Concierge Recommendations Please


Mar 7, 2002
We'd like to try concierge during our December trip...thinking about AKL or Poly but am really undecided. To those who have done either (or both), which would you recommend and why? Our group will be DH, DS 17, and DS 3. Thanks for your inputs.


Love the wineauxs!
Apr 20, 2000
Hubby and I did AKL concierge, and we highly recommend it. The staff, service, snacks and surprises are all outstanding, not to mention the lodge itself, the lobby, the furniture, the pool and the restaurants...all wonderful.

We can't say enough good things about it.



He kuikawa ka 'ikena o kela wahi ho'oku ka'a e wai
Apr 28, 2001
I liked both the AKL and Polynesian concierge but I would have to say I thought the Polynesian offered more, had a better lounge and the concierge rooms are located close to everything.

The AKL lounge had a view of the lobby, the staff that ran the desk had to also take care of the food area (which caused problems sometimes) and your room could be at the farthest end of the resort (are room was). The staff had problems remembering details. A few times my wife would ask them to check on something and they would never get back to us with an answer.

I did think the food offerings were great and the resort was one of the best Disney has to offer. If I ever went back I would stay concierge at the AKL but I thought the Polynesian was better between the two.



DIS Veteran
Apr 7, 2002
We stayed at both. I'd vote for Poly. Agree with Tikiman about CMs at the ADL forgetting details or to check on something. I asked them if we could get a refrigerator for our room. Nevercalled to say no but didn't get one.

The Poly lounge is great. There is always M&Ms and gummy worms out. The pop is also out so you don't have to bother the CMs. I asked for a Coke at the AKL when we got back from the parks and waited a bit for it. No big deal but it is so much better to grab a coke and go.

And the chef at the Poly will get the young kids involved in making fancy desserts and other things.

Tikiman-does the Poly still have English muffins on the breakfast buffet? Of all the Concierge lounges we've been to, the Poly is the only one who had them.

Mar 16, 2002
We stayed at the Poly in December and enjoyed the concierge. If price were the same, I'd choose the Poly again for several reasons:

View in the concierge lounge was of the castle
Very convenient to MK - a big plus for us.
My dd loves the monorail
Close to TTC

I can't speak to the food differences as we've never stayed at AKL, but for the other considerations I'd go with Poly.

I did read an excellent review someone wrote re: Beach Club Concierge and I would be willing to try that if someone in my traveling party LOVED Epcot the best.


He kuikawa ka 'ikena o kela wahi ho'oku ka'a e wai
Apr 28, 2001

Yes they still have the English muffins.




DIS Veteran
May 9, 2000
We stayed at AKL in concierge last summer. Stayed at the Poly (but not concierge) when the kids were little for the proximity to the MK, but haven't been there for several years.
Our experience at the AKL was wonderful! Very nice CMs, relaxing lounge, great offerings. If you are interested in doing the sunrise safari, this is also available only to concierge guests.
I don't think you could go wrong at either - just pick the resort that appeals to you most in terms of theming and location, and you should have a great time. Our kids are older (youngest is 11), and they loved the AKL (they appreciated how cool and unique it is). In fact they voted to go back there this summer - didn't do concierge this time though.


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