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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by loriwvu, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. loriwvu

    loriwvu Mouseketeer

    Feb 10, 2003
    We have only stayed at the WL twice and AKL twice. I have read everything about the resorts over and over. I would like to try the moderates or All Stars but can't convince my DH to change. He likes the convenience of the food court close by. When I look at the All Stars compared to CB or CS it seems that the food courts are closer at the All Stars than the moderates. Is this accurate? We have a 3 year old and it looks as though the food court would be a real trek at the moderates and taking an internal shuttle doesn't seem ideal either!

  2. ILoveWDW2003

    ILoveWDW2003 DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2004
    Depending on where you stay, the distance from your room at the Caribbean Beach to the food court can be a hike.

    Also, if you are in the back of All-Star Music, that is a long walk.
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  4. Minnie&Nana

    Minnie&Nana Dreams do come true!

    Feb 20, 2004
    POFQ is a small and very nice resort and the food court is not far, esp from a few of the buildings. POP has some buildings very close to the food court too -by close I mean about a 4 min adult stroll, so it would not be much longer with a little one :)
  5. safetymom

    safetymom Super Moderator

    Aug 13, 2001
    It depends where you stay at CBR but some locations are only a 5 minute walk away.
  6. soccer mom

    soccer mom DIS Veteran

    Jan 10, 2001
    POFQ is the smallest moderate and no matter where your room is located you are less than five minutes from the food court, pool, arcade, store, and buses. There is a relaxing boat ride to DD, and it is a sister resort to POR which means you can use there amenities if you so choose. All of the other moderates are larger and you run the risk of being located quite a distance from the amenities. We just returned from POR which is an absolutely beautiful resort, wonderful for an evening stroll, but we lucked out and got in building 15. I would not have been happy had we been further away. We, too, enjoy being close to the food court. What is the sense of quick breakfast or a refillable mug if you have a 40 minutes round trip to do it?
  7. Selket

    Selket Been there - done that

    Feb 28, 2000
    It took longer to get to Mara from our room at the AKL than it did to get from our room at the POFQ to the food court. POFQ is the perfect moderate for folks with young kids - small resort and great pool!
  8. annieh6

    annieh6 Mouseketeer

    Jun 6, 2003
    :teeth: Port Orleans Riverside was a long hike, and we were supposed to be in one of the closer bldgs to the food court. My teenage boys do enjoy the free refills in their resort mugs, and they did not venture out as much in that resort.
    The All Star resorts can be a hike, but, I really don't think they are any further than the bldgs at the Riverside. I really like the value resorts, altho, it would be nice if Disney could house a beverage station for those faraway guests. Sometimes when we stayed at all star Movies, it was a shorter walk for the boys to walk over to Music to refill their mugs (while staying in Mighty Ducks).....the manager at Music said it was no problem since we had purchased an All Star Mug. Pop has some bldgs quite a distance from the food court too. French Quarter seems to be closer to the food court.
    Annie :wave2:

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