day 2 halloween at disneyland hotel 7-10 th oct

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    day 2

    got up at about 7.30 am and went up for breakfast about 8.30am it was already very busy by now there was mickey in the main hall and another charcter in the hall carn't remember who this was the same every morning one by the 2 restaurants and 1 in hall , the queues were always long for the one in the main part by fantasia bar as there was a proper photographer there , we went in for breakfast both of the restaurants the inventions and the calfornia grill are open we were always sat in the calafornian grill one right by the window overlooking thr main entrance, you could get your food from either restaurant so i did, the food was really good and loads to choose from , there was cereals, yoghurts, fresh fruit salad and fresh fruit , toast , croissants baguettes, ham, cheese, then the hot was baked beans, baked tomatoes, sausages , bacon scrambled eggs , bolied eggs, potato noisettes , fresh juices proper squessed ones , the coffee was on thetable in large silver kettles , the waitress came round with hot choc/ tea , the elegance of this breakfast was the thing that was the nicest there was 2 very thick linen table clothes and all the diff types of cutlery it was still busy but nothing like the scrum at the sequioa

    we then went to the park early but there were still loads of people in there it was about 9 am now the only part open is by space mountain and buzz and fantasy land not always snow white though we went on pinocino a first it was really pretty and i love the cage bit quite dark though i would think it could scare small kids, we went to see about peterpan but already was 30 mins so went on carousel and tea cups and looked in shops then we went on small world (yes it was open i couldn't believe it) then i carn't remember what we did think it was mooching around until every where was open

    we had read on the map the hair and face painting started at 11am so queued up from 10.30 to get ds -10 in , they opened at exactly 11am and by then the queue was soo long we were 3rd in they were doing about 6 kids at a time for the hair then you come out the stall and have to queue again for the face painting , the man we were in the queue foe would only paint pumpkins or spiders nothing else, although everyone tried to ask for minnie etc.. for the hair they just do what ever they want they didn't ask what you want only the colours to sprayon sopme of the girls hair was so back combed it must of been awful to get out

    that done it was nearly dinner time so had hot choc in fuente del oreo the queues in here took forever,

    we then watched the villans show again and got loads of free sweets from the witches and good close upsof minnie and my all time fave GASTON wow he is a beast of a man i kept saying to dh how i could trade him in for him


    we then went to see if pizzeria bel notre was open -no i was really disappointed , really wanted to look in here so in the end i had a chessespizza at buzz pizza planet its really tucked away this place took us a while to find it , i had 4 cheese pizza, 3 portoins fries , drinks, beer itcame to about 25 e i think it was okay the usual warmed up takeaway pizza but filled me up , then we took the railroad from star tours back to our hotel it was very scenic on this . we then went back fora bit and had a rest. watched the oadp again ,

    we then went to the studios there was no queue for cars so on the kids went they enjoyed it , crush was still 50 mins so left that and did alladin ,

    carn't remember then what but i know we watched candellabration it was okay not as good as i had expected it wasn't very dark at all and people were pushing to see it all so left the park at about 7.15 with all the thousands of people , think we sat in reception for a while and just had a rest we were so tired by now , then about 8pm we headed to the village to try and deciede where to eat , we couldn't deciede so in the end we spilt up and dh and ds-13 went to the sequioa the buffet and me and ds-10 went to new york style diner next to sports bar and had a cheese salad baguetee and fries it was 7.50 each so not bad it was okay the cheese was very hard and it was the holey type but the fries were nice,
    dh and ds said the buffet menu and the other menu at sequioa had changed there was no steak on the menu , they had the buffet and said it wasn't too good 24e each i think .

    thats it for today will add some more pics to this post tomorrow as computer is going really slow at the moment
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    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

    A great day, looking forward to reading more. :goodvibes

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