Cruise from Hell - DCL refuses to honor discounts

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by OhioDVC, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Nov 28, 2006
    My wife and I were on the Oct 2012 cruise that was impacted by hurricane Sandy. Before the hurricane made us scared for our lives, DCL put us through nightly cabin hell. Every morning at 4 am maintenance workers power washed deck 4. The water lines ran right past our cabin. Every time the worked clicked the power wash handle on or off the pipes would bang together making a very loud noise. I complained everyday and FINALLY after 5 nights without enough sleep DCL stopped the power washing at 4 am.

    To add insult to injury...

    DCL issued us two discount coupons to compensate for the poor service. We also received another discount because of the trouble with hurricane Sandy. DCL NOW REFUSES TO HONOR ANY OF THE DISCOUNTS!

    I can not believe the TERRIBLE customer service. My wife and I have cruised 19 times over the last 10 years.

    I'm looking for another cruise line!:headache:
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    Just curious, did they indicate why they won't allow you to book using the discounts you were given?
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    I'm also curious - my husband and I were on the Fantasy cruise that was impacted by Sandy and we've already booked a cruise for May 2014 using the 25% discount they offered us. The letter stated it was good for 25% off for up to a 7-night cruise sailing through early December 2014 or the same discount off a 7-night stay at the WDW resort.

    As long as you have the letter and can send it either to your travel agent or DCL (if you're booking on your own) I can't imagine why they wouldn't honor it.

    I hope you get everything worked out!
  4. OhioDVC

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    Nov 28, 2006
    I contacted DCL several times about the discounts and got NOWHERE. I made DCL aware of my earlier post by sending them a copy and complained about the poor information and customer service.

    A very nice and most importantly reasonable manager in reservations called me back to work things out. She was actually the person who approved and gave us the discounts to begin with.

    When I asked for the 25% discount on the 7 day Med cruise, DCL reservations incorrectly told me "NO". The reservation's manager said that was incorrect and did offer me the discount on an open 7-day Med cruise later in the year but I already made other arrangements. I cancelled the 14 day Atlantic crossing and a 7 day Med cruise with a Adventure by Disney add-on because of this. DCL lost about a $15K sale including AD. I replaced it with 5 weeks in Hawaii so I am not too upset!

    DCL would not confirm if the 25% offer (from the cabin problem) could be used for a Dec 26, 2013 cruise. I thought they might consider this a holiday cruise so I just wanted to ask. They refused to let me know if it would count and told me to reserve the cruise and THEN send in the coupon to see if would apply.

    The reservation manager confirmed that cruise would be available for the discount so now we are booking two cabins for that cruise.

    I am disappointed with DCL reservations, it seems like they like to play I've got a secret when it comes to you using discount coupons.

    My suggestion is to not to take "NO" for an answer without a reasonable explanation.

    After cruising on Disney 19 times over the last 7-8 years I am now looking into other cruise lines. It is time to compare.

    IMO - the larger DCL ships do not give the same high quality of service and interpersonal interaction like they gave on the older ships. I think DCL grew too large, too fast and lost a lot of their customer service orientation. I think the new ships have 40% more passengers with only 20% more crew. The dining staff are always run ragged and no longer have time to spend with their guests.

    15 cruises on the "older" ships
    4 cruises on the newer ships - both of them

    3 more cruises scheduled for the end of March 4-day, October 7-day and Dec 26th 3-day - only because my family will not let me cancel them.

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