Current Cruise Staffs (all ships)

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    No! Chris needs to stay on board the Fantasy through July!!
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    Just a quick point of clarification, the Cruise Staff are the team that runs all of the family an adult activities for the cruise director, such as bingo, dance parties, game shows, etc. This should not be confused with the much larger crew, which does consist of the Captain and his operations, deck, security, medical, and engineering personnel; the hotel and dining staff which consists of guest services, the dining room teams, bar servers, and your cabin stewards; and entertainment team, which consists of the cruise director, the show cast, characters with handlers, the youth activities team, and finally, the Cruise Staff. I specifically started this thread to answer who the current Cruise Staff members are on each ship. For other positions, please search for specific threads related to their whereabouts or start one of your own.
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    Tisa is my favorite after Jo
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