Day 14 : Last full day at WDW

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    Oct 30, 2000
    Cast : Myself (Johann)
    DSIS Tricia (ThumperThistle)

    Up bright and early today for our last full day at WDW. Had pancakes and bacon for breakfast in the food court. The pancakes were lovely, didn’t like the bacon though, couldn’t cut it with the plastic knife. When we got up Tricia noticed that she has new bites, whatever has bitten her this time was kind enough to bite her round the ankle on her other foot.

    Arrived at Magic Kingdom at 9.05am and went straight to Fantasyland. Went to ride Winnie the Pooh ride first and arrived in time to see Eeyore’s back disappear into the ride, Pooh was in the honey pot behind him. No characters in my honey pot, if only we had been two minutes earlier, still never mind. Did Peter Pan next followed by Small World and the Tea Cups, walked straight onto all of them. Went to Toontown next, had to wait 15 minutes for it to open. The Mad Hatter arrived at opening time, he was a scream.

    Went to Mickey’s house. Does anyone know if he has a new sofa? I thought it looked different. Met Mickey and had our photo’s taken with the big chief himself. Went into Toontown hall of Fame next to see if the professional photographers were in there too. There was one there! Hurray! Got a professional picture taken with my favourite character Tigger. When I approached Tigger he was hiding his eyes with his hands. Either he was feeling a little shy or he was horrified to see me AGAIN! The photographer said he was shy. I gave him a little wave followed by a big bear hug. We put our arms around each other and smiled for the photographer. After the picture was taken Tigger started walking (we still had our arms around each other) towards the door. Obviously I had to go with him. The CM asked him if he was leaving with me and he nodded. The CM asked me if I would take good care of Tigger. I assured him I would. He then asked for better or worse and I called back yes because by this point myself and Tigger had went out the door. He asked if I would muck out his pen. I shouted to him that I wasn’t sure about that. Both myself and Tigger had a giggle and then we said goodbye. I’m sure we will meet again.

    Went and got fast passes for Jungle Cruise and had an ice cream while we waited for our return time. We were fortunate enough to get a seat in the shade. It was really hot again. Our skipper on Jungle Cruise was Tina and I’m sorry to say she seemed bored by the whole Jungle Cruise experience. Went over to Tomorrowland, I really wanted to see Carousel of Progress. Waited less than 5 minutes to get in to the theatre and very soon I was singing my favourite song, “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.” I love Carousel of Progress and I am ashamed to say I missed most of it because I fell asleep. Went on TTA and the buzz Lightyear. Very very hot now. A CM told us the heat index was 110 degrees. Decided to go back to hotel now as we need to pack. Picked up our professional pictures on the way out. I was delighted with the one of myself and Tigger.

    Returned to hotel, filled mugs, got to the room and discovered housekeeping hadn’t been yet. It was 1.50pm. She was 2 doors away and appeared to be watching something on TV when we walked past. Went to food court and got some lunch, then phoned home. When we went back to the room she had been. Packing proved to be a very strange experience this time. We got everything in the three holdalls without any problems.

    After packing was complete and we were felling depressed about going home tomorrow we went to MGM. Got a great spot for the parade, we were on the wall beside the head statues. The parade started and so did the rain, just as Buzz and Woody past us. Then came a huge clap of thunder. The hostess at our section of the parade route nearly jumped out her skin she got such a fright. The rain got heavier, the thunder louder and then the lightning started. The parade looked like we were watching it on fast forward as the cars picked up speed and zoomed past. The hostess sounded like she had sucked helium as she had to do the commentary so quick!

    Went to see Indiana Jones for the last time but they could only do the first scene because of the weather. Indy didn’t fall out from above either because of the lightning. From there we went to Millionaire and when we came out it had stopped raining. Had dinner at Pizza Planet and then made our way to see Fantasmic. We were lucky to get a seat it was busy thought we had to settle for the very right, almost in the bushes. I bought a brilliant mug for $12. It holds two different drinks at a time and has glow in the dark ice cubes. Fantasmic was fabulous once again although our view was restricted at some parts. Snow White’s boat crashed into the Mermaid’s boat which was funny. At the end of the show we discovered the advantage to being so far to the right of the stadium that you are almost in the bushes, it was easy to exit!!!

    Returned to hotel and wrapped Tricia’s ankle up in a towel full of ice, the new bites are starting to swell. Typical one foot recovers and she gets bites on the other one.

    Went to bed with the ice cubes glowing!!!
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    when we were there...I had a hard time cutting my bacon with a plastic I finally picked it up with fingers and ate away.....only way to do it .....Sounds like you had an awesome time....thanks so much for your report

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