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  1. Rroo

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    Jul 26, 2006
    I am wondering about the costs of car rentals including the insurances. It looks like it is the insurance costs that add up. What do you recommend for insurance and are there any other costs that should be budgeted for when renting a car?

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    If you have car insurance at home, usually car rental insurance is already included in your plan. If it's not included, you could add it on for a few dollars. Call your insurance company to make sure. I've never paid insurance on car rentals.

    Also, if you're able to register for a program like National Emerald service for free (they sometimes have promotions), they don't charge you for the second driver either.

    Check out for the latest discounts on all the car rentals.
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    Apr 18, 2005
    Gold and Platinum credit cards also offer insurance but you must charge the full amount to the card that you want the insurance coverage from. I always use my cc for the insurance and have never had a problem. I would suggest calling the rewards department of your cc to inquire about the coverage they offer.

    As to fees for rentals, there are airport fees, state fees, recovery fees plus a couple of taxes. I have had rentals where 40% of the grand total was all fees.
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    I have never paid insurance..between my CC coverage and my own auto insurance here I am well protected.

    I just returned from Disney a week ago and got a great deal ($14 per day) on a car rental with Alamo by using Priceline. We got a mid-size and chose from an aisle full what we wanted and selected a 'Malibu Maxx' which was great!! Good deal!

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