Coronado in April


Apr 16, 2017
Wanted to see if anyone has had experience staying at a moderate like Coronado during the Summitt cheer competition end of April/early May. I’ve heard that a lot of the cheerleaders stay there. This is an adults only trip. Will I be extremely annoyed with the amount of cheerleaders or is Coronado big enough (especially with the new additions) that it wouldn’t be an issue? I know this may be a personal preference thing. Thanks!
I stayed at CBR during the Summit once. The only reason I noticed the cheerleaders were their GIANT bows and the pyramid building in EPCOT.... I never felt like they affected my trip at all. They were really only in the parks on the weekend as their competition lasts most of the week during prime park hours.
I've stayed at resorts during various cheer/dance tournaments...I don't think I really noticed them at all. Other than the fact they walk in herds.
Yep. I've stayed there 2x in April at the same time as the cheerleaders. Great girls. Nice to talk with. No issues with them at all....except maybe in the public bathroom where there was a lot of 'fluffing and primping' going on. They were great!

Of the "mega groups" at Disney resorts and hotels the American cheerleading teams seem to be one of the best behaved.
I've stayed at Coronado when there was a cheerleading thing going on and TBH, I didn't see or hear cheerleaders once. I talked to a few parents/grandparents at the bar and that was the only reason I knew they were even there.
I stayed there once while there was some sort of cheer competition going on. We only saw them on the busses once, and it was during peak hours. They were really well behaved for a large group of teens.

We were there this past April, and for the most part the groups seemed well-behaved.....except for a few times when a few large groups passed by our room (especially in the mornings) being rather (a lot) loud. And a few times at the dining places (El Mercado particularly) in the mornings which were significantly busier than they normally would be. It got worse as the weekend approached.

It would be a 'maybe' on us not staying there again, or at that time perhaps, again.


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