Cruisetoberfest days 3-4

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    Nov 8, 2000
    Monday Sept.24 Day 3 (at Sea)

    We started the day with room service, juice, coffee, tea and bagels (I added the word cream cheese at the bottom of the request form). The kids got their lanyards and pins and headed for the gift shop (their favorite place to trade pins with the crew members). I took their Cruisetoberfest shirts to Guest Services to be signed by the characters. They asked me to write down which Characters I wanted. I wrote down Chip and Dale, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald . I stopped by the bar on deck 4 (Promenade Lounge) to watch CNN for a few minutes.Then went to the arcade to meet up with the kids. When I got there the kids had a STACK of arcade cards with (10.00each)! I asked where they got them and they said, OH! We just put our cards in the machine over there and it gave them to us!!! It was 100.00 worth of arcade cards!!! Now in all fairness I did not kill them on the spot because I had not explained to them about charging to the room because I was under the impression that their cards were KEYS only and would not allow charging. At that time DH walked in and I said we need to go to Guest Services to see what can be done. Luckily they had not yet used any of the cards, and GS credited back the $100.00, and removed charging privileges from the two kids cards. BE WARNED! If you do not wish the kids to be able to charge to the room you MUST take the cards to GS and have them rendered inactive once on board. They are not able to do this at the terminal at check in. The kids breathed a BIG sigh of relief! It scared them so much they did not even mention the arcade for the rest of the day!
    We had reservations at Palos for Brunch so we took the kids to the cabin and left the tip money for room service. I then called room service to let them know that the kids would be ordering. I am sure this was not necessary but I did not want room service to think the order was kids playing. DD wrote down what the wanted to order. DS said “I can’t decide between the burger and the mac and cheese .” He almost fell over when I said “get both”!We made sure the kids knew where we were and how to reach us and went to deck 10.
    Our server was Karenina, and she was a sweetheart! First she took us on a “tour” of the food-laden tables and explained what everything was. Then she showed us the plated entrees and explained them as well. Everything looked AWSOME!
    After getting a plate with shrimp, crab legs, antipasto, smoked salmon, smoked tuna (my favorite!) cheeses and breads we sat down to enjoy our food. Then she took our order for the entrée. We both ordered the beef tenderloin and it was so tender! Karenina gave us plenty of time to enjoy our 1st course, and then brought out the entrée. It tasted as good as it looked. Dessert was a berry moose (sp) in a chocolate dish. VERY yummy. We saw lots of our fellow Dis’ers during Brunch. The only thing I would do different is to “link” our reservation with some of the others there. It was a VERY enjoyable experience and we requested Karenina to be our server on Tuesday night for our dinner at Palos.
    It was almost time (1:45pm) to sign up for the Mickey 200! This is held in the UpBeat Bar, and limited to the fist 18 families to get there. We are asked to give them a team name, and assigned #11. We chose the name “Cruistoberfest”and were given a potato, a carrot, 4 wheels, 2 long toothpicks, 4 nails a cutting board and a sharp knife. The object is to design and build a “car” out of the items, and then race them against the others. There is a prize for the fastest and the best design. Once time was up we moved to the stage where a track about 15 feet long was set up. It held 3 cars at a time so we ran in “heats”. The kids had a blast! Our car won the fist heat but was eliminated in the 2nd heat. Once again, a fellow Dis’er was there. Dori (WeLovePooh) and her family built the cutest cars! The winner got a medal, the rest of us got a “Mickey 200 pin”. It was a fun way to spend an hour.
    Now it is my turn to have some fun! 3:00pm Wine Tasting. DH is not a wine drinker so I went to Sessions for the class alone. When I got there it was clear that everyone was there with someone so as I walked around looking for someplace to sit I saw Susan and DH John. They moved from a table for two to a table for 4 so I could join them. We tasted 3 reds and 2 whites as well as a sparkling wine. Bread is on the tables to clean the pallet between wines as well as water. The crew members who spoke were very nice and knowledgeable .It would have been boring to anyone who really knew a lot about wine, but for me, a novice, it was fun. I got to try wines I would not have ever tried, the speakers were fun and the company was wonderful. Susan I never got to hear the end of your story!
    Next was the Castaway Party (lots of drinking going on today!LOL). This is the party for returning cruisers and Dis’ers were everywhere! Eric (Viking) and Anja, Rosemary and Richard (Tulirose & Tulirich) sat with us.The captain can over and Eric told him all about Cruisetoberfest! I think he was impressed. I also gave the Captain the WWWD pin. This is a special pin to recognize outstanding cast/crew member throughout all of Disney. I do not think he knew what it was but by this time I had way too much to drink to care much!
    Time for the show,Cest Magique! We took seats in the front row along with Eric and Anja. A crewmember offered us smoothies and water. DD wanted a smoothie, but DS did not. Since she was getting something, he asked for bottled water. Now…please do not think poorly of me but I do NOT buy water! Never have, never will! My DS KNOWS this, but asked just because his sister was “getting something”.The crew member , seeing that this was about to escalate to a full blown fight quickly offered DS a water “on him”! I was so grateful! I happened to have another WWWD pin with me and quickly gave this young man one. Once again he did not seem to know what it was and I explained it was a special pin for going above and beyond! He seemed pleased! The show was funny, and the magic was very good. The kids really enjoyed it! P.S. DD did not like the chocolate smoothie! Oh well, live and learn!
    Time for dinner! Lumiere’s tonight! As always, Cedric and Depesh we there to seat us. We both had the Shrimp Medley and we tried the Escargot! I had the Sea Bass, DH had the Beef Tenderloin. We both had the Crème Brule. The kids had the chicken noodle soup and pizza and Micky ice cream bars. Everything was wonderful.
    We got the kids to bed and went to the “Rock and Roll Night”. It was very crowded when we first got there. The band was very good and the Disney dancers were so fun to watch! We only stayed for about an hour, not because of the show but because we exhausted! Tomorrow is St Martin, and we knew we were going to have an early day.

    Tues. Sept 25th (St Martin)

    Our room service came right on time. I then called room service and ordered 2 tuna sandwiches and 2 turkey sandwiches. The girl taking the order asked if we planned on taking the food off the ship. I said NOPE! When it got there I bagged it up in ziplock baggies I brought from home, packed some sodas and beer in our soft sided cooler and proceeded to the gangway. I had spoken to (Cammie810) Amy about sharing a cab to Dawn Beach but was unable to find her. We grabbed a cab to Dawn Beach and were the first ones there! I had read that this was a good place to snorkel but the surf was too high for it. No matter…the kids had a ball playing in the surf. As always I COATED them with sun block. The trip to Dawn Beach was 20.00 for the 4 of us. An umbrella and 2 chairs was 12.00. A very nice lady offered to braid DD hair and we discussed price. 1.00 per braid if doing the whole head (which is what DD wanted). Unfortunately, this proved to be too painful for DD who was asking her to stop after just the back part of her head was done. She wanted those braids OUT! We tried talking her into waiting a while, getting her head wet to loosen them up but in the end I took all the braids out and paid the lady 30.00 for her time. It could have been worse; I could have spent 60.00 for nothing. No more braids for DD! About then Cammie810 (Amy) and her DH Andrew, kids Cameron and Brett and Amy’s parents Caren and Alan arrived. They had rented a Jeep for the trip to Dawn Beach, which according to Amy was less expensive then the cab (since they had 6 people). I think this was the best day of the trip! The water was wonderful, the beach beautiful, the company excellent! Our sandwiches hit the spot when we got hungry, there was a restaurant with rest rooms just steps away, and Crib beer for .75 cents a bottle! Before heading back to the ship we discovered that we all had reservations for Palos at 7pm that night. Amy suggested changing the reservation to dine together and we happily agreed. The cab was there to meet us at 2pm as we requested and we took the roller coaster ride back to the dock (20.00). I stopped at the store at the end of the pier for sodas, t-shirts, rum and vodka. I guess I could have gone to the “shopping area” but we were tired from our day at the beach and I found out later that the prices were just as good there as they were downtown. The selection was not as good but I got what I wanted for a good price. We all were ready for a nap. Upon arriving back at the cabin we were contacted by the excursion desk. The excursion we had signed up for (St. John Barefoot Sail and Snorkel) had been cancelled due to the fact they only had 1 other family sign up for it. We were offered another trip (5 Star Trunk Bay) and booked it instead. I was disappointed as I was looking forward to this very much but, we knew we would have a great day no matter where we went, as long as we got to do some snorkeling.
    Our reservations at Palos were at 7pm, so we got ready, let the kids order room service, and went to meet our friends for dinner. Karenina was waiting for us. Amy had called and changed the reservation but she was still our server.Amy,Andrew,Caren and Alan arrived and we swapped shopping stories. Karennina suggested the Chocolate Souffle and we all agreed! DH and I both had the Shrimp Salad (which is NOT a salad, more like a shrimp cocktail, with large and tiny shrimp) VERY good, DH had the Beef Tenderloin (a special that night) I had the Rack of Lamb.Karenina served everyone a Chocolate Souffle, then brought one of EVEY OTHER dessert on the menu! The dinner was outstanding! The service Excellent! And the company, Top Notch! What a fantastic day!
    The deck party was just getting started when dinner was over. After a quick check on the kids (out cold!LOL) we went on deck to watch the show. We waved goodbye to St Martin and cheered the Magic horn!
    As a result of the increased security EVERYONE on board had to be cleared by US Immigrations early the next morning. Since we had a morning excursion, programmed a 5:30 am wake up and went to bed.
    More to follow.
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    Aug 30, 2000
    Can't wait for the next installment!
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  4. Credit Man

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    Feb 18, 2000
    WOW! What full days. It is wonder ful that you can leave your kids in the cabin and enjoy some nightlife. Wish I could talk DW into trying that. Can't wait for the next installment.
  5. ldb1030

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    Jun 9, 2000
    Just wondered why you said "Nope" about taking the food off the ship? I'm guessing you are not supposed to? Have heard of people doing this but had not read anything about keeping it secret?!
  6. treloarf

    treloarf DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2000
    Just curious - I can't remember how old your kids were 9 & 10? I have a 9 and almost 6 - would they be safe staying in the cabin by themselves if DH & I wanted to have some nite life? I'm really counting on them loving the clubs.
  7. Keline

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    Jul 7, 2001
    Mary - Love reading your reports! So funny to read about the arcade cards. Even though we never gave our 7yr. old charging privedges, we didn't realize until someone later told us, that they automatically receive it unless you physically go to Guest Services on the ship and remove it! As soon as we heard that, you better believe we were at GS in a heartbeat!:)
  8. miksicnarf

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    May 5, 2000
    Enjoyed your report, Mary. Can't believe your cruise has come and gone already. Were your kids able to use the arcade cards I sent?
  9. RellingTwin

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    Nov 8, 2000
    Kim, Yes, thank you again. They used and enjoyed them very much!

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