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    Dec 29, 1999
    Wonder-Bon Voyage Day!

    Up and running at 3:00am! Towncar picked us up at 5:30.
    Departed Newark NJ at 7:00am No problems with Delta so far.
    Arrived at MCO at 12:30. Tiffany Town Car to the terminal. Very good to see Mohammed again. We hadn't seen him since last July when we went on the 4-day Magic land and sea cruise. We've depended on TTC for years and have never been disappointed.

    The Wonder is an amazing ship. Had to take a picture of the ship from the back of the car. No time to waste stopping although Mohammed offered to stop. He stopped at WalMart last time when we realized DH forgot dark socks for his dark shoes. Wjhat a scene that was pulling up to WalMart and the two of us running in frantically looking for socks. Anyway I digress. The ship.
    A Wonder to see. The design and decor from top to bottom is beautiful. It sits so high in the water seems to dwarf (no pun intended) the other ship in the port.

    Arrived at the terminal about 1:30 went straight to the Castaway Club desk for a smooth check in. Because Peter is Russian they took his alien card and gave me a receipt for it. We would go through immigration and retrieve his card at Wave Bands on the very early last morning. This is customary for anyone who is not a citizen of the US. With our new cards in hand we were ready to board.

    A Goofy terminal character encounter before we board. No line.
    A big concern I had flying in that morning was getting to the port early enough. It made for some jitters during the flight but we weren't late at all.Our timing was perfect The big rush to board was over.

    Lunch in Parrot Cay was as delightful as I remembered it. Room was ready early complete with our Castaway Club bag on the bed.
    Met our keeper Franscica and watched for our port departure from the verandah while unpacking. Happy to have packed everything
    on hangers. Little DS unfurled his wardrobe organized by outfit top to bottom in a hanging shoe holder. DS#1 went exploring and picture taking. We all met up for the mandatory boat drill. Luggage secured under the beds we were off to explore the ship the sail away party. Signed up for Lab, Common Grounds and excursions. DS#2 was happy to have graduated to the Lab this year. He was in the Club last year. Activities sheet in hand we sign DS#1! up for the Teen Junkanoo on Nassau Night. It's a way to meet new friends and hey they get to sail around the harbor with music blasting while they dance and do whatever teens do. I missed the horn aswe sailed out of the harbor as the excursion desk area was noisy. Met some RADP/DISers while waiting on line and had a nice chat.
    Tonight would be Tritons for dinner. Boys groaned as I told them to dress up for dinner. I couldn't blame them it was very hot and humid. They did dress up and they looked handsome. Had to get an 8x10 of them before dinner as I didn't know how long they would stay that way after!
    For pics of the first day

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