Concourse Steakhouse, Whipering Canyon, or Ohana's?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by disneyquilter, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. disneyquilter

    disneyquilter Just keep swimmin'...

    Nov 14, 2006
    Hi there Everyone,

    Which would you choose for dinner...Whispering Canyon Cafe, Concourse Steakhouse, or O'hana's?

    Is one better then the others?

    Thanks in advance for all the info! I'll wait for replies before I make the ADR popcorn::
  2. disneydisneydoo

    disneydisneydoo Mouseketeer

    Aug 3, 2000
    Ohana, I love it! I have only been to CSH for lunch and WCC for X-mas day lunch. But Ohana dinner is a must do for every trip.
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  4. ransom

    ransom DIS Veteran

    Aug 2, 2006
    My choice would be Concourse. Whispering Canyon is OK, but to me the antics aren't enough to make up for the "just ok" food. Concourse, on the other hand, has truly good food. Plus, you get to watch the monorail trains go by. :)
  5. GoldenAfternoon

    GoldenAfternoon DIS Veteran

    Aug 28, 2002
    While all three are good choices, I would say O'hana has the best atmosphere and Concourse has the best food. We ate at both in Sept. and didn't have any complaints. Enjoy :)
  6. jlcd

    jlcd DIS Veteran

    Aug 23, 2004
    We have never tried Concourse, but out of the ohter 2 we would definitely pick Ohana. We love it there and are going back again in April!!
  7. Stacerita

    Stacerita DIS Veteran

    May 13, 2004
    I'd go with Ohana. That is our fave place to go. Food has always been good and we love the view. Plus its a lot of fun. We go there every trip.
  8. byoung

    byoung <font color=coral>You are keeping us alive<br><br>

    Jun 22, 2005
    Concourse Steakhouse, get's my vote.
  9. tinah159

    tinah159 DIS Veteran

    Feb 28, 2005
    I would pick Concourse Steakhouse. I love the atmosphere at O'hana but the food at Concourse is great!
  10. SassyLassy

    SassyLassy DIS Veteran

    Jan 22, 2006
    Ohana is my first choice. We love the atmosphere but also love the food. We still day dream over the salad....yes the salad, well at least the dressing,...oh...the shrimp and potatoes....the meat....the there are those lovely poly drinks! yummmm
  11. honeymom

    honeymom <font color=blue>I just tried to connect the dots<

    Mar 20, 2001
    We didn't like the food at either Ohana or WCC - both are very overated in terms of the food. I guess we preferred mediocre/dry bbq to mediocre polynesian. But, if you are looking for fun, both deliver - the WCC in bigger quantities than Ohana IMHO.

    We've never eaten at Concorse Steakhouse so I can't speak to that. I think that most posters like the food there.

    So it really boils down to whether you want good food or good fun.
  12. patsal

    patsal <font color=FF3399>I've discovered I don't need to

    Jul 10, 2001
    Wow, tat is all over the map in terms of each being very different form one another! What are you looking for in your meal? Do you want some silliness then the Whispering Canyon might be your choice. 'Ohana is family style with wonderful offerings and a few fun activities if you have children, and Concourse will be a relaxing, laid back all items form a menu kind of experience. I 've been to all three and my preferences would be COncourse and 'Ohana first then Whispering Canyon--We've tried Whispering Canyon a few times but were never impressed.
  13. Jasminetigger

    Jasminetigger DIS Veteran

    Feb 14, 2005
    Oh, I love all three. That is a hard decision. We've eaten at WCC several times and love it. The corn bread is to die for. We ate at Concourse and Ohana for the first time on our last trip and they were also very good. I am not being much help am I?:confused3 If I had to choose just one though, I think I would choose Ohana. The atmosphere is really great. And the resort is wonderful to walk around afterward too. I don't envy your decision!
  14. ncbyrne

    ncbyrne DIS Veteran

    Oct 24, 1999
    I also like all three, each for different reasons. But, as was pointed out, it's fun to walk around the Polynesian, so O'Hanas would be my first choice.
    I might add that if you are seated closer to the front of the restaurant (where you enter), there's very little action of the kids. If you want that, be sure to ask for a table closer to the fun for the children.
  15. IMDORY

    IMDORY "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming

    Aug 29, 2006
    we just got back yesterday-we went to all three-and we have vowed to skip 'Ohanna next time-we were disappointed. :sad2: It just wasn't as good since they changed the menu. We had to ask our server to bring food after waiting at the table for a really long time. One good thing was the dessert-yummy bread pudding w/bananas foster sauce.

    Concourse: good, neat to see the monorail. My husband got a great prime rib there. I ordered the filet medium rare-it was certainly rare and cold when it came out. Nothing special.

    I really thought the best food of the three was Whispering Canyon. I wasn't looking forward to it(in fact, we almost cancelled, but DS wanted to go) We are not big on the crazy antics either-turns out it was a really good dinner and the antics were minimal. I got the skillet and found the chicken breast to be really moist and good. This was one of the better restaurants as far as the food goes on our trip.
  16. disneyquilter

    disneyquilter Just keep swimmin'...

    Nov 14, 2006
    Hi there Everyone, sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I have been a wee bit under the weather and with the holiday being today, DDs and DH wanted to go shopping (DD9 got a 2007 Kids Travel Guide to WDW--like she needed it :rotfl: )

    Anyway, to answer some questions:

    Q: What are you looking for in your meal?
    A: My FIL has to have chicken or turkey (NO BEEF), where as the rest of our party (DD9, DD7, MIL, DH, and myself are all ok with anything-except MIL who will not eat seafood). Anyhow, crazy antics are fine. We are a family chock full of smart alecs :laughing: (in a good way--we just like to have a good time).

    Right now, I have a 6:30 ADR for Ohana's that I made way back at my 180+10day window. I thought this would be a good choice because, as some have pointed out, we can walk around the resort afterwards and hop on the monorail for EMH at MK. But I have heard that the food is highly over-rated from some people and I have heard from some that the food is great. :confused3 Above all, atmosphere is a must.

    Anyway, Concourse & WCC sounded so good though. Now with my MIL being from the south (Georgia) she adores BBQ, so I guess I can't go wrong with WCC.

    I am still at a loss :confused3

    Maybe I will switch Ohana's on a day when it is just DH, myself and my girls (my in-laws are leaving 3 days before we do). Then I can try something else ;)

    Sorry for the long drawn out story. :rolleyes1 I am so thankful to have DISers to listen to my long-winded food adventure :goodvibes

    I will post my finalized ADR list for you guys to see and tell me what you think :) and do a Foodie TR when I get back ;) Thanks again Gang!
  17. Tinkerbell_Tiffany

    Tinkerbell_Tiffany DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2006
    ohana, definately!
  18. JD3419

    JD3419 Mouseketeer

    Feb 23, 2006
    I've never been to Concourse, but have heard good things about it and plan on trying it on our next trip. We visited both Ohana's and WCC on our last trip. We try to go to WCC on every trip. We love the skillett!!! Ohana's on the other hand is another story. I'm not sure if we will go there again. We had our rehearsal dinner there and had to have one of the last ADR's of the evening to accomodate our party of 14. Everyone liked the dessert and the potatoes, but other than that the meat and shrimp dishes were just ok, the meat was very dry. We also felt very rushed, one dish was brought out right on top of the next. We are considering going there again when we have a smaller party and an earlier ADR.

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