Day Seven

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    Day Seven, September 13

    MGM Studios today. The bus was full, but the park was pretty empty – at first anyway. Had breakfast at the ABC Commissary. Considered shouting just to hear the echo, but decided to maintain a certain decorum and kept quiet.

    Did Muppets (which I love), the backlot tour (glad we didn’t have to wait in line for that), and the Great Movie Ride. Enjoyed One Man and His Dream before having lunch at the Brown Derby. I had the Cobb salad (yum!) and BF had steak. We shared a piece of the grapefruit cake, and it was all very good. V. pretty restaurant too, with the famous line drawings of celebrities on the walls. I couldn’t identify very many of them though. Bought my mother the Brown Derby book for her birthday. Chatted a bit with Paul, the host, who mentioned that he thinks a great place to rob would be a country club right after the first of the month when the dues come in. So the next time you hear of a country club getting knocked over, you know where to point the finger.

    The green army men from Toy Story were out in the plaza for “Operation Sign and Smile” when we left the Derby. The sergeant was hilarious setting forth his rules of engagement. “You WILL have your autograph book open to a blank page.” “If you have a clickety-click type pen, we suggest you clickety-click it to the ‘on’ position.” “For all you photographers out there: your name is NOT Ansel Adams!” His “smile” was hilarious too. I’m surprised any of the kids went near him. One little boy in a pirate captain outfit went up for a photo, and sarge said, “Oh, a Navy man.” Ahhh, good times!

    Did “Sounds Dangerous” with Drew Carey, which was kind of dumb (although the dubbing booths were fun), but “The Magic of Disney Animation” was pretty good. Whose idea was it to pair up Robin Williams and Uncle Walter? Sheer genius. Got some previews of “Treasure Planet.” Loved the montage of Disney film clips at the end of the tour. I teared up at the Bambi bit, but I think a few other people did too. Sob! Sob!

    Had my photo taken with Mike and Sully. My friend Didi will be so jealous!

    The Rock’n Rollercoaster was awesome, though slightly disorienting – felt a bit dizzy when we got off. Plus, those rides that bounce your head around really hurt when you’ve got earring studs stabbing you in the neck. It was raining a smidge when we got out of there, so we went right over to the Tower of Terror. That was SO COOL! Loved those few seconds of weightlessness. BF got that middle seat in the back row that has no safety bar and no one in front, just a seatbelt. We bought the photo at the end because he did look kind of freaked out. For once, he had my arm in a death grip, rather than the other way around. Good fun!

    Had dinner at the 50’s Prime Time Café. We were seated at kind of a crummy table in a dark corner in the back of the restaurant, but our server (Uncle Spencer) was nice enough, and there was another very entertaining uncle in our section. He got out a train whistle and made chugga-chugga noises to get someone to eat. I was called Miss Elbows a few times, but Uncle Spence was too nice to make me sing “I’m a Little Teapot” (thank God!). I had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn, and it was very good – even though I couldn’t finish. “Uncle Spencer, could you slap this in some Tupperware for me so I can have leftovers tomorrow?” We shared a piece of Turtle cheesecake for dessert. I wanted to burst afterwards.

    Bought a magnet and went back to the room to pack and watch GH. Found that I bought way too much stuff and getting it all in my suitcase would require someone with a degree in engineering.
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    Oh I hear you about needing a packing engineer - another fun day - thanks for posting!
  3. Annie&Hallie'sMom

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    Oct 26, 2001
    Sounds like another great day! Just mentioning the Prime Time makes my mouth water for pot roast!
  4. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    So, you mean Paul right;)

    Loved the 'green armymen' interaction!

    Thanks for the post!

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