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    Term:1 Yr 10 Issues
    List Price: $24.00
    Superstore's Gift: $24.00 *
    Plus $3.49 processing fee
    Special price: $3.49 - 18% = $2.86
    You save: 85%

    18% off your order!
    Coupon Code: SPOOKY18
    Expires: 11/5/06

    About Country Home:
    Country Home offers all the help you need to turn your home into a beautiful country haven. Published eight times a year, the magazine explains how to revitalize rooms in new ways with original decorating and remodeling plans. Every issue serves up information about antiques and collectibles, timeless crafts, captivating gardens, cherished family recipes, perfect country getaways, and more.

    Purchasing this magazine entitles you to 1 free gifts.


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