DC/Entertainment card


Earning My Ears
Mar 30, 2001
I am so confused. I just joined DC and know you get Entertainment benefits. Is it the same as having a Entertainment card?? Can I use the DC card for getting a reservation at HRH or do I have to get the Entertainment book? Please help me with this. Thanks


Earning My Ears
Apr 29, 2001
I was told by HRH reservations that the DC entertainment club card would not be valid at HRH or PBH even though it has the "entertainment" logo on the reverse side. I didn't press the issue for fear of not getting entertainment rates for our vacation dates. The cards are available at the entertainment web site but will expire in early November. Next years cards(Nov 2001-2002) are apparently not yet available but should be within the next several months. I'm sure someone will supply that information. :rolleyes:

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