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    We are an extended family of 13 going to WDW in June 2012 & staying offsite. We are hoping to go to CRT for breakfast, and I have a couple of questions. I tried searching for the answers, but could not find. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1) Do we need to split our party, or can we ask for a reservation for 13?
    2) If we book online, what time can we book? Our beginning 180 day date is Dec 14th - can we start at midnight online, or is there a specific time that we can start trying?
    3) since we are a party of 13, can we book online, or do we need to call?
    4) will we be able to split the advance payment between a few credit cards, or will it all have to go on one?

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    Hi! Online you can start booking at 6am and on the phone at 7am EST. I was able to book (online) a party of 11 in just 1 reservation but it did say that we might be at different tables. If you have to book separate tables (it will say something about the restaurant not having a table big enough) use a different name - it can be the same last name but it will not let you have the exact name.

    If booking online it will only let you add 1 cc so if that is a problem I would call directly.

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