Continental Guests


DVC Member VWL 2001
Dec 9, 2000
If you are a guest from anywhere in the world apart from the USA, and a DVC member now is the chance to say.

Stevie Kay
As my name says I am from Montreal, Canada. We bought into DVC last year. We have been to WDW twice and once to Hilton Head. Our trip is already booked for next year at BWV.

I love my DVC!
Member since 92. I have stayed at OKW (home resort),Vero and HH so far. BW booked for July and a night in DLP is booked for points next week ( unlucky Jana which hotel is STILL A SECRET ROFLOL :) )
We're from Brussels, Belgium. We just bought an OKW resale in February. Have been to WDW 5 times and can't wait making reservations for next year trip. :D

Hi! we're from the North West of England. We've been DVC members since 1999. Our home resort is the BWV, we're just about to add on at WLV.

Good to see the rest of the world on this site!!!

Can't wait for our October 2001 trip. :smooth:

I'm from Nova Scotia and I've been thinking about the DVC. Do you think it's worth it for Canadians to buy, with the fluctuations in the dollar? Also, I was wondering how you handle the yearly maintenance dues....set up a US $ bank account for monthly withdrawals, or just pay them once a year by cheque?

Nova Scotia isn't registered yet, but I understand I can still buy through resale?

I do not regret one minute buying my DVC. I liked the idea of pre-paying for my Disney Vacation. The way I looked at it was- I am addicted and I WILL be going back.

I figured the hotel rates were going to be going up so if I could lock in now, I should. Our house just was paid off, so we took the plunge and bought. We did not take the Disney financing because we could get a better interest rate here. Now the only fluctuation we have to worry about is for our maintenance fee; not only does the fee fluctuate, but the exchange rate too. I buy Canada Savings bonds every year and I allot one thousand for my maintenance fee(even though it has never been that high), and I pay it once a year in January on my credut card to get the Air Miles and then pay off the balance.

The other thing I did was open a US account and every time I have a couple of dollars ie. insurance refunds, rebates, etc. I throw it in the account so that the exchange rate is a little less painful. I use the money for our meals, tickets, etc. I was also doing beenz and last year collected $100.00 US on my beenz card and I bought Disney Dollars; although I heard Beenz was going belly up so I will have to find another reward program. Every little bit helps with my addiction!

And finally as you know Quebec is a distinct society, so we were obliged to buy in Florida. I am not sure what the rules would be in Nova Scotia. If I can be of any more help, let me know.

We have been DVC members since April 2000 and are "going home" for the first time next week.9 nights at Boardwalk and 3 at Vero.
Counting down the hours.
Mick + The Dragon
Thanks Louise! I'm thinking about buying this year or next year. I'm fairly certain about buying, but I haven't really made decisions about the 'details', like which resort I want as my home resort, or whether to buy through a resale, etc.

These boards are great, so much information! :bounce:
Hi Louise,
I would like open a US account, are dues high for that kind of account, do we have to put a minimun amount of money?
You can e-mail me if you prefer(French or English)
My US account is at the CIBC, and there is no charge except fora cost of .75 per withdrawls. I think there is a paltry interest rate. I would assume that the same is true for other banks. Let me know if you do open an account and where. We should post the info on the Canadian board!



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