Crowds early May


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May 12, 2000
We'll be at Universal for 1 day in about 1 1/2 weeks at the end of an onsite Disney trip. 1st time to Universal. Crowds the 2nd week of May were no problem the last time we went to Disney, but not sure what to expect at IOA. Anyone just back? What was a usual wait for a ride?
Any info is appreciated.
We were considering paying $300 for 1 night at Portofino to get FOTL, but not sure if it's really necessary. Hard Rock is booked. Due to schedule, we would spend NO time at the hotel (check in late, check out early) so would just be staying there for FOTL. Doesn't really seem necessary, but we don't want to wait 45 min or more per ride. Thanks.


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Aug 20, 1999
I went in early May a few years ago and crowds were light.


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Oct 14, 2000
We went last year and the crowds were very manageable....I think the longest we waited, without FOTL was 30 minutes for Spiderman! No biggy! IOA seemed to have more kids coming in after 10am, probably due to school end of the year trips.


Jul 17, 2000
We have annual passes and the crowds are very light in May. That is if you go during the week. Friday and Saturday are the busiest and IOA seem to have the biggest crowds. I am a school teacher and I normally take my students at the end of May during the week, usually on Wednesday, and we have a blast because of hardly any wait time. Spiderman is the longest. have a great time!

Jennifer L

Earning My Ears
Dec 8, 1999
I went last year at the beginning of May, and the crowds were fine. I can't remember if I went during a weekend or a weekday. The Express Pass was a little different, though, and the park opened at 7, and no one wanted to get there that early. I did everything but the scheduled shows at US before 10 am, and most of them multiple times. I also did a lot of IOA before 10 am. Like I said, though, Fast Pass was different.

This year, I just went there last weekend. Saturday was pretty calm at US, but it was an absolute madhouse at IOA. When we got over there at 2 pm, all the waits were posted between 60 and 90 minutes, and most of the Express Passes were gone. (This was 5 hours after the park opened.) Mostly the place was mobbed with high school students. I'm not sure if it was local kids bumming around there on the weekend, or if it was school competitions and tricks, or what.

Sunday things weren't so bad. We left around 2 pm, got to ride a lot of things between then. Waits were posted at 20-30 minutes, except for Spiderman which was like 45 minutes. Those are usually overestimates, though.

If you're going on a weekday, things should be fine.

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