Days Inn/Suites - Old Town HELP!




Good and/Bad I am staying at the Days Inn in March. Please give me the goods and bads of this property. I got it on Priceline for 20 per night so it can only be so bad since we are there for sleeping. Is it a decent property or not? Is it remodeled or not? Have any suggestions on what to ask for? Is it worth it to pay extra 20 or 30 per night to stay at Days Suites
I have not stayed there but when going to Old Town have walked right by it. I have not been impressed by the area and don't think it would be my choice of a place to stay. Reviews I have seen about it have not been great. However, with Priceline, aren't you now stuck with it?
yep, I'm stuck with it, but hey such is life! I have used priceline for numerous car rentals, hotels, and airfare and have ALWAYS been more than pleased. However there has to be a time when I'm not and this could be it. Oh Well, like I said the only thing we'll do is sleep there. We get in around 10:00pm and are gone by 8 in the am.

We went last year and ran like crazy. I do have a 6 and 4 year old (girls) and they are disney crazy. And by the time we are back at the hotel, they go into a coma until morning.
I've been by this hotel. It doesn't look terrible. It isn't the Ritz by any means! I knew someone that stayed there and he found it OK.

Stayed in the suites a few years back and hated it at first site. It is reall y old and looks it, but after a couple of days it wasn't so bad. If you only paid $20 and are just sleeping there it should be fine.
We stayed there in March of 99 and found it okay. It was the typical budget hotel. We did enjoy going over to Old Town at night several nights as the parks close early in March and Old Town was still open when we returned. Our room was always clean and there was not a lot of noise late at night. Hope this helps a little.
Hope for your sake they have renovated since I was there several years ago. It was dirty and very worn than. I have never stayed at a suite hotel befor where you had to rent your dishes/ toaster etc. by the piece.( we went without the toaster and bought paper plates/plastc cups ans silverware.) The only good thing was its location next to Old Town.

We spent 3 nights there in October, along with 3 nights on site at ASMU. I know most people would think we're crazy, but we liked Days Suites better. We liked all the room to spread out in, the luxury of having two sink/vanity areas, having a separate bedroom, and the pace, which was much less frenetic than the onsite hotels. Our rate was $30, which I thought was a steal. The beds could have been better (I like a very firm bed), but everything worked, it was clean (IMHO), quiet and easy to get to. We also liked the breakfast buffet, which is $3.99 for adults and free for kids 12 and under. Hope this helps.


Thank you for providing some promise. I have heard very little positive info about these properties so any good info is good news!


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