considering july 2013- need advice

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    Mar 22, 2006
    hoping all you wise disney people here can help me.

    considering taking DH and two DS's (both 11 at the time) to a split disney/universal trip in july 2013. went to universal last year at xmas so not afraid of crowds. just not sure about hotels, parks, etc

    we're considering four night at disney and two or three at universal (planning to check in to universal in evening after a full disney day). we want to hit all the disney parks once basically.

    last time we went in august it was 2005, so it's been a while. we think we'd like to rent a car, and stay at either coronado or port orleans french quarter. based on heat and crowds, I'm thinking the busses might be a nasty mess :(

    not sure whether to do universal first or disney first. don't know what type of tickets to buy, not sure which parks to hit which days, which resort, etc

    so many decisions! thanks for any advice!

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