Day 3 - Emmy goes to Hollywood

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by lisaost, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. lisaost

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    May 29, 2002
    BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP....I can see this alarm clock thing is going to become a vacation theme. :rolleyes:

    Up at 6am - early, but with two 15 month olds it's pretty common in our house so we're used to it. Showered, breakfast in the villa and we're off down I- Drive on in to WDW. We all get a little choked up as we pass under the arch that says "Walt Disney World" for the first time. We've been planning so long and we're finally here....we can't believe it. Get to the MGM parking lot around 8:25am and got a good spot so we didn't have to take the double stroller on the tram, we could just walk it. The crowds seem to be on the light side and prove to continue that way all day. Our first stop - Playhouse Disney and the twins were again fussing up a storm but once the show started they loved it. Saw other shows, Mermaid, Muppets, rode Star Tours - Emily LOVED it. We had lunch at noon at Hollywood and Vine's Character Lunch. I am starting to understand why everyone likes Disney Dining so much. The buffet was really fabulous, maybe even better than the Clam Bake Buffet. The best part was that the restaurant was barely half full. You could have walked in without a PS at all. So there was SO much character interaction we barely had time to take a bite when the next character came over, and we saw each one at least twice, sometimes three times. Chip and Dale were trying to ask us something about Ryan and Caity but we didn't understand. Then one of them held one finger over Caity and the other held two fingers over Ryan's head. Dad finally said "OHhhhhhh, they want to know who is older!" and they both shook their heads yes wildly! We all cracked up and said "Caity was born first!" and they threw their hands up and switched places so we could take a picture with the proper twins matched up! What a magical moment!! Our waiter was great and he even took a picture of all of us with Goofy. The twins were fascinated with the characters noses and hands. They really really enjoyed it all!

    After lunch we headed towards TOT (perhaps not the best time to ride?) and the Twins had already fallen asleep in the carriage on the way, so rather than do child swap we decided to let mom and Emmy go on together and let Dad ride alone with his fastpass and keep the babies resting in the carriage. Well we get up there and the CM at the elevator says, "Have you ridden before?" and I say, "Well, many years ago, Why?". She says "Your little one is close to the height limit so she'll have to ride the seatbelted seat". My stomach turns. Oh no....she'll have to ride the aisle seat. That's scary even for a grown up. I hope she can handle it. Well thank God she did. There have been some MAJOR changes to that ride since the many years ago when I rode it. I thought I was going to hurl!! I can't believe this kid survived. She was scared but she was brave....well, maybe she was too shocked to scream, but to have no bar in front of you on that ride is tough. So of course Mommy bought her the "I survived the Tower of Terror" tee shirt, and we got more pressed pennies (it amazes me how a penny at WDW costs $0.51...but I digress).

    We saw One Man's Dream which was really nice. We got alot of character signatures, Emily was scared of the Snow Witch and ran away, but she saw Pooh walking to his meet and greet spot and she ran over to him, hugged, him and walked with him to wait for her turn at an autograph. SO CUTE!! And we were getting pretty weary so since we did not intend to stay for Fantasmic we decide to also not stay for the 5:30pm parade...we just couldn't handle anymore walking or waiting in the heat that day. So around 2:30pm or so we decided to do the Great Movie Ride and call it quits. The line was surprisingly long...we waited at least 20-30min for the ride. And when we came out.....oh my God....a torrential downpour was taking place. And guess what. Our all FABRIC Graco Duo Glider carriage was out there in the rain, uncovered, getting soaked. Great...just great. Daddy, ran to get the carriage and our ponchos, but it was too late. The babies had to sit in a damp fabric carriage until we got to the car. OK we've learned our lesson. Look at the sky BEFORE you go into a ride, and when in doubt COVER THAT CARRIAGE!! OK so now the day is over for sure, but we got a big tub of Lilo and Stitch popcorn while we waited for the rain to slow down so we could leave the park without wading through three inch deep puddles of water. The one big disappointment was that we never saw Lilo and Stitch. Emily was a little disappointed but the H&V lunch had made a very big positive impression so she was not TOO upset about it.

    Back to the hotel to order some takeout chinese food to be delivered and early to bed since we have an even BIGGER day at EPCOT tomorrow, where we plan to take a midday break because we just aren't good at the marathon park thing!

    Photo of lunch at H&V, and some other photos
  2. fraggle

    fraggle Earning My Ears

    Jul 29, 2002
    So glad to see your trip report! We leave in 26 days with a 16 month old and a 3 year old. We actually are planning on doing almost the same agenda in MGM-Playhouse and Muppets a must and we have a PS at H+V for lunch. So glad to hear such a good review! Can't wait to hear the rest of your trip report!
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  4. vald1977

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    Mar 20, 2002
    :D You gotta love those character meals! So glad that your day at MGM was fun. Can't wait to read more of your report! Also thanks for the pics -- very cute kiddos:) !
  5. Nanajo1

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    Sep 23, 1999
    Great pix! I always like to be able to put faces with reports. I love reading about your trip. Thanks for posting
  6. momofdbsdc

    momofdbsdc momofdbsdca

    Aug 10, 2002
    Thank you so much for sharing! Your pictures were great!
    We are driving from Buffalo next week! I can't wait!!!

  7. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    H & V is a great character meet!

    Loved your pics, where was the Snow White/Dopey encounter taken?

    Thanks for sharing your trip!

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