Daughters bridesmaid to-be just suddenly passed


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Feb 27, 2015
My DD was a CP at AOA (in the gift shop, they call themselves skittles) While there she met a really great friend. She and Michelle both finished the CP and began full time work. Michelle at BBB and My DD at Photopass. When they both moved home, they're crazy friendship lasted across the country. My DD got engaged, and asked Michelle to be a bridesmaid. The excitement was crazy. Wedding planning was in full swing. Suddenly, a few days ago, Michelle collapsed at work. No underlying illness, nothing. She went into cardiac arrest at the hospital, never regained conscientiousness. All her CP/CM friends are so sad. She was such a bright light, loved all things Disney. She was 28.
Michelle in her BBB costume.
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Jul 7, 2001
Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers

(I would put in a hug - but no clue where it is).


Oct 12, 2016
My goodness that's so sad. My prayers for Michelle, and for the condolences of her family, her friends, especially your daughter.

And may your daughter's wedding still be an occasion of joy and hope.