Cruise trip report is up now


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Aug 18, 1999
Follow my link below...

It is very long and graphic intense so you may wanna give it a few minutes to load!

Timon, your site is terrific . . . I've been watching for it, because I knew it would be packed with great pictures and dialogue. We're taking a 7 day land/sea in May (husband, 10 yr old stepson & self), staying at the Polynesian & in a cat. 6 on on the Wonder. . . I guess I should pack more powerful sunblock than I thought. . . . and I'll definitely keep my eyes open for the chocolate croissants!
Good trip reports. I like all the pictures with the reports. I'm not sure if we want to do the cruise thing or not. Did you miss the rides and such while on the boat.? We love our days at Disney because they are so action packed, so we can't decide if the cruise is for us Glad you got to spend a night at the WL., we also splurged last vacation and spent 3 nights at the AKL, which is also beautiful. With the exchange rate it is so hard to afford all that Disney has to offer. On another note I am trying to get my family to Banff for a vacation. It is cheaper to fly to disney than out west, go figure.
hockey mom,

I was apprehensive about spending a week on a ship too....we like WDW! We go from sun-up till after sundown and like to do things on vacation. I would recommend cruising to everyone. You can do as much or as little as you want. You can lay around the pool or join in on all the fun activities planned for that day. We went from one thing to the next. We did spend some off time in our room but it was welcomed.

I know crusing isn't for everyone but I would still suggest doing it at least once in your life. We are hooked for life!!!:bounce:


Definitely pack at least spf45 sunblock! We were only in the sun for about 1 hour total and we slathered on the sunblock and we still got a little burned. After Castaway Cay, we saw SO many people BURNT to a crisp! I felt so bad for them because I know what they were feeling!

Can I say it's a super fandabulous site too? Yes, I think I can. :)



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