Cooler/Luggage Question??

Bill From PA

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Nov 8, 1999
I understand there's such a thing as a cooler with soft sides that can double as luggage and then be used to store cool stuff in your room. Any experiences with these, and where can they be purchased and for how much?

Bill From PA

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We took a collapsible cooler with us. It is on wheels, so you can bring it packed with stuff. We brought ours on the plane as a carry on, but we had it folded up. We got ours at Sears.

We liked it because we were changing resorts a couple of times and it made it so much easier to just wheel it around. The styrofoam ones break to easy. As a matter of fact we used a styrofoam one too, and when we were taking it in to the Poly the bellman accidently busted it all over the elevator. The good part about that was they gave us a refridgerator free

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we got our cooler at Sam's warehouse, It came in so handy,we took it back on the flight with food in it ,left over from our fridge at our timeshare.
Just take a regular ice chest with you and check it as luggage. A roll of duct tape secures it very nicely. Had done this many times. Never a problem except the agent will always ask if there is any dri ice in it.


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I got on at Wlamart. It is quite largeand it collapses flat to fit in our luggage! It doesn't have wheels or anything like that, but it fits two six packs of soda side by side and aquart of milk. It also has eanough room for me to put more stuff acroos the top of the sodas and lots of ice.

The great thing is it cost me about $11 dollars. You can't beat that.


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