Day One of the Honeymoon! AKL is actually in Tampa! - The Adventure Begins!

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    After touching down in Orlando at 1:00 pm (ahead of schedule, I just love Delta) there was no hassle at all in getting our rental car. We used Dollar, got a terrific rate, and were on our way in less than five minutes. Well, it actually took more than that, because we were only two people trying to carry eight bags, and we finally wised up and rented a little bag buggy. On to the AKL!

    For some reason, the little map that Dollar provided us for directions actually manages to shuttle you down every toll road in the Orlando area. I didn't mind paying the first toll, but four tolls later, it was getting ridiculous. Not to mention, AKL is about as far away as you can get from the airport.

    We finally arrive at the AKL at about 2:45, and we were upgraded to Pool View from Standard View, no charge! This was a nice surprise...However, our pool view room wasn't ready, so we took a walk around the lodge. Actually, DH (hereafter referred to as Clint) took a walk around the lodge, I laid on a couch and cried since I wore the world's most uncomfortable shoes at our wedding the night before. About 45 minutes later, our room was ready, and I headed upstairs to take a hot bath and get ready for the night. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! OUR ROOM HAD NO BATHTUB! It was a handicapped room with a roll-in shower. So we called downstairs and were told it would be no problem to change rooms, but it would be another 45 minutes. So we crawl back down to the lobby, and thankfully, it was only 20 more minutes til the room (#4470) was ready. Again, a handicapped room, so the bathroom was laid out strangely, with the vanity in the same room as the toilet, but at least it had a tub! Beautiful view of the pool, and you really couldn't hear the noise once you closed the doors.

    We decided to do a driving tour of the other nearby resorts and see if we liked any of the rest of them. MISTAKE! As soon as Clint saw Wilderness Lodge, he wanted to move there. I sweetly informed him that if he had taken ANY role in planning the honeymoon he would get to contribute his opinion, but since he hadn't given a rat's patootie about planning, his heels would be cooling at AKL. He took it fairly well, and we headed over to dinner at Olivia's at OKW for dinner. Word of advice: order any meat at least two more degrees of doneness than you want it. I ordered a cheeseburger medium well, and it was RARE. I sent it back, and it was cooked up to about medium. Third times the charm, and it finally arrived with just a small stripe of pink. However, the kitchen had left it on the original bun, which had, I kid you not, blood on it from the rare burger. But the waitress cheerfully brought another one. We also had the Key Lime Pie, which was to die for, but I felt it might should have been comped due to the burger trouble.

    We then headed over to Epcot just in time to catch Illuminations, and after that, drove back to AKL to fall into bed and pass out! Tomorrow, we do AK!
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    Except for the hamburger your adventue is off to a good start - thanks for posting!
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    I always ask for DH's input on vacations - but he never seems to give any input until we are THERE! I empathize with you there! ;)

    Congrats on the wedding!

    Off to read more!

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