had a door, however. There isn't much space but they could install a pocket door.

One of my goals was to see if this place would be a viable option for off-premise accommodations while at Disney.

For us probably not.
The reason being is the kitchen area in the room. Like I said the room looks just like the photos, so therefore the kitchen area/eating area wouldn't work if you are planning on doing your own cooking.

I also think the transportation offered is very limited.
For Disney it will take you to Epcot and pick up at Epcot or Trans Center.
There was no direct shuttle to Discovery Cove, you have to go to SeaWorld and walk or a SeaWorld shuttle. THis would be ok, except you might want to get to DC earlier, as the hotel shuttle leaves at 930.
SeaWorld shuttle doesn't adjust with park times. ie park opens at 9, but shuttle leaves at 930. Park closes at 10p but last shuttle is 720p

The pool/water park area was well maintained and there were plenty of family activities to do during the day (we spent Thanksgiving at the pool)

All in all, this place is great for us.

I'm not sure of the price if you book via one of the hotel web sites, but booking through Discovery Cove gets you 5th night free. So our stay from Nov 22-27th was $335 +$72 parking.
Even with parking it's still a good deal.

ETA: added shuttle information.
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