CS reviews--Wolfgang Puck's Express, Pecos Bills, Sunshine Seasons, Electric Umbrella

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by Rock'n Robin, Aug 14, 2007.

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    We just returned from our trip. On our first day we didn't even eat until our dinner so we saved that CS meal for our last day.
    Friday 8/10 we ate lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Express. It was wonderful. Very healthy options. I had a roast beef and provolone sandwich and creme brulee for dessert. DH had the chicken. DS and DD#2 had chicken fingers. I forget what DD#1 had but she was happy with it. Very filling foods. DH was dreading burgers and chicken CS meals and we found lots of ways around it.
    Saturday at Pecos Bills DD#1 and I had the chicken wrap. DD#2 and DH had bacon cheeseburgers. DS had chicken fingers w/ fries and pudding for his sides. DD#2 and I had pudding as well--DD#1 had peanut butter mousse and DH had yogurt. Very good. DH loved the fixins bars w/ the hot mushrooms and onions. Tip--go early. We got there at about 10:45 (we eat early lunch and skip breakfast) and it was not crowded at all. Last year we ate there about 1PM and it was a madhouse.
    Sunday we ate at Sunshine Seasons in the land at Epcot since we had just been on Soarin'. I had the turkey and cheese sandwich which was very good. DS had a mini sub kids meal with grapes and carrot sticks as sides. I had chocolate cake for dessert--DH had carrot cake. Tip--the grill here does not open until 11AM, so although we all had great sandwiches/meals, we could not get pork chops or anything on the grill menu because we were early. Also, they serve breakfast, so that crowd was still clearing out.
    Yesterday we ate at the electric umbrella in Epcot. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and apple slices as my side. DH had a burger. DD#2 and DS had chicken fingers. DS's sides were again fries and pudding. I had strawberry cheesecake for dessert. Tip--again, early is better. Some people were clogging up the lines just ordering water or soda, which they could have gotten at any cart outside!
    These meals cost $55-74 total / drinks and desserts, but since we had the meal plan we were fine. If you are not on the DDP, I would consider skipping the desserts and sharing 2-3 meals for your family because they are filling.
    Robin M.
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    Thanks for the review and the tip about arriving early for CS :thumbsup2
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for posting.
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    We were planning going to WP on our first day because we wouldn't arive till morning but by the time we got to our room and then to Downtown Disney it would probley be about 1:30, but you said that could be a bad time. Do you think if we went later in the afternoon the crowd to WP might clear out some? Thanks

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