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    Nov 8, 2000
    Wed. Sept 26 (St Thomas)

    5:30 came Very early! If there is ANYTHING I have learned from this board it is to be where you are supposed to be 15-30 minutes ahead of the posted time. This morning was a great example. We got to the WD Theater at 6:15 (not 6:30) as posted. We were among the first 20 people “on line” (waiting in the seats). Once the US Immigration people got there, we were done in 5 min. Heading back to the cabin at 6:35. The kids ordered room service, DH and I decided we would check out Topsiders. DH had bacon and eggs, I had sausage and eggs. It was pretty good but as with any breakfast buffet, the eggs get cold quickly.
    We went to get the kids and meet up with our excursions group at Studio Sea. By now the line to get into WD Theater was at least 1 hour long. Everyone in our group had already cleared Immigration (and had the hand stamp to prove it). We headed off the ship and to the far end of the dock to board the boat to Trunk Bay. YUP! More Dis’ers with us DVCNuts and family and DCL-Fan and family were aboard! The ride to Truck Bay was nice. It rained on us one time for about 5 min, and then a beautiful rainbow appeared! The crew kept us a running narration of the sights along the way.
    Trunk Bay is just like the pictures! We got our gear and jumped off the back of the boat. I must take this time to brag about my kids a bit. They did SO WELL! They have only snorkeled in swimming pools until now. It took a few minutes for them to get their bearings, but then they just took off! They snapped pictures using the underwater cameras, explored the coral, and had a ball! The vest DS was using kept deflating and I kept blowing it back up. I wished I had checked it before getting off the boat. But even deflated it still offered some support. An hour of snorkeling was “just right” for them and I went with them back to the boat while DH went off on his own for the last 20-30 minutes. Another tip….bring some cash with you. I was thinking that beverages were included. Rum punch and punch are included, if you want a soda, or something other then rum it cost extra. Also the kids wanted a snack and I had only brought along 5.00 for a tip for the crew. So the kids got a snack and the crew got 2 bucks less tip. Sorry guys/gals. I did not know. DD fell asleep on the ride back. Not surprising since we were up so very early. It must have been a “power nap” because she was ready to go again when we got back to the ship. We all got a burger from the poolside snack bar and while they headed into the pool (with underwater cameras!) I headed for the shopping area, dockside. I bought a few things, T-shirts, postcards, ect. But it started to rain again and I was starting to feel the effects of 4 hours of sleep and 1 hour of snorkeling! I headed for the cabin and a “power nap” for myself. Then met the family on deck for the sail-a-way.
    Tonight’s show is Who Wants to Be….. The kids love the millionaire show and were excited about seeing this one.We took our “lucky seats” and the show began. DD did know almost all of the answers! The “panel” was great and got every question put to it correct! No, we did not get picked, but I did get to see Jean’s (JNOLE) new earrings!
    Dinner tonight was Parrot Cay. DH and I had the Coconut Shrimp, DH had the pasta shells and I had the Grouper. We both had the Bananas Flambé. Everything was wonderful and again we followed Cedric advice.
    Our plan was to go watch “Match Your Mate” but we did not make it. Even with the “power nap” we were ready for sleep! I had PROMISED the family I would let everyone sleep-in in the morning!
    Before going to bed I looked over the Navigator for the following day and realized that we had not had our “Character Breakfast”. I called quest services and asked when we should get our tickets. Well, the nice lady said she would check on it and I was called back a few minutes later and told to go to Parrot Cay the next morning at 9:45am. It seems our head server (who we never did meet) was supposed to give us our tickets on Sat. for Sunday (our 1st day at Sea). I set a wake up call for 9am and we feel fast asleep.

    Thurs. Sept. 27the (Sea Day)

    We got up at 9am and dressed, then headed to Parrot Cay. I was NOT expecting much since I had heard mixed reviews. I was pleasantly surprised. The breakfast was very good and the Characters (Mickey, Minnie, Chip, and Dale) came by the table and Goofy was by the door for pictures as we left.
    Up to deck 9 for the kids to swim, and we relaxed and enjoyed the day.
    About 1pm we decided to check out the Seafood buffet at Parrot Cay. Since we had a late breakfast we did not want much but did enjoy the shrimp, crab claws, and some yummy dessert.
    At 2pm it was time for Disney Dreams show, and we went to the WD Theater. The show was really wonderful. We had seen it before but it was several years ago and to tell the truth I did not remember much about it. I was determined to get portraits of us in “formal clothes” tonight and since the lines were so long on Sunday, I thought we would do the show early to allow extra time for the pictures.
    After the show we played shuffleboard, on deck 4. I had to laugh when I thought about the person asking if there was a non-smoking area on this deck. Every time we were there the wind was blowing pretty hard. I can’t see how you could smell some ones smoke. We went up to deck 9 and chatted with Steve and Robin for a while. We decided we would get together at Castaway Cay in the morning.
    We got all “gussied up” in our formal clothes (yes, we did formal dress both times) and went to the lobby for pictures. Once again the lines for pictures with Mickey or Minnie was VERY long and we opted for the backdrop of the Magic. The portrait came out very nice and now I have documentation that DH has worn a Tux!!
    Tonight is the night DS has been looking forward to for months, the night he gets to eat LOBSTER! DH and I both had the grilled shrimp, and lobster tails, DH had the Lava cake and I had the cheesecake. DS and DD ordered the lobster but DD is not care for it, so Cedric quickly brought her some pizza! I thought the lobster was pretty good. I lived for many years in Florida and usually do not care for Florida lobster as it can be tricky to cook. If it is overcooked AT ALL it is horrible. This was cooked just right! As always the service was wonderful! I joked with DH that he was going to have to put his own milk in his own coffee in a few days!
    After dinner we went to guest services and got a copy of our bill to check over. I found a charge from The Internet Café for 19.50 that was incorrect. I explained that I had logged on during the “free hour” and I was told it would be looked into and removed. Now that I knew we were still under budget, I was ready to go Disney Shopping! While the kids pin traded I bought Disney Magic T-shirts for DH and kids and a matching sweatshirt for myself. DH wanted the “slanted” coffee mug, I also got the DCL picture frame, and the Disney Magic Beach Towel. We checked out the silent auction items and took a walk around the ship. All in all a fun, relaxing day!
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    Aug 20, 2001
    Would you recommend the DCL St John snorkeling trip???
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    NJSKI&CRUISEGUY Earning My Ears

    Oct 12, 2000
    Great details. Thanks.

    We are going 11/3.

    As far as immigration at St.Thomas, what if you are not in such a rush to get off the ship?

    Can you just leisurely get checked out later, after the lines go away? Is there a certain time limit?

  5. RellingTwin

    RellingTwin DIS Veteran

    Nov 8, 2000
    1,955 my report states, it was not our 1st choice, but it worked out fine. It was good for us because the kids were tired after an hour of snorkeling. If it had been just DH and I we would have felt it was not long enough.If we go again we will do one of the other trips, maybe Buck Island trip.

    NJSKI...NO Passangers are premitted to leave the ship until ALL passangers have been cleared! While waiting for our excurstion, we heard them announce some cabin numbers. I presume these were the folks who did not show up at Immigration.
    The 9/22 cruise was the first to have this policy "put to the test" because prior to our cruise the Magic was doing the Wonder 3/4 day trips, therefor not going to St Thomas. I did over hear one of the Immigration officers speaking to a crew member. He was making sure the passangers were aware that ALL cruisers (EVEN INFANTS) knew they were to report. I also saw someone in line calling(via a two way radio) telling someone..."wake up the kids and bring them down, I am almost to the front of the line". Which I thought was a GREAT Idea!
  6. yovo

    yovo Earning My Ears

    Apr 28, 2001
    Loved reading your report--thank you so much.:)

    Approximately what time were you permitted to disembark at St. Thomas? We were planning to do St John on our own, but now I have doubts that we will have sufficient time. How did you know when to report to Immigration? Were you to line up based on deck number? Were those on excursions told to report early?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. RellingTwin

    RellingTwin DIS Veteran

    Nov 8, 2000
    Yovo...we got a letter in our stateroom telling us where to be and what time to be there. I think, the folks with early morning excurstions were told the earliest time, but no one was turned away. I am not sure when the "on Own" folks got to leave the ship as we were already sailing to Trunk Bay
  8. happylady

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    Mar 2, 2001
    Thanks so much for the great report. We are so excited to be leaving in 5 days.
  9. Mary, just a few things to add from our 9/29 Magic cruise. As for immigration on St. Thomas day those with excursions were first, those on decks 5 and below (6:45, I think), etc. They did not clear the ship until around 8:00 AM, after MANY PAs about all passengers going through immigration if they hadn't yet.

    Two interesting thoughts: we left St. Maarten's at 7:00 PM rather than the normal 11:00 PM, and there were lots of fun activities after Tropicalifragilistic, which made it extremely hard to get up so early for St. Thomas.

    As for excursions, my DS6 and I went on the Golden Eagle Catamaran. It was AWESOME, one of my best memories. After an hour and a half of "flying" over the beautiful water we docked at a beach for snorkeling or swimming with noodles. A cooler full of soft drinks, beer, and rum punch were free to all. We swam for about an hour. Once back aboard the catamaran we helped ourselves to lots of sub sandwiches and several types of chips/pretzels. There was an open bar -- anything you desired at no cost and not even a tip jar in sight! During the last 30 minutes bottles of champagne were handed out as well as plastic glasses for toasting. I will always book this excursion at every port! I would also love to try out the regatta!

    Thanks for a great many reports, Mary!

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