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    Jun 6, 2002
    As you all can see I'm a long time Dis member but I rarely ever post. I am trying to convince my parents that they would enjoy a Disney cruise. It would be me (36), and my mom and dad (both 66). Some concerns my mom has are that she once got severely sick on a deep sea fishing excursion when she was in her teens and that she can't be in the sun for very long periods of time. She can be outside in the shade but not long in the sun. They are also both concerned there wouldn't be much to do both on the ship and in ports. So I was hoping some of you could help me address these issues. I would love to see a sample daily agenda of ship activities and of Castaway Cay. We would likely be doing a 4 night cruise. Thanks for any input anyone can give!
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    Nov 25, 2007
    I would hope that the cruise lines have slightly bigger and more stable ships than a deep sea fishing vessel?!

    They have stabilisers so that helps, but most people who suffer from motion sickness take tablets and that seems to combat the problem.

    For activities, t's really do as much or as little as you like ... go to the cinema, sunbathe (in the shade .. there are plenty of areas), learn how to make a cocktail, try a tasting session (beer/Martini), relax in the spa, have a massage/pedicure etc (payable).

    If you're only planning on doing a 4 day, you'll only have 1 day at sea anyway ... CC is beautiful with lots of shady areas for your mum. We don't get off at Nassau as we like the ship too much, but others report loads of things to do and see.

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    Feb 13, 2002
    Hi! My mom and I went on a 3-night cruise in Oct 2009; she was a few weeks shy of 68 herself at the time! Anyway, my mom is a breast cancer survivor, so she doesn't spend long periods in the sun either. In addition, she has always suffered from motion sickness...however, she does just fine on cruises (and in fact on that particular cruise she didn't take her seasickness meds either!).

    That was her second Bahamas cruise (we are going on her third in two weeks, although aboard RCCL), and she enjoyed both of them. (Her other cruise went to Alaska for a week.) She has always found things to do onboard, whether it is lounging on the verandah or on an upper deck while reading a good book. One of her favorite spots to hang out was Diversions (the sports bar/lounge) where we played checkers and just chatted away. I'm sure we did some of the planned activities also, but I would need to go back and look at what those were!

    As for Castaway Cay, we got off the ship right at the moment they gave the all ashore announcement and headed over to Serenity Bay, which she loved! The loungers are situated underneath umbrellas, which gave her much needed shade. She did spend a short bit of time sitting in a chair in the water. By the time we felt she had enough sun, it was lunch and we found a shady table at the adults lunch area. (Pictures from CC below.)

    To this day, she says that cruise was her favorite cruise (and she did a very port intensive and excursion intensive Alaska cruise which she LOVED!). Reason being her favorite was due to the ship itself.

    Hope this helps!




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    Please tell your Mom to go and have fun and not worry about getting seasick. There is a world of difference between a cruise ship and a deep sea fishing boat. I got terribly seasick on the sailing regatta in St Maarten one year and also on a Hawaiian whale watching tour. BUT, we have been on 30+ cruises and I only have been a slight bit sick one 1 cruise with very rough waves in the middle of the Atlantic !

    I do take 1 Bonine the 1st day we leave Port Canaveral. When the ship crosses over the gulf stream that 1st evening, sometimes, not often, people complain about slightly rough waters. So I take 1 Bonine, over-the-counter med , non-drowsey. Good luck !

    BTW, I took my 80 yo Mom on 3 cruises after her Cancer surgery and she loved it ! She passed away last year and I'm so glad I have those memories !!:cloud9:

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