Cozumel Jeep Excursion - Grand Cayman Nautilus Undersea Tour


Oct 3, 2008
If you have went on either of these two excursions, Cozumel's Jeep Excursion or Grand Cayman's Nautilus Undersea Tour, I would love to hear your reports. We are going on our second DCL, the first of which was the 1998 Christmas Cruise. I would love to hear your feedback on the two tours we want to take.



Remember the Magic Buccaneers!!!
Sep 19, 2008
Speaking on behalf of my parents (I did not personally go on this excursion but they did), they felt this was more like another Glass Bottom Boat Tour and an undersea excursion.

They were disappointed.

They believed they were going into some sort of submarine, but it was just a regular boat with a glass bottom. mom took a few pictures, but if she would have known that this is all it was, she would not have booked.

Again, only speaking what they told me.


Apr 17, 2007
Hubby and I did the Cozumel Jeep excursion thru DCL ...I really can't recommend it...the first jeep we got seats didn't work right ok no problem they wanted to get us another one..then that one the drivers seat belt didn't work so at the first stop got another jeep and this one had its issues too..for the amt of money you pay per person I think they should check jeeps out and make sure they are ready to go, clean insde and all safety equipment is working.. I think next time we would just rent one and do are own touring...


DIS Veteran
May 12, 2005
Just finishing the Eastern Carribean which turned into a Western...because of Hurricane Paloma.

I took the submarine tour in Cozumel.....It was a REAL submarine..... we descended to 132 feet for a few minutes! Most of the sealife was at about 60-90 feet. The reefs were great. I wanted to do this tour in St. Thomas, and it's run by the same company, so I expect it would have been the same.

We still want to do the Eastern 7 day, but not in hurricane season, I guess. Almost all of our crruises have been during hurricane season, I guess we've been lucky until this trip. \

Of course, the crew and cast members were just as wonderful!


Rabid Disnoid's Spouse
Sep 20, 2008
from the western caribbean on 11/8 and took the nautilus undersea tour. We loved it. You went a semi submerged submarine. When we were there it was raining, but you could stay on top which was above water or go downstairs which had seats and windows all around. I'm a bit claustrophobic so I was nervous about it. It was a little warm and I got a little dizzy but I survived. They take you out and you see two shipwrecks and lots of fish and coral. Your pictures of the fish don't have much color because the windows are tinted. At one point a diver doing snuba jumps in and feeds the fish so the swim around all the windows. I felt the guide was very knowledgable about the area. It's about 45 minutes long.

We also did the island tour afterwards and really enjoyed the turtle farm even though it was pouring out. We just look like wet rats in our pictures.

Any other questions, let me know.


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