Copper Creek Villas at 7 Months


DIS Veteran
Jan 14, 2003
What are the odds of getting a 2 bedroom unit for 4 nights at Copper Creek Villas 7 months out, checking in on April 30 and checking out on May 4, 2020?
Probably the best they'll be all year, but I'd still book home and try to switch if your dates are firm.
Agree with PP - book your home resort and hope that something is open. I wouldn't wait and bank on it being available, but you might get lucky.

Studios at CCV, and as a result 2BR lock-offs, have developed a serious availability problem even at times at 11 months out (those high number of points sold for the cabins were sold mostly to purchasers wanting smaller rooms, particularly studios) . Dedicated 2BRs have faired better and you may have a chance for one of those, although a risk otherwise.
Often it seems only cabins are available for extended times at 7 months. I’ve stayed in a cabin twice, they are great, but even in them, you have two real beds only. I do not think the pull down bed in the furniture is enough space for an adult.


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