counter service lunch or dinner, connections


Earning My Ears
Feb 11, 2001
What does Quick and Casual Meal vouchers from connections mean by "counter service"? At San Angel (Mexico), do you get to sit by the river and order or do you have to go to a different area.
For counter service, think " go up to a counter, order food, and carry it to a table myself". No waiters or waitresses. Counter service is just another name for fast-food restaurant (but without the drive-thru. :D)

At Mexico, the counter service place (Cantina de San Angel)is outside of the Mexico Pavillion, across the main walkway, adjacent to the World Showcase Lagoon. You've probably seen people sitting there in the late evening waiting for Illuminations to begin as the table area has a great view.

The sit-down, "by the river" restaurant ( San Angel Inn) is inside the Mexico Pavillion.

Hope that help[s some.
Thanks!! My kids wanted to eat "by the river" at San Angel, so I won't be getting Quick and Casual meal vouchers for that. I don't really see where they save much anywhere except Beaches and Cream.
The Quick & Casual lunch or dinner vouchers save you a lot at Beaches & Cream and Pepper Market (at Coronado Springs). We used vouchers at both places and the meals we got would have cost over $50. With the vouchers it was $21 (for 2 adults). There are a few places like this that are not "counter service". At most other places the vouchers are good for it is true counter service and you only save a couple dollars.


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