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Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by Andrew015, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Andrew015

    Andrew015 WL Guru

    Jun 21, 2000
    I've been eyeing airfare for the past 2 months trying to score a good deal for my 10 day stay at VWL in May. Unfortunately, the days of my stay were just not conducive to cheap airfare. After playing around with my travel dates, I found that by moving my arrival/depature by one day could save me more than 50% on airfare! For a party of five people, this was a tremendous savings!

    I had two studios reserved on 3 separate reservations. Unfortunately, VWL couldn't accomodate the schedule change, but MS was able to find me a 1BR at BLT to cover me. I was very lucky, as this was the last 1BR available! MS did a fantastic job of accomodating my needs. And in addition to the $1,000 I saved in airfare, I saved another $130 by going from 2 studios to 1 1BR for the extra day!

    Needless to say, I'm very glad that I made the switch and very happy to have my airfare finalized! Big thank you to Members Services for helping make this happen :thumbsup2
  2. DisneyHeather

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    Feb 14, 2010
    I'm glad they were able to help you out. Enjoy your trip :thumbsup2
  3. bobbiwoz

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Me too! Enjoy!:goodvibes
  4. a742246

    a742246 And, and, and I caught a fish this big!

    Feb 5, 2008
    Member Services has always been good to me too, my praise goes out to them.
    Enjoy your trip.

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