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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by Robert P, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Robert P

    Robert P GLOBEX - taking over your world one country at a t

    Oct 24, 2002
    Just returned from a quick July visit. Stopped by Cooke's of Dublin twice - once just for a 'Doh Bar' (fried candy bar), and once for lunch after shopping at DTD.

    I can't do much of a review for the Doh Bar visit, but I can say that it appeared to be a Snickers, looked alot like a corn dog (though lighter battering/breading), and was excellent. Mine was fried fresh, as it took at least 5 minutes for it to be ready, and it was scalding hot for another 7-8 minutes, before I could really start eating. It was excellent though, and I will have to have another, on a future trip.
    On to lunch....

    Stopped in on a weekday about 12:30 p.m. No line, but the good seats (away from the scalding hot July sun beamking through the windows) were all taken. We ordered (1) the Original One & One (fish and chips), and (2) a combo meal, which consisted of 1 fish piece , 2 scallops, and 6 fried sausages, and of course this had chips with it as well. I ordered the combo meal for me, mainly to try several of the food items in just one visit.

    Both meals were fried fresh, which made for @ a 5 minute wait, and were way hot when served. Had to wait another few minutes for cooldown, to begin eating. IMHO - The fish and chips portion of the meal(s) absolutely blew away the fish and chips from the stand outside Rose & Crown (the Yorkshire County Fish Shop) in EPCOT. While the Yorskshire food was ready quickly (I doubt it could be cooked to order that fast), it was somewhat greasy and noticebaly 'heavy' when compared to the Cooke's version. Cooke's was a lightly battered white meat fish that was outstanding, served atop a pile of thicker than usual chips (i.e. fries).
    The scallops portion of the combo was unfortunately overcooked, so it was a bit too chewy (not like a properly pan seared scallop), but had a good flavor none the less. I do understand the difficulty of frying scallops and getting them to cook through, so this wasn't a huge disappointment. The sausages were, from what I could tell, a fish & chips take on pigs in blankets. And though the batter was mush lighter than using any biscuit or breads, and the taste was fine, the whole flavor didn't really work with the fish and scallops in this combo. By itself, it would have been fine, but with this combo, eh....

    Note: this was a large amount of food (when you include the chips), and we couldn't finish ours all the way. I was hoping to have another Doh Bar, but there was just no room for it. We were stuffed.

    In all, this was a pretty good meal, and we'll be back sooner than later. I can't say that I would want to wait through some of the lines that form there in the late evenings (the inside area is pretty tiny), but on a cool enough day, I'd be fine sitting outside and eating at a table in the attached beer patio. Very well made fish & chips.:thumbsup2
  2. mcjigs

    mcjigs Earning My Ears

    Jul 23, 2007
    Thanks for the review. Hadn't heard of the Doh Bar, but am looking forward to trying one now.:thumbsup2
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  4. atisikitabasket

    atisikitabasket Mom Always Said I was a Little Off

    Aug 31, 2006
    I have been waiting for someone to review this place we plan on going in Dec. Thanks for the great review. Did you see anyone eating the beef pie or whatever? How many pieces of fish do you get in the one and one? I know problably one but I just wanted to see thinking of getting 2 different meals and splitting them but didn't know.
  5. FirstMagic

    FirstMagic Mouseketeer

    Sep 3, 2003
    Thanks for the review of Cooke's of Dublin, I haven't seen that many people write about it. I wondered what the Doh Bar was like too. I didn't realize they had a combo meal, sounds like something that could be split by two for sure, especially with that Doh Bar for dessert! :thumbsup2
  6. dznyacct

    dznyacct DIS Veteran

    May 2, 2000
    Thanks for the review :). I really wanted to try Cooke's on our trip last month, but it just didn't work out travelling with a group of 15. The good news is I'll be back "home" in ~ 7 weeks with two of my friends and I WILL get to Cooke's on this trip :)!
  7. Minniespal

    Minniespal <img src="

    Jan 14, 2003
    Enjoyed reading your review ~ Thanx for posting.
  8. Robert P

    Robert P GLOBEX - taking over your world one country at a t

    Oct 24, 2002
    I did see a family eating the beef pie(s), and they were quite large as well (the pies, not the family). They looked very good, and I will probably have to get one of those next visit.

    Yes, the combo could be split by 2 people. Next trip, with the family, we'll probably have to get the combo and a beef pie, and split the meal between us (leaving room this time for the Doh Bar desserts of course).

    On the combo (which was a 'chalk-board' item, hand written, and not on the regular menu - guess it could have been a special), I got 1 piece of fish, but it was quite a slab. I 'think' that the One & One only had 1 piece of fish, but it was a larger piece than the 1 that came with the combo.

    The quantity of food was large enough that we (2 full grown men) couldn't finish it all (we had lots of chips left over), so I believe this would be an excellent place for sharing meals and trying different items.

    A few more details on the Doh Bar:
    It looks like a corn dog, but is lightly battered, then it's barely dusted with a powdered sugar on top, and is served in a small rectangular tray, alot like french fries or hot dogs come in at your local fair or carnival. You can eat it with a fork (recommended, especially at first, until you know how hot it might be), then eat it off the stick later, if it is still holding on there well enough. I had to eat over half of it using the plastic fork, but then the last few bites I just picked up the stick and bit it off that way.
    And, I can't stress enough that it comes out HOT at first. Since I didn't have it with my meal, I didn't have the big plastic tray for it, and I had to quickly set the bar down, and get some napkins underneath, to keep from burning my hand. If I had been crazy enough to bite into it right away, I imagine it would have burned the roof of my mouth badly, just like eating pizza too soon out of the oven. Ouch! Just for general reference, I walked from there straight over to the big World of Disney store at Marketplace (where we were meeting up later), and the bar was just getting cool enough to eat it by then.

    I took pictures of the main menu board inside, and the combo meal itself (I had my camera that day, not on Doh Bar day, sorry), but have never posted pictures on the boards before. If someone can PM me instructions or and walk me through it, I'll pop them up over the weekend, if there is a request for such things (and if I can figure it out).
  9. MEM

    MEM DIS Veteran

    Oct 25, 2001

    Thanks for the laugh, and the great review! Hope to try Cooke's in about 30 days...
  10. mousiemom

    mousiemom 43rd wdw trip

    Apr 7, 2005
    excellent! we walked past this place in May and it smelled so good and it was packed. we are going for lunch in for august trip and we made adrs for raglan road next door!! can't wait...35 more days!!!
  11. Princess_Dot

    Princess_Dot Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?

    Jul 10, 2007
    Oh I have been wanting to try a Doh Bar!

    Sadly I have to wait untill August 2008. Would it be disgusting if my sister (who is going down for the weekend in Jan.) bought one right before leaving and put it in a tupperware container? I mean I re-heat mozzerella sticks all the time in the toaster...could I re-heat this?

    haha gosh that sounds kind of gross.

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