Crazy Eights take on the World: Spoiled Silly (Aug 2011 TR) Life Update: May 23!!!


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Jul 18, 2010
“To all that come to this happy place :welcome:”
Welcome one and all to my august 2011 trip report!!!!!

Thank you all for joining in. Pull up a chair and relax as I take you through some of the craziest//crabbiest//most sleep deprived//outrageous//funniest//magical moment that Disney World has ever produced.

I could not be any happier finally getting this AMAZING experience//storytelling underway. :yay:

I cannot wait to share with you all the magic, memories and surprises that my family shared in on our vacation. ((SO MANY SUPRISES!!!!!!))

Weather you are young or young at heart we have something here for everyone to enjoy!!! Funny face photos, hotel photos, attraction photos and TONS of (seeing as there were eight of us on the dinning plan and we managed to take photos of almost every meal) food photos as well.

This vacation was long anticipated and the trip report has been as well, I finally decided that life has calmed down enough to start it up and I can’t wait to relive all the memories!!!

For now I will leave you with this “trip movie trailer” that my sister made which complies some of the most memorable moments from our vacation…

Hope you enjoy…

Let The Memories Begin…

::MickeyMo Table Of Contents: ::MinnieMo

Welcomes & Introductions

August 17, 2011
I'm Late!!! I'm Late!!! For a VERY Important Date!!!
Welcome Home!!!
Going to Pete's Safari, Going to Pete's Safari
Warning Meteor Shower In Range... Just Little Ones
Home Sweet Home. Grand Villa Tour (Continued)
Eat Till You Pop
Shop Till You Drop//The Obsession Begins
Eat till You Pop Part II (Cont.)

August 18, 2011
The Big Waves Were Scary!!!
More Fun in the Sun
You Can Always Go... Downtown!!!
Going to The Lodge

August 19, 2011
This is NOT our Morning
Kids Take on the World
Are You Two Brothers?
That's One Taste That Can't Be Un-tasted
Welcome to America: We Have Guns & Fast Food
A Night of Firsts

August 20, 2011
The Race is On!!!
Mania, Munchies and Much More!!!
Hottest Day... Longest Line... EVER!!!
Drive Away Your Worries and Cares at this Drive In Theatre
The Love Birds Double Date
A Nightmare Fantasmic!!! (in a good way)

August 21, 2011
Did You Bring The Room Key?
Best Lunch EVER!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!!!!

August 22, 2011
In the Circle
Run Away!!!
Yak and or after the Yeti?
Those Poor Kids
I Guess There Is Some Sleeping In Disney...
Trading Like Crazy!!!
You Are Stuck In The Twilight Zone!!!

August 23, 2011
Its All Pure Magic Wrapped Up in Pixie Dust
Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye…
Open Up Your Heart and Let the Memories Begin
Well This Is A Lame Night!!!

August 24, 2011
Last Day To Play!!!
Not What We Expected But Still Good
And They Went Weah Weah Weaaaaah, All The Way Home

Real Life Updates:
Is This Real Life!?!
Happy Birthday to Me!!!
Part 2
I'm Working for Disney World!!!
Senior Year Wrap Up
Disney Crafts and Trip Information Update!!!

Please feel free to comment and let me know you are reading a long!! It will give me a little more incentive to update more frequently :rotfl:


We're all mad here....
Aug 22, 2007
I'm on and Looking forward to more! P.S. your link to your video doesn't play! :goodvibes

  • kirrrby

    We're all mad here....
    Aug 22, 2007
    Totally saw it after i downloaded to Windows Media Player. Firefox doesn't like me apparently. Looks like ya'll had fun though!


    Earning My Ears
    Aug 9, 2011
    :laughing: Awesome video. Sounds like it is going to be an awesome TR. Subscribed!
  • Leasha_Loves_Disney

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Hello Everyone!!!!!

    I am so excited that so many people have showed an interest in our family vacation :goodvibes it makes me even more pumped to get this thing rollin’

    I wanted to do a major first day update, But I am at school on my boyfriend’s computer and all of the photos are on mine so I figured I would give you all a little further introduction to “The Crazy Eights”

    First off there is me!!!

    My name is Alicia and I will be your story teller extraordinaire. Let’s see where to start… I am 21 and like most of you I am in love with ALL things Disney, the smells are probably my number one thing I cannot get over the smell of the water air conditioning and the monorail, they should bottle that up and sell it!!! In addition I adore the feeling you get the moment you walk into any of the parks that tingly sensation from your head to your toes. Ugh just thinking about it makes me want to go back RIGHT NOW!!! I spend my spare time looking up Disney secrets and stalking people’s trip reports here on the dis (so if you have one let me know!!!) Moving on… I am currently a senior in college going to school for Theatre and I have a minor in Fine Arts (costuming, make up, and a little bit or art stuff). I hope to do the DCP next fall and work my way onto the Disney “work” scene from there.

    Some of my Disney Favorites Include:
    Favorite Character: Ariel/Minnie Mouse
    Favorite Park: Hollywood Studios (to me it will always be MGM)
    Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror
    Favorite QS: Pecos Bills
    Favorite Table service: San Angel Inn
    Favorite Disney song: Ma Belle Evangeline//Part of Your World Reprise

    Next up we have my boyfriend of three and a half years Andrew :love2:

    Hhe is 19 and attends the same college as I do, he is an accounting major and he has already been informed that we will be moving to Florida soon after he graduates. He is new to the Disney scene and this will be his third trip down (second with my family). He is slowly but surely getting bit by the Disney bug. I adored watching his face and every moment of the trip because he was just like a little kid, his eyes were light up and he was smiling and having a grand old time!! (which is something that he really needed seeing as his mother past away about a month before we left) . I love everything about him and the way he experiences everything in Disney for “the first time” it’s like having a child with you and seeing it in a different way.

    His Disney Favorites include:
    Favorite Character: Donald Duck
    Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
    Favorite Ride: Big Thunder Mountain
    Favorite QS down: Pecos Bills
    Favorite Table service: Hoop Dee Doo
    Favorite Disney song: I See the Light

    Now I will jump back to the oldest Danielle she is 24 and so is her boyfriend Adam (this was his 3rd or 4th trip with us) :hug:

    They have been dating for roughly 6 and a half years I believe (don’t quote me on it). Now I am not sure about Adam’s progress on the Disney Lovin’ chart but let me tell you Danielle is pretty high up there much like me.
    Their Favorites include:

    Favorite Character: Peter Pan
    Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
    Favorite Ride: People Mover and Space Mountain
    Favorite QS: Pecos Bill’s
    Favorite Table service: Biergarten Germany
    Favorite Disney song: When You Wish Upon a Star

    and her boyfriend of 6 years Adam (24)
    Favorite Character: Buzz
    Favorite Park: EPCOT
    Favorite Ride: People Mover
    Favorite QS: ----------
    Favorite Table service: Biergarten Germany
    Favorite Disney song: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

    The third oldest would be Sam. :earsgirl:

    She is 19 as well and is going to school for childhood education and up until recently she was planning on doing the DCP next fall but she is unable to due to her schedule for school. Anyways Sam is my right hand man, she was the one who helped me plan all the dinning reservations, the day by day and made all the fun crafts with me. Basically all we could talk about for the 2 months of summer vacation leading up to our trip was DISNEY!!!!!

    Here are her favorites:
    Favorite Character: Tiana
    Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
    Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain
    Favorite QS: Pinocchio Village Haus
    Favorite Table service: Ohana
    Favorite Disney song: Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

    To wrap up the kids we come to K.C. :earboy2:

    He is the youngest (but do not let that fool you, he is probably the tallest of us all). He is 15 and although he may not be as Disney crazy as the rest of us he sure knows how to have a good time!!

    His favorite include:
    Favorite Character: Buzz Lightyear
    Favorite Park: EPCOT
    Favorite Ride: Test Track
    Favorite QS: Sunshine Seasons
    Favorite Table service: Whispering Canyon’s
    Favorite Disney song: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

    AND LAST….

    But CERTAINLY not least the two who started it all “Ma & Pa”

    They started out the family’s love for Disney wayyyyy back when they took their honeymoon there 26 years ago. Since then they have had their moments where they love Disney and they say “don’t you want to try someplace else?!” to which their lovely children simply reply “NO WAY!!!” (we are the kinds of kids who laugh at the people who claim to “love” Disney but then give up perfectly good Disney park time to go to universal… this is not acceptable in our book. We always say, “we are in Florida how are we not going to spend every waking second in a Disney park?!”

    Favorite Character: Snow White
    Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
    Favorite Ride: Test Track
    Favorite QS: Sunshine Season
    Favorite Table service: Hoop Dee Do
    Favorite Disney song: Whistle While You Work

    Favorite Character: Goofy
    Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
    Favorite Ride: Tower Of Terror
    Favorite QS: Sunshine Seasons
    Favorite Table service: Hoop Dee Doo
    Favorite Disney song: Tiki Room Song

    So there you have it a basic introduction to “The Crazy Eights” we are one big Disney lovin’ clan that basically does everything together. As the trip report progresses through the photos and videos I’m sure you will get a little better feeling for who we are and what we love about “The Happiest Place on Earth”

    Let me start off by saying that I was the obsessive compulsive planner of the trip, literally I had everything planned down to half an hour increments. Going into the trip I was all about park hoping and EMH when my mother looked at the plan the first time she asked “and when do we get to sleep?” . Did we stick to the plan and enjoy our trip or did we turn into walking zombies? :eek: You will have to stay tuned and find out!!!

    Tune In Next Time!!


    DIS Veteran
    Jul 23, 2010
    I want to go back to disney now!!!! :guilty:
    I'm already planning my trip next year to visit if I can't do the college program. I still have hope that somehow I can go down!!!


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    Jul 18, 2010
    I’m Late!!! I’m Late!!! For VERY Important Date!!!

    This is it, the BIG DAY!!!

    So day one as you can guess from the title starts out a little more stressful than I would have like.

    But first a little back story about the night before. I attempted to go to sleep at a decent time, but lets face it we were leaving for Disney the next morning!!! How can anyone sleep at a time like that?!?

    I attempted to coax myself into sleeping by thinking tomorrow you will get up at 3:45 (remember that one, 3:45) and you will be in Disney, you dinner reservations are not until 9:10 at night which means you won’t be back to the hotel room sleeping until around 11:00 at the earliest. Well that was no help it just made me more excited for the fun filled day ahead of me.

    Ok back to the morning of…

    My Disney diary reads…
    * 3:45 Alarm goes off (Disney’s Tomorrowland Transit Authority)* Scratch that, make it say alarm should go off!!! In reality it is 4:05, late!!!! I accidentally set the alarm for 4:45. FAIL. Needless to say that was the quickest I have ever shot out of bed. I walked into the kitchen and everyone was awake and happy saying “finally you got up!” (yea, thanks for waking me guys!)

    Disney Day one was already off to a late start, as if my morning wasn’t already rushed enough as it was! Luckily I showered and everything the night before all there was to do was put in my contacts, straighten my hair and brush my teeth.

    Did I mention the reason I wanted to get up so early was because I KNEW everyone was going to be in the bathroom. Any ways Andy’s Dad got here to take us to the airport (8 of us were not going to fit in one car with all that luggage) and I was just finishing up. After some last minute scramble packing we left the house and 4:35.

    After a grueling 10 minute car ride we were at the southwest check in waiting for Danielle and Adam to arrive. So close!

    As we anxiously awaited their arrival we got some photos with our luggage…

    FINALLY they arrived and we went through the almost nonexistent check in line and we made out way over to the VERY LONG security line. It was at this moment just as we were about to go through the line that I discovered Andy had forgotten to pack my contact case. For some reason this set me over the edge there goes my family through security (minus Andy and Ma they waited outside with me) as I go out to wait for my gramma to drop one off for me, even though we live about 5 minutes away and she was in the car and on her way before I even hung up the phone that was the LONGEST 5 minutes of my life. I seriously thought I was going to miss the flight.

    After that fiasco it was time to go through the EVEN LONGER security line. And some lady line jumps us! Oh man that one kinda made me mad. The I realized that she was freaked out (must have been scared to fly or something) she was saying the craziest stuff to us the entire line. The line was so long I decided to count the number of Vera Bradley bags I saw in line I think the final count was 20 something.

    Finally we made through and to our gate!! Used the restroom and attempted not to disturb Andy (he is really no good with flights AT ALL, he actually worked himself up the night before and woke up feeling sick) As we sat waiting to board our friend from security sat next to us and kept asking if the plane was going to California, poor thing she was like 2 hours early for her flight.

    I looked out the window expecting to see the traditional purple and oranges plane that I had counted in the sky for the month leading up to our trip, only to find that we were on one of the special planes “Illinois”. It was kind of depressing and cool and the same time.

    When we finally got on the plane we were chosen to be “Safety Family” as we were seated in the seats by the wings.

    This is probably the last photo you will see of Andy smiling until we land.

    Basically we were briefed on what to do incase of an emergency by the flight attendant, and let me tell you that did not help Andy AT ALL!!! But the nice thing was there was SO MUCH leg room!!!

    Shortly after we were off, and right on time too!!! Luckily Andy was half asleep during take off.

    This flight had no turbulence like our last flight so we got more than water!! I mean look at those beautiful skies

    I turned on my Disney playlist and we took a few photos with my favorite fish

    before I knew it we were there!! Landed at 8:17 twenty minutes early. SCORE!!!

    A few people took a quick potty break and I took a few pictures

    booked it to the magical express. First stop mini monorail

    past this pretty thing

    down the escalator

    getting closer…

    and closer

    I said something along the lines of “slow down I need to get a picture of the signs!!” this one in particular

    The guy checking people in at magical express said get a picture of me too! So I did.

    Luckily we were the first ones to the bus and you all know what that means… Front Row Seats!!! The only downside was that it was one of those imposter yellow busses and not a real Disney one. So I took a picture of the one next to ours because it was legit.

    proof that we were the first ones there

    We were seated at 8:40 and were on our way by 8:56. We watched the video and before we knew it we were passing under this…

    That’s all I can update for now since I should get some homework done. So I will leave you in anticipation much like we were at these very moments on our vacation. Hope the suspense will keep you coming back for more!

    Tune In Next Time!!!



    Earning My Ears
    Aug 9, 2011
    Ahh contact case! :scared1: Thank goodness for your Grandma!!! :worship: Poor Andy and the nervous lady. I can't even imagine what its like to have to fly and be so worried about it. Must feel awful. At least his destination was an awesome one! That must have helped! Love the pic of your Dad and flounder, it looks like he's actually floating there.
  • Leasha_Loves_Disney

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Welcome Home:
    August 17, 2011

    When I last left off we were passing through the gates of heaven and I could hear the beautiful choir of angels singing.

    Oh wait that was me and my siblings squealing out of pure joy and excitement.

    Our bus made one quick stop and Old Key West (this was our other option when we were planning our trip originally). Before I knew it we were passing through the beautiful gates of Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. How classy.

    Since we were lucky enough to get front seats on the bus we all quickly piled out and we were briskly walking to the lobby to check in.

    On our way we past this beauty…

    Ma and Pa went to check in while us kids did some exploring!!!

    Sam ran straight for the cartoons

    And since it was a horse themed resort I had to take a few photos of some of the noble steed from Disney history.

    And then Andy found it!! The very first penny machine of the trip.

    I use to be way into pin trading but on our last trip we found a new hobby collecting these shinny beauties.

    so I cracked open these, our brand spankin’ new roll of shinny pennies that we got from the grocery store we worked at this summer.

    Then we decided to go see what was taking so long with the check in. Of course we all waited patiently and took some photos while ma was figuring things out

    Some hidden mickey décor


    Hold on, hold on!!! Stop the trip report. First I need to give you a little back story before I reveal the big surprise. Here we go. Ma and Danielle have always dreamed out staying at the tree house villas at this resort and when we originally booked the two bedroom villa it came with a room rate which didn’t apply to the tree houses so Ma had asked if there were any available that we could move into for the same price. Well the lady at the check in desk looked at her like she was crazy!!! Ma said well guys I tried, and then the cast member chime din with “Why would you want to change rooms when you have a grand villa? It’s one of the best rooms in the resort” to that we simply replied “WE HAVE A WHAT?!?” turns out they gave us a free upgrade to a grand villa (3 bedrooms instead of 2). How magical!!!!!!

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled Trip Report:

    As I was saying…


    Needless to say we were some very excited kids!!! And the cast members saw us so they decked us out with TONS of stickers and the boys even got pirate bandanas

    We used the excitement to move us over to The Artist Palette to check out the merchandise and pull it together.

    While we were shopping in there Andy and I made our first purchase of the trip. We picked up a penny book so that we could have a place to store our collection

    By the end of the trip it ended up looking like this.

    We made 37 pennies in one trip. I wonder how much Disney makes off of those machines. I mean Andy and I stop at every machine we see. I even downloaded a special Pressed Penny app for my iphone before we left. I am a hard core penny presser!

    While we were wrapping up and finalizing the plan I had Ma model her stickers and Pa model his pin lanyard.

    On our way out Danielle and Adam decided to sign up for an appointment to go to one of the DVC presentations. I flipped through the book of rooms and found a possible ground plan for our “Grand Villa”.

    Since our room wasn’t ready we decided to drop our stuff in storage and head out to the park after all it was only like 10:30 am and it was our first day!!!
    We walked out to the bus stop and I snapped this shot

    Just look at what a perfect first day we had, the sun was shinning and boy do I mean shinning, it was beating down and I started to melt as soon as I stepped outside and it was only 10:30 am. I couldn’t wait for the rest of the day.
    While we waited for the bus to get there I couldn’t resist a photo of the scenery I just couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and that we were finally there!!!!

    After all that counting down (I started at close to 200 days) we were finally in the happiest place on earth!! So how would we start our trip you ask? You will just have to stay tuned to find out!!!

    Tune In Next Time!!!


    Please stand clear of the door; Por favor manténga
    Jul 18, 2010
    Going to Pete's Safari, Going to Pete's Safari

    August 17, 2011

    Ok so I am very sorry about the lack of updates, but I have been super swamped with classes and auditions and rehearsals and homework and all that college student stuff. But I have decided to do an update today since I have the day off. So let’s see where did I leave off? Oh right we were about to hop on a bus to our first magical day in Disney!!!!!!!

    After we waited close to if not more than 20 minutes in that hot Florida sun our chariot arrived!!!

    Where were we headed might you ask?... OUR LEAST FAVORITE PARK!!!! YAY?!? Haha, we were headed to that wonderland of heat and little no know air conditioning known as Animal Kingdom! Now I personally don’t dislike this park as much as some of my other family members, but this was to be our only full day in Animal Kingdom.

    We arrived right on time according to my planner, 11am exactly. And Before we knew it we were walking under this baby

    Our plan of action was to go get fastpasses for Expedition Everest because we thought those fast passes would already be for late in the after noon and we were scheduled to leave at 6.

    So we made our way to the back of the park and obtained theses guys

    Then we started another quest, and that quest was for food seeing how it was 11 am and none of us except Danielle and Adam had eaten breakfast. Before we left we had decided on Pizzafari since it is one of the few places with air conditioning and I love Disney pizza. This is the story behind the title, before we left Sam and I had talked non stop about going here and KC thought we were saying Pete's Safari. We still laugh about it to this day!!!

    We make the trek and arrived all ready to eat. Our dinner reservation for that night was not until 9:10pm so we decided that we would split a counter service now and then split again later in the day. Andy and I split a pepperoni pizza (I wanted veggie but decided to sacrifice for the man I love) ceaser salad with a sprite and chocolate mousse.

    From there we decided that we would head over to

    The time said 30 min, but by the time we ended up winding through that long line we were inside with our honorary bug glasses, which we illegally put on to take a few photos with.

    The saw was shorter than I remember it being but it was fun, Andy was depressed that he didn’t get stung in the back.

    When we came out, it was a downpour and we couldn’t get out because everyone was putting on their ponchos. We decided to do the same and figure out where to go from there since Expedition Everest would probably be down because of the rain. So since Andy had wanted to do Kalihi river rapids so badly we figured, why not go since we will already be soaked from the rain, but they closed that down to because of the rain. A water ride closed for rain how funny!!!

    So we decided to go see

    Turns out that the Park maps had the wrong times listed. We ducked in for the last performance of the. We were literally like the very last people let in. I had my heart set on sitting in a real seat for the show but we ended up on the very last row of the bleachers once again. We took off our ponchos and set them out to dry like everyone else.

    I adore that musical. I had been listening to the soundtrack on repeat before the trip and was so excited to see it. Danielle really liked it too, in all the times we have gone she has never seen it. For Sam and I it is a must see. When we left the rain had stopped and we decided to go snatch up some fast passes for Dinosaur while we were in the area

    Then we dashed back to Expedition Everest to use our fast passes.

    We did so much running this day and that is why my family is not a fan of the park, you are always running from one side of the park to the other. But hey your in Disney and you never really notice until that night when your feet feel like they are going to fall off.

    Anyways we had a few minutes before we could get in line to use our fast passes so we took photos before we embarked on our expedition

    We got in line for Everest, first real ride of the trip!! We were all very excited

    This is me being excited for the firs real ride of the trip. AKA Alicia Likes to make really weird faces, there will be plenty more like this to come because I swear I can’t just smile and take a nice picture.

    We got told where to sit and Andy, Sam, Kc and I all go the very back car.

    I tried to keep my camera out for as long as I could before I felt like it was going to fly out of my hands

    Throw your hands up in the air if you are happy to be in Disney World!!!

    You know, just a nice relaxing Expedition, look at that view!!!!

    But then something went horribly wrong…

    The tracks were missing, oh no!!!!!!! whatever will we do?!?! As we flew backwards into the dark I remembered how much I love this ride and it was even better in the back, Andy swears that we went up side down and for a second I thought we do too! What a great first ride.

    Sam and I took a photo with one of the souvenirs we have debated buying since our trip down in like 2002. He is so cute, but we were able to resist his cuteness once again, oh well maybe next time adorable yeti ball.

    After that we had just a few more things to check off of our Animal Kingdom list and then we were off to check out that magical pixie dust of a grand villa. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of “The Crazy Eights”​

    mom of princess

    May 31, 2007
    Loving your TR. Your family looks like they would be fun to vacation with :thumbsup2

    Did you plan the giraffe print dress for your AK day? Cute... :)

    Can't wait to read more.


    Please stand clear of the door; Por favor manténga
    Jul 18, 2010
    Loving your TR. Your family looks like they would be fun to vacation with :thumbsup2

    Did you plan the giraffe print dress for your AK day? Cute... :)

    Can't wait to read more.

    Thanks, we can certainly be a hoot especially when we really like each other or when we are running low on sleep/food and just get frustrated with one another :rotfl:

    I got the dress in Animal Kingdom on our previous trip in. I left Disney in it last time so I thought it only made sense that I return wearing it. I love giraffes so I couldn't pass it up last time and it's great for that Florida heat :thumbsup2

    thanks so much for reading along and I hope that you continue to enjoy!!! :goodvibes


    Please stand clear of the door; Por favor manténga
    Jul 18, 2010
    So I have a “fall break” which means the night off from rehearsal and can you guess what that means?!? Time for an update!!!!! Maybe even more than one this weekend depending on how much homework I want to procrastinate doing :rotfl2:

    Warning Meteor Shower In Range... Just Little Ones.
    August 17, 2011

    Ok So when I last left off we had just gotten off of Expedition Everest.

    From there we headed to a ride that Andy was so sad that we didn’t go on on our last visit, so I promised him we would do at least once this trip. And that was

    He was very excited as you can see in this photo

    Unfortunately when we got there the line was 65 minutes long!!! But we figured it would be one of the last things we did in Animal Kingdom before we said goodbye to it until our next vacation (remember we are not fond of this place and half of us were not planning on coming back)

    While we were in line we took a few shots. What a nice looking family!!!

    And what a nice looking snake?

    Did I mention it was like a million degrees waiting in line (#1 reason we don’t like animal kingdom) KC kept himself cool with the mister. Him and the guy in the background have similar faces (KC is the closest to me in the fact that he is always making face as well).

    Danielle and Adam looking happy to be in Disney

    In reality the line ended up taking about 30-40 minutes. Andy was a little disappointed he wanted to get soaked but we ended up placing the wait in the raft really poorly one side got completely soaked while Andy and I remained pretty much bone dry. Although the couple that got put with us really got a kick out of how soaked half of us got Andy was not impressed. I actually wish that I had gotten a photo of how we they were after, it was hilarious!!!

    Anyways, we were almost done with Animal Kingdom. Just one thing left to do. SO we headed over to

    We were on a mission and the mission was to use these babies

    In all honesty this is probably one of my least favorite rides because I literally almost pee my pants every time!!!

    We passed this guy, you know the one I was hoping that they might have taken out of the ride since my last visit.

    This is me knowing that they didn’t take that guy out and not being so excited (Alicia Face #3)

    So we rode and I screamed and actually kept my eyes open. Then we saw this.

    Theses are Sam’s legs that were basically painted brown because it had rained so much and the dye started coming out of the romper she wore that day. Haha!!!!

    So we headed out of Animal Kingdom, we had expected to stay until 6 but I think we ended up leaving around 4 or 430 because we were so excited that we were going to go get a view of our grand villa!!!

    We waved goodbye to Animal Kingdom until next time. Thanks for the memories!!!

    And we were on our way to our new home!!!

    So while Ma went in to pick up the keys to the room and find out where exactly we were staying Sam and I took the time to find a hidden Mickey on the horse statue.

    Oddly enough I don’t think I ever took a photo of the entire statue.

    Ma came out room keys in hand and we were off to the section we wanted to be in, Congress Park!!!!! We took the pretty long stroll and ended up at the pretty pink buildings!!

    We walked through the beautiful arch

    Up the stairs

    And down a really long hallway (we ended up taking the long way the first time)

    After a little wandering we finally found room 1241 our home away from home for the next few days

    We waited anxiously to see what it looked like inside!!!!

    Ma got out the key and we were on our way in to the most amazing room I have ever seen in my life!!!!

    the magical door opened…

    But you will have to come back to the next post to see what it looked like ;)

    Tune In Next Time!!!


    Please stand clear of the door; Por favor manténga
    Jul 18, 2010
    Ok so I am majorly putting off doing homework so I figured let’s post some pictures of the room!!! Here are the deals with these photos. They are all from different days and different cameras. I apologize in advance for the mess in some of them and the darkness in others.

    Grand Villa Tour (First Floor):
    August 17, 2011

    When we last left off The Crazy Eights had gotten the room key and were about to step foot into a mansion, basically this room was a castle and we could not wait to claim our territory.

    The doors opened and we walked in to a room bigger then (I kid you not) the house I rent when I am away at college.
    As soon as we walked in we were greeted by our suitcases, straight off the magical express.

    The living room was the first thing we saw

    the couch was a pull out bed which KC was originally going to sleep on but then he changed his mind and shared with Danielle and Adam

    off of the living room was the dinning room//kitchen

    off of the dinning room there was a small patio. Which at one point andy and I had hung out towels over and they blew off down onto the grass and we didn’t realize they were gone for like 3 days.

    I wish that we had had more time to enjoy the room itself now that I look back at the photos. We never even used the table or bar area in the kitchen.

    from the dinning room you headed into the kitchen

    view from kitchen to the dinning room.

    Off of the kitchen there was a (messy) bathroom.

    This is a picture taken from the living room view into the kitchen and the other arch is the dining room.

    Off of the living room was the master bathroom/bathroom which Ma and Pa shared.

    And this was their view

    The bathroom had a classy glass shower

    a pretty nice size sink.

    and a jacuzzi tub!

    And that completes the tour of the first floor. I have so many more picture of the room that the upstairs will have to be put in a separate post!!!

    Tune In Next Time!!!


    Please stand clear of the door; Por favor manténga
    Jul 18, 2010
    Grand Villa Tour (Second Floor):

    August 17, 2011

    As we walked up the stairs we entered the “Kids” domain. Andy Sam and I were all in the first bedroom (chosen because of the beautiful view) and Danielle Adam and KC were in the other room.

    Top of the stairs!!! (I know what an important picture)

    View from the balcony of the stairs! (Another can’t miss photo)

    Upstairs. The room on the left was Danielle Adams and Kc’s

    The washing machine was at the top of the stairs hidden in a closet.

    Mine Andy and Sam’s room. As soon as you walked in you were in the “bathroom” the mirror and sink were in one room separate from the shower and stuff.

    And then there was the view from our room, which was to die for and totally worth having to walk to far to get to a pool (since the congress park one was closed for refurb.)

    And this was the third bedroom and bathroom (once again sorry for the unmade bed, these were taken on move out day ☹ )

    Their view

    Tune In Next Time!!!


    Earning My Ears
    Aug 9, 2011
    Holy cow! That villa is amazing!!! I'm planning a family trip and was going to get a couple rooms, but now I think we need a villa!


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