Connecting Friends and Family accounts


Apr 7, 2005
Help! We have reservations with my wife's sister and her family. I made the reservations (all one one reservation as we are staying at a DVC villa together) and listed them on the villa reservation. Since then my wife's sister has created a MDE account and we need to link them up together to share planning and make sure the tickets she purchased show up so we can all plan together. I sent her the "request to share plans" email and she accepted. All that has done as brought her own information over and I see that updated on "My Plans", but I still don't see her husband or 2 kids. What am I doing wrong?


DIS Veteran
Jan 5, 2000
You're not doing anything wrong - MDE is complicated! You'll need to connect to her husband and kids via the MDE Add a Guest dialog. In the MDE app, tap the 3 lines in the lower right corner, then scroll down and tap My Profile, then F&F List. Scroll to the bottom and tap Add a Guest, then tap Find through my connected Guests. That should bring a list of her family members with the notation "Plans Managed by [her name]" under each. Select them, then tap Add Guest, and she should get a message asking her to give you permission to share plans with them too. Once she approves that, you should be all set. Just make sure everyone is set to share photos as well, so that no matter whose MB is scanned by the photographer, everyone will see those photos. And if anyone has Memory Maker (or the PhotoPass Download on an AP), all the photos will show on that account and can be downloaded and shared.

Have a great trip!