Daytona Beach Dec 23 - 31

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  1. riu girl

    riu girl DIS Veteran

    Jul 8, 2004
    In Daytona we relaxed a bit more. We had a very large hotel room with a full kitchen. It also had a big balcony and was beachfront. I have never stayed so close to the ocean before. The weather in Daytona was good some days, cool and rainy others.
    The hotel was Coral beach Resort in Ormond Beach ( a couple of miles north of Daytona beach)

    Here are some highlights:

    We put up a small tree in our room and celebrated Christmas. It was fun.

    Went up the oldest lighthouse in Florida.

    Went to the Marine Science Centre.

    Swam with manatees (DH and DD7) in a state park.

    Went on a bus tour where the bus turns into a boat and went in the river.

    Lots of BEACH TIME!!!!!!!

    DH rented a harley for half a day.

    DH locked the keys of the rental car in the trunk and we had to get a lock smith (Yikes, 50 US!!!)

    Found our car covered with mustard one day at the hotel (thanks to some teenagers staying on one of the top floors)!!!!!! I just had to laugh once I found out it was only mustard!!!!

    Lots of swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel (the outdoor one wasn’t heated and not warm enough).

    The ocean was freezing but the kids (especially DD7) went in it A LOT.

    That’s about it.
    Hope you guys had a great Christmas. Ours was very special.

    Next WDW trip I plan to stay in WDW a little longer (7 nights at POP hopefully) and then stay 7 nights 1-2 hours south of WDW (hopefully beachfront on the gulf side this time, warmer water temps and white sand)

    Suzy V. :flower:
  2. cottontail

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    Jan 16, 2001
    Hi: We have stayed in that motel before. We always enjoy a walk on the ocean.

    Can I ask where you swam with the manatees?


  3. riu girl

    riu girl DIS Veteran

    Jul 8, 2004
    Swimming with the manatees was great. DH and DD7 did it at Blue Spring State park in Orange City (about 45 minutes away from Daytona). You follow the I-4 to Orange City and look for the state park signs.

    The entry cost to the state park is US 5/carload. It is a great bargain. There is no extra cost to swim with the manatees. There is a large boardwalk with several viewing areas. And a path to follow where you can go into the water to swim with the manatees (if there are any in the swimming area when you are there). DD7 and DH swam with 5 of them. There are hot springs in the park that keeps the water temp around 72 F. The manatees come in from the colder ocean waters and stay in the park area from Nov-Mar. The park is amazing if you are interested in nature and wildlife. You can also rent canoes (we wanted to but it started to rain hard).

    Suzy V.
  4. jtdl

    jtdl DIS Veteran

    Oct 7, 2004
    Wow, I'm glad to find out about that. It sounds great - the price too! My DD and I love manatees. DH and DS have never seen one. We will definitely be going there during our time in Daytona.

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