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  1. Emme

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    Jan 19, 2001
    We will be going to Cypress Gradens in April on our trip. Can anyone recommend a place to eat around there? I know you can you eat in the park, is it any good? How about restaurants close by? I am not familiar with this area of Florida at all. Thanks so much! :D :D
  2. sammi

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    Nov 19, 1999
    Hi Emme!
    We were very fortunate to attend the Christmas lights at Cypress Gardens the past 2 years and loved it!
    There is a large restaurant in the centre of the park near the gazebo and it serves very good food. The first year we just had a lunch of burgers and fries which were good and then last year we had the roastbeef dinner with mashed potatoes which was really tasty.This restaurant is one in which you go to a counter and order your dinner and then find a table but there is another sit down restaurant with full service although we haven't tried that yet. They also run a dinner cruise (we never tried it out though....if I remember right it was fairly expensive). When you go through after paying there is a booth on your right that you can find out about and book your dinner cruies. Hope this helps....and have fun! ;)
  3. Pixie_Dust

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    Feb 10, 2000
    I wish we had gone to the barbeque place. We ate at the sitdown restaurant (The Crossroads), which was overpriced and bland. There was a chicken salad there that cost about $4 less at the other place for the same thing.

    I got the turkey, and they included a huge hunk of cartilage. Yuck! The waitress said it was because it was carved off the bird, and I asked if that meant every piece had cartilage. She said no but did not offer to get me a replacement, so I had to ask her :(

    Cheers :)



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