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    Welcome everyone to our new Live Update thread! :welcome:

    I say our thread, because this belongs to everyone who chooses to participate. This thread is for those of you that are willing and able to do the live updates during your trips to Disney World. And this thread is also for those who are unable to do updates, but love to read, comment on, and discuss them. In other words, if you are reading this introduction, then I consider you a part-owner of this thread. :thumbsup2

    It is my hope that this thread serves two purposes. The first is to be the home of all the "Live from Disney World" updates that so very many of you have generously offered to do for us. We are very lucky to have so many great DISers who are willing to take a little of their vacation time to do these updates. Needless to say, without you we would have no "Live Update" thread. I really want you to have fun with this, so whatever I can do to make it an easy and enjoyable experience, just let me know. ;) And for those of you who are new to this idea of "live updates", it means that you take pictures with your phone and then either text them to me or email them to me (like Alice BlueBonnet, our current live reporter from Canada). I can also work with pictures taken with your regular camera, if you have a way to email them to me. So in other words, whatever works best for you, works for me! :thumbsup2 Also, I would like to invite anyone to check-in here during their Disney trips, whether it's just to say hi, share some news, or directly post a picture. Any live updates are welcome here, not just those that are posted by me. As for the content of the live updates which are sent to me, I leave both that and the number of updates entirely up to the live reporters. Those of you who have either started a Dining Report prior to your trip or plan to do one upon your return home, may just want to use the live updates as a way of promoting your upcoming Dining Reports. Or perhaps there are things that are more time sensitive (for instance, F & W Fest food or pics of new menus) that you would like to share right away, rather than waiting to include them in your Dining Report. But for those of you who are either unsure or have no desire to do a full Dining Report, then doing the live updates could be an easy way of actively participating in the Dining Review Forum. So in other words, your updates can be occasional snippets (preview pics for your DR) with a short description, a full review of a meal w/ pics, or anything in between. Whatever you send my way, I will post here for all to enjoy! :thumbsup2

    And that brings me to the second purpose which I would like this new thread to serve.

    Over a month ago, Denise made this comment on my Dining Report thread and it got me to thinking. :scratchin I would like for this thread to be not only a place to see "fresh" food porn (so to speak ;)), but also to be a place for anyone to post questions, get advice, share good news or bad, or discuss anything Disney related. So on this thread... hijacking is not only allowed, it is encouraged! :thumbsup2

    Now I'm going to reserve the next post for my List, and a few more after that in order to incorporate a few of the updates which were sent to us by our former Live Reporters (emmysmommy, GoofySon'sMom, Tracerr00, and BlovesC). Without them, I could not have gotten this "live update" thing going. Thanks so much, Ladies! :goodvibes

    Oh, and I also plan to copy and transfer over the updates which Ginamarie and Alice BlueBonnet have done for us recently. They are doing an awesome job of live reporting and I don't want their great work to be left behind to die a slow death with my "Completed" Dining Report. :lmao:

    Okay, I'm launching this thing but I need your help to make it fly! :goodvibes

    TABLE OF CONTENTS - Part I (A - C) - listed below





    TABLE OF CONTENTS - Part VI - Includes Cocktails, Snacks, Holiday-themed Updates, and Misc. other Pics

    Table of Contents for 2012 Food & Wine Festival Updates

    DISNEYLAND RESORT - CALIFORNIA -Link to: Disneyland Updates

    DISNEYLAND RESORT - PARIS -Link to: Disneyland Updates

    DISNEY CRUISE LINE -Link to: Disney Cruise Updates

    Disney Cafe, London - Linda67's Update

    Kathymford's Valentine's Day "Lady & the Tramp" Dinner & a Movie at the Disney Fountain & El Capitan Theater in Hollywood


    50's Prime Time Cafe
    vikkii19's Lunch
    one2admire's Lunch
    podsnel's Lunch
    Roma's Onion Rings
    klinlin's Lunch
    krhst25's Lunch
    disneychristmasx3's Dinner
    Jersette's Lunch
    dreamscometrue101's Lunch - including menu pic'
    CaliBear's Lunch
    atisikitabasket's Meal
    nicole0992's Dinner - including menu pic
    milmore104's Lunch
    JustEmmy's Lunch
    Angebee's Dinner
    4HppyCamprs' Lunch - including menu pic

    1900 Park Fare
    Jersette's Breakfast
    marshallsmommy's Breakfast
    MichelleWDWfan's Breakfast

    Alice BlueBonnet's Character Dinner
    budafam's Character Dinner
    Giselle22's Dinner
    AlohaPolynesian's Dinner
    hulagirl87's Dinner

    ABC Commissary
    vikkii19's Dinner
    quietgirl's Menu pic - Jan. 2013
    MissPrice's Lunch
    wdwpirates' Lunch

    Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
    emmebear's Breakfast #1
    one2admire's Breakfast
    chocolateMinnie's Breakfast
    jecskc's Breakfast
    emmebear's Breakfast #2
    wildelady's Breakfast
    emmebear's Breakfast #3 - Jan. 5, 2013
    DisneyMamato4's Breakfast
    JustEmmy's Breakfast
    superchime's Breakfast
    emmebear's Breakfast
    #1eeyoregirl's Breakfast
    4HppyCamprs' Breakfast

    HNT2419's Lunch
    emmebear's Lunch - including menu pics
    nicole0992's Lunch - including menu pic
    hotcarib's Lunch

    emmebear's Dinner - including menu pics
    MissPrice's Dinner

    Aloha Isle
    Dole Whip Floats
    grrrlennyl's Dole Whip Float
    JessiLynn015's Dole Whip Floats
    JessiLynn's Dole Whip Float
    DisneyMamato4's Dole Whip Swirl
    glasslipper's Dole Whip Float
    quietgirl's Menu pic
    Giselle22's Dole Whip & Pineapple Spear
    butiflfeet's Dole Whip Floats
    BlovesC's Dole Whip Float
    marshallsmommy's Dole Whip Float
    Kathymford's Dole Whip Float

    Artist Point
    smile4stamps' Smokey Portobello Soup & Menu Pics
    Roma's Smokey Portobello Soup & Menu Pics
    rachel09985's Risotto side dish & Cobbler dessert
    butiflfeet's Dinner -including menu pic

    Artist's Palette
    dvc4life's Breakfast

    dvc4life's Lunch
    cyndiloveswalt's Dinner - with menu pic
    jecskc's Chicken Nuggets
    DonaldDoleWhip's Lunch

    Auntie Gravity's

    MickeyNicki's Display Case Pics
    disneydivamama's Cupcakes & Donuts
    grrrlennyl's Gingerbread Crunch Donut
    glasslipper's Donut

    Backlot Express
    AlohaPolynesian's Lunch
    jmm476's Lunch
    Rarity's Lunch
    ciera321's Lunch
    nicole0992's Lunch - including menu pic
    Incredibleboysmom's Lunch
    hotcarib's Lunch

    Beach Club Marketplace
    BlovesC's Lunch & Oreo Bon Bons
    MickeyNicki's Display Case & Menu Pics
    MickeyNicki's Breakfast
    chocolateMinnie's Breakfast
    Roma's Lunch
    DonaldDoleWhip's BonBons
    wdwpirates' Breakfast Pastries

    Beaches & Cream
    BlovesC's No Way Jose
    basketlacey's Kitchen Sink
    Couchy's Dinner
    Roma's Dinner - including menu pics
    klinlin's Dinner
    Nanabug02's Lunch - including menu pics
    ses1230's Dinner
    DisWishes720's No Way Jose
    DonaldDoleWhip's Grilled Banana Bread Dessert
    jecskc's Dinner - including menu pics
    Niki Andiokno's Bacon Cheeseburger & Fries
    DaisyluvzGoofy's Dinner
    JustEmmy's Lunch

    Belle Vue Lounge
    podsnel's Breakfast Pastries - #1
    podsnel's Breakfast Pastries - #2

    Be Our Guest
    podsnel's Interior Restaurant pic
    Candycane83's Lunch
    emmebear's Lunch - including menu pics
    cyndiloveswalt's Lunch - including menu pics
    disneychristmasx3's Lunch
    AppleSister1's Lunch
    quietgirl's Lunch #1
    DonaldDoleWhip's Lunch
    emmebear's Lunch
    quietgirl's Lunch #2
    ciera321's Lunch #1
    ciera321's Lunch #2
    BlovesC's Lunch
    Giselle22's Lunch menu pic
    CaliBear's Lunch
    Li Li's Lunch - including menu pic
    jimnlahaze's Lunch
    Incredibleboysmom's Lunch
    hotcarib's Lunch
    Kathymford's Lunch
    AuroraMeansDawn's Lunch

    Roma's Strip Steak Dinner
    GoofySon'sMom's French Onion Soup
    BlovesC's Official Opening Night Dinner
    Nanabug02's Dinner - including menu pics
    HoneyBeeM's Dinner
    emmebear's Dinner - including menu pics
    ILikeWaffles' Dinner
    sunnysideup3's Dinner
    Dalamara's Dinner
    DisWishes720's Dinner
    Rarity's Dinner
    emmebear's Dinner
    grrrlennyl's Dinner
    MissPrice's Dinner
    butiflfeet's Dinner
    Giselle22's Dinner
    disneybride96's Dinner
    marshallsmommy's Dinner - includes kids menu pic
    ladynight1's Dinner
    jimnlahaze's Dinner
    nicole0992's Dinner - including menu pic
    Piglet54's Dinner
    Incredibleboysmom's Dinner
    atisikitabasket's Dinner
    pinkxray's Dinner
    JustEmmy's Dinner
    hotcarib's Dinner
    woodleygrrl's Shrimp & Scallop Pastry Entree
    4HppyCamprs' Dinner
    #1eeyoregirl's Dinner
    MichelleWDWfan's Dinner

    smile4stamps' Lunch
    podsnel's Dinner
    JessiLynn015's Oktoberfest Beer
    glasslipper's Dinner
    DaisyluvzGoofy's Lunch

    Big Top Souvenirs - New Fantasyland
    MickeyNicki's pics of Display Cases
    jmm476's Sweet Treats
    quietgirl's Display Case pics

    smile4stamps' Scallops & Short Rib Appetizer
    Couchy's Dinner
    dvc4life's Cocktails

    Boardwalk Bakery
    Coffee Mocha Cupcake
    Oreo and Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes
    MickeyNicki's Display Case pics & Cupcakes
    chocolateMinnie's Breakfast
    podsnel's Breakfast & Cupcakes
    podsnel's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
    HoneyBeeM's Oreo Cupcake & Key Lime Pie
    DisWishes720's Breakfast Pastries
    Rarity's Birthday Cake
    debrapagliasotti's Sandwich to Go
    DonaldDoleWhip's Chocolate-Peppermint Cupcake
    soontobewed07's Cranberry Orange Mickey Muffin - TEMPORARY LOCATION
    soontobewed07's Cupcakes & Cheesecake Brownie - TEMPORARY LOCATION
    disneybride96's Breakfast (includes menu pic) - TEMPORARY LOCATION

    Boardwalk Pizza Window
    HoneyBeeM's Pizza
    soontobewed07's Pizzas

    Boardwalk to Go Kiosk
    podsnel's Hot Dog
    carobear's Corn Fritter Nuggets

    sunnysideup3's Dinner
    quietgirl's Dinner - including menu pics
    Giselle22's Dinner

    vettegirl's Breakfast
    LuvLuvLuv's Breakfast
    stitchaholic's Breakfast
    MickeyNicki's Birthday Breakfast - Part I
    MickeyNicki's Birthday Breakfast - Part II
    MickeyNicki's Breakfast #2
    rachel09985's Breakfast
    MissPrice's Breakfast
    BlovesC's Breakfast
    Li Li's Breakfast
    JustEmmy's Breakfast

    budafam's Dinner
    stitchaholic's Dinner - A Very Special Update
    emmebear's Dinner #1
    Rarity's Dinner
    krhst25's Dinner
    rachel09985's Dessert Plate
    emmebear's Boma Dinner #2
    glasslipper's Dinner
    disneybride96's Dinner
    CaliBear's Dinner
    disneydreamscometrue101's Dinner
    tallen429's Dinner
    elleavon's Dinner
    hotcarib's Dinner

    MickeyNicki's Lunch & menu pics
    dvc4life's Dinner
    HoneyBeeM's Lunch

    Boulangerie Patisserie (Les Halles)
    Ham & Cheese Tartine
    chocolateMinnie's Lunch
    HoneyBeeM's Lunch
    ILikeWaffles' Sacristan
    ses1230's Ham & Cheese Croissant
    grrrlennyl's Lemon Tart
    emmebear's Ham & Cheese Croissant and Chocolate Eclair
    glasslipper's Cheese Tartine
    quietgirl's Cheese Tartine & Cheesecake
    Giselle22's Interior, Menu & Display Case Pics
    Giselle22's Dessert Pastries
    butiflfeet's Desserts
    marshallsmommy's Chocolate Mousse
    CaliBear's Cheese Plate & Display Case Pics
    tallen429's Chocolate Eclair
    hulagirl87's Napoleon, menu & display case pics
    Ginamarie's Breakfast Pastries
    elleavon's Lunch
    jimnlahaze's Quiche
    DaisyluvzGoofy's Vanilla Eclair & Raspberry Partfait
    DaisyluvzGoofy's Snacks
    Angebee's Desserts
    superchime's Breakfast
    Kathymford's Eclair & Napoleon
    wdwpirates' menu, display case pics, Napoleon, and Strawberry Tart
    superchime's Lemon Meringue Tart
    MichelleWDWfan's menu, display case, Chocolate tart, & cappuccino

    Bradley Falls Kiosk - Vegetarian
    podsnel's Menu & Food pics
    DisneyMamato4's Edamame
    AlohaPolynesian's Edamame

    Cabana Bar & Beach Club (Dolphin)
    Couchy's Menu pic

    Cafe Rix
    vettegirl's Cupcake Display Case

    California Grill
    Ginamarie's Dinner
    Smiling Cheshire Cat's Dinner
    sarabear's Dinner
    budafam's Dinner
    auntfrannie's Dinner
    NoOrdinaryPrincess' Dinner (including menu pics)
    stitchaholic's Birthday Dinner
    smile4stamps' BLT Flatbread & Goat Cheese Ravioli
    smile4stamps' "Surprise Me" Dessert Platter - includes 3 CA Grill desserts!
    nickymaria's Dinner
    one2admire's Scallops & Filet Entrees
    Couchy's Dinner - including Menu & Dessert Menu pics
    GoofySon'sMom's Caramel Corn Creme Brulee
    Roma's Pork Tenderloin
    Candycane83's Dinner
    Nanabug02's Dinner - Including menu pics from 11-18-12
    emmebear's Dinner - including menu pics from 11-23-12
    AlohaPolynesian's Dinner
    sanapp's Dinner
    DisWishes720's Dinner
    ciera321's Dinner
    Couchy's Dinner - includes dessert menu pic
    Li Li's Dinner

    Cape May
    budafam's Character Breakfast
    chocolateMinnie's Breakfast
    emmebear's Breakfast
    MichelleWDWfan's Breakfast

    Ginamarie's Dinner
    quietgirl's Dinner
    milmore104's Dinner
    Stini228's Dinner
    AuroraMeansDawn's Dinner

    Captain Cook's
    NoOrdinaryPrincess' Tonga Toast
    MissPrice's Tonga Toast
    marshallsmommy's Breakfast
    hulagirl87's Breakfast

    Aloha Pork Sandwich
    Dole Whips
    NoOrdinaryPrincess' Dinner
    mousiemom's Dinner
    disneydivamama's Pork Nachos
    Gina99's Lunch
    butiflfeet's Chocolate Beer Cupcake
    hulagirl87's Dinner #1 & Cupcake Display Case
    hulagirl87's Dole Whip & menu pics
    hulagirl87's Dinner #2
    hulagirl87's Dinner #3
    pinkxray's Dinner
    pinkxray's Chocolate Beer Cupcake
    Stini228's Aloha Pork Sandwich

    Captain's Grille
    stitichaholic's Breakfast
    Couchy's Breakfast
    chocoateMinnie's Breakfast
    DonaldDoleWhip's Dinner
    JustEmmy's Dinner

    Casey's Corner
    stitchaholic's Dinner
    chocolateMinnie's Hot Dogs
    MissPrice's Hot Dogs
    Li Li's Chili-Cheese Dog & Fries
    atisikitabasket's Coney Island Hot Dog & Cotton Candy
    Stini228's Corn Dog Nuggets

    Catalina Eddie's
    marshallsmommy's Pizza & Salad

    Chef Mickey's
    nickymaria's Breakfast
    LOVEMY3KIDDOS' Breakfast
    Roma's Breakfast
    marshallsmommy's Breakfast
    disneydreamscometrue101's Breakfast
    tallen429's Breakfast
    MichelleWDWfan's Breakfast
    milmore104's Breakfast

    hulagirl87's Dinner

    Chefs de France
    Ginamarie's Lunch
    smile4stamps' French Onion Soup
    DancingDaisyDuck's Lunch
    ILikeWaffles' Lunch
    sanapp's Lunch
    Dalamara's Lunch
    debrapagliasotti's Lunch
    tallen429's Lunch
    Incredibleboysmom's Lunch - includes menu pics
    JustEmmy's Lunch

    Nanabug02's Dinner - including menu pics
    klinlin's Dinner
    disneychristmasx3's Dinner
    rachel09985's Dinner
    Jersette's Dinner
    glasslipper's Meal
    jecskc's Dinner
    nicole0992's Dinner - including menu pics
    Piglet54's Dinner
    DaisyluvzGoofy's Dinner
    proudestmunkie's Dinner

    Cinderella's Royal Table
    Ginamarie's Breakfast - including menu pic
    sarabear's Breakfast
    budafam's Breakfast
    Nanabug02's Breakfast - including menu pic
    sanapp's Breakfast
    Gina99's Breakfast
    disneydivamama's Breakfast
    ses1230's Healthy Choice Breakfast
    emmebear's Breakfast
    debrapagliasotti's Breakfast
    hulagirl87's Breakfast - including menu pic
    JustEmmy's Breakfast

    emmebear's Lunch #1 - including menu pics
    emmebear's Lunch #2 - including menu pic
    grrrlennyl's Lunch
    Alice BlueBonnet's Dinner - including menu pic
    krhst25's Dinner

    MickeyNicki's Birthday Dinner - including menu pics
    smile4stamps' Dinner
    Bread Basket
    grrrlennyl's Chocolate-Banana Torte
    JustEmmy's Dinner
    MichelleWDWfan's Dinner - including menu pic

    Clawdaddy's Food Truck - Downtown Disney
    Truck & Menu Pic

    Club Cool
    ses1230's DD trying the Beverly

    Coffee, Espresso, & Pastries Kiosk -By Epcot Monorail Station
    podsnel's Pics of Menu & Food Offerings

    Columbia Harbour House
    SEASONK's Fried Shrimp
    NoOrdinaryPrincess' Lunch
    vikkii19's Lunch
    Nanabug02's Lunch
    Nanabug02's Dinner
    jmm476's Grilled Salmon
    DisWishes720's Lunch
    jmm476's Lunch
    JessiLynn015's Lunch
    Rarity's Lunch
    MissPrice's Fish & Fries
    quietgirl's Menu pic
    quietgirl's Lunch
    disneybride96's Lunch - including menu pic
    hulagirl87's Lunch - including menu pic
    nicole0992's Fish Basket
    atisikitabasket's Fried Shrimp Platter
    milmore104's Dinner
    superchime's Lunch
    hotcarib's Lunch
    AuroraMeansDawn's Grilled Chicken Salad

    Contempo Cafe
    butiflfeet's Mickey Waffle
    jimnlahaze's Breakfast

    Ginamarie's Lunch
    vikkii19's Dinner
    MickeyNicki's Cupcake Pics
    MickeyNicki's Gingerbread Cupcake
    smile4stamps' Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cupcake
    grrrlennyl's Dinner
    Rarity's Pumpkin Spiced Cupcake
    butiflfeet's Red Velvet and Pineapple-Rum Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes
    marshallsmommy's Lunch
    disneybride96's Dinner
    marshallsmommy's Italian Stack Sandwich
    jimnlahaze's Chicken Artichoke Flatbread
    jimnlahaze's Dinner
    pinkxray's Dinner - includes Pineapple Rum Cream Cheese Cupcake

    Cooke's of Dublin
    cyndiloveswalt's Dinner - including menu pic
    Niki Andiokno's Lunch
    butiflfeet's Doh Bar & Menu pic
    dvc4life's Lunch
    hulagirl87's menu pic
    atisikitabasket's Lunch
    hotcarib's Dinner - including menu pics

    Coral Reef
    one2admire's Lunch - including menu pic 11/1/12
    Gina99's Lunch - including menu pic 11/27/12
    NoOrdinaryPrincess' Dinner - including menu pics
    JessiLynn015's Dinner
    krhst25's Dinner
    grrrlennyl's Dinner
    debrapagliasotti's Dinner
    DaisyluvzGoofy's Dinner - including menu pics
    milmore104's Dinner

    Cosmic Ray's
    auntfrannie's Burger & Fries
    DancingDaisyDuck's Chicken Dinner
    emmebear's Chicken Dinner
    one2admire's Deluxe Chili Cheese Dog & Bacon Cheeseburger
    mousiemom's Dinner
    grrrlennyl's Dinner
    krhst25's Lunch
    AlohaPolynesian's Veggie Burger
    hulagirl87's Lunch
    DaisyluvzGoofy's Dinner
    pinkxray's Lunch
    wdwpirates' Lunch
    emmebear's Lunch & menu pic

    Crew's Cup Lounge
    dvc4life's Dinner - including menu pic

    Crystal Palace
    BlovesC's Breakfast
    cyndiloveswalt's Breakfast
    emmebear's Breakfast
    disneydivamama's Breakfast - incudes gluten-free options
    sunnysideup3's Breakfast
    Gina99's Breakfast
    emmebear's Breakfast
    glasslipper's Breakfast
    tallen429's Breakfast
    hulagirl87's Breakfast
    DaisyluvzGoofy's Breakfast
    MichelleWDWfan's Breakfast
    4HppyCamprs' Breakfast

    krhst25's Lunch
    Ginamarie's Dinner
    budafam's Dinner
    chocolateMinnie's Dinner
    DisWishes720's Dinner
    wildelady's Dinner
    Jersette's Dinner
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    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    The following is a list that I have compiled of DISers who frequent the Dining Review Board and have either recently been to Disney World or will soon be going there. I'm sure I have missed some people, and for that I apologize. I certainly do not want to exclude anyone, so please don't hesitate to let me know your trip information so that I can add it to the list. Also if you start a Pre-Trip Report or Pre-Dining Report prior to your trip, please let me know so I can add the link. Same thing goes for DR's or TR's started after you return home. With your help I will attempt to keep this list as current and accurate as possible. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I will no longer update this list on my Dining Report and I'll be changing over the link in my signature soon.


    iloveeeyore & MainStreetFireman and family have returned from their trip to WDW and have started their Dining Report. iloveeeyore's DR.

    mamaboogie - Shari, Simon and daughters Sarah and Kate have returned from their 3 week vacation at Disney World. Shari has started her DR!

    DonaldDoleWhip DDW has completed another fantastic Dining Report from his August Trip, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already. DDW's DR

    wilma-bride Joh, Gary, and son, Daniel, just returned home from their Florida trip, including 6 days at WDW. She will soon be telling us about her Florida adventures over on the UK Trip Report section of the DIS. Here's Joh's TR

    emmysmommy Brenda, Michael, and daughter, Emily, have returned home from their 12 night trip to Disney World. Brenda is doing both a TR (which will include a record number of DIS meets) and a DR. :cool1: I can't wait to find out if she was able to complete all 18 items of her list. ;)

    GoofySonsMom the Goofy Son and his mom and dad recently returned from their 11 night trip to WDW. Vicki has completed her reviews on her DR Thread.

    DisneyMomFanatic - Karla and her family are home from their trip to WDW where they stayed in one of the new Finding Nemo Suites at AOA (and she took pics!) She has started her DR

    Tracerr00 Tracy, her daughter, Eilee, and the sausage recently returned from their 5 night trip to WDW. Tracy has completed her dining reviews. Tracy's DR

    mommys3 - Helen, Larry, and their 4 kids celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary at WDW from 8/27 to 9/1. Joining them were Helen's SIL and her family (husband and 2 boys). They are stayed at ASMovies from 8/27-31 and then the Polynesian CL for one night (anniversary present). Helen's DR

    emmebear - celebrated her birthday with her daughter at Disney World over the Labor Day weekend, from 8/31 - 9/3. She has completed her dining reviews. emmebear's DR


    iluvpluto - and her DH celebrated his 40th birthday at Disney World from 9/2 - 9/14. They also treated her parents to their first trip there and her DF celebrated his 66th birthday with dinner at California Grill. Following their visit with the Mouse, they spent 4 days at Harry Potter Land. Here is iluvpluto's DR.

    jecskc - Susan and family were at Disney World from 9/7 - 9/14 and stayed at the WLV. Susan is doing both a DR and a TR.

    doitforlove - Jenn and her DBF celebrated 3 years together at WDW. They stayed at POP from 9/7 - 9/17. Jenn has started her DR

    BlovesC - B (Becky) & C (Charlie) are home from Charlie's birthday celebration trip from 9/9 - 9/11. Becky has already completed her Dining Report.

    LockShockBarrel - Alyssa took her first solo trip to the World from 9/10 - 9/13. She stayed at POP and tried the Deluxe Dining Plan for the first time! Here's Alyssa's TR and here is her DR!

    MVC1225 - and her DGF, SashaFarce, celebrated their 2 year anniversary at WDW from 9/13 - 9/17 and stayed at POFQ. MVC1225 has completed her LIVE DR.

    dischef - Megan (a fellow Central-Illinoisan) and family were at Disney World and stayed at CBR from 9/14 - 9/21.

    Ginamarie and family were at WDW from 9/16 - 9/29, where they stayed at POFQ and a surprise last night at the Yacht Club! Ginamarie did two weeks of delicious "live" updates for us.

    TheNewMrsB - Mrs. B and her DH (Guitarob) celebrated their 4th Anniversary at the World and stayed in a TPV room at the Polynesian -CL from 9/17 - 9/21 and then at Pop Century on 9/21. Link to her DR, where she has started her dining reviews!

    sushicandy - Rosey and her DH had their belated Honeymoon at WDW and stayed at POFQ from 9/21 - 9/28. She has started her dining reviews. Rosey's DR

    Alice BlueBonnet - Alice and Snow were there from 9/21 - 9/29 and stayed at the AS Music Resort! She did many live updates for us! Here is her PDR.

    sarabear was at Disney World from 9/25 - 10/2 and stayed at AOA in the newly opened Little Mermaid section. She did live updates for us while there.

    vettegirl - Lori and her friend, Sue, were there from 9/26 - 10/1 and stayed at CSR. Lori did live updates for us and she has started her dining reviews. Lori's PTR and her DR

    MiaBella05 - She and her DH were at Disney from 9/26 - 10/1. They stayed at the BC-CL to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary and also a Babymoon. Their first baby is due in December!

    Smiling Chesire Cat- Rachel, her DH, Brian, and their son, Chase, were at Disney World and stayed at AKL from 9/27 - 10/2. Rachel has started her DR and she did Live Updates for us!

    Dopey4Life - did a girls only Disney trip with her daughter, cousin, and cousin's daughter from 9/27 - 10/2. They stayed in a Royal Guest room at POR. She has started her Dining Report.

    chimo2u - showed her BFF the World for the first time! Her 2 sons were along too. They stayed at the POLY CL for the first time from Sept 28 to Oct 4, then moved over to Universal Hard Rock Hotel Club level Oct 4,5,6.

    basketlacey - and family were at the Beach Club from 9/30 - 10/7. She did some live updates for us while she was there and she has just started her first ever Dining Report! :thumbsup2


    budafam - took a Mother/Daughter trip to WDW and stayed at Pop Century from 10/2 - 10/10. She did live updates for us! Also budafam has now started her Dining Report.

    SEASONK was at the Caribbean Beach Resort from 10/4 - 10/11 and did some live updates for us!

    CatNipRules - Michelle, Mike, and son, Chris were at WDW and stayed at POFQ from 10/5 - 10/12. Michelle's PTR

    dansyr2514 and her DBF arrived at Disney World on 10/5 and stayed offsite for one night before moving to the BWV, where they are stayed from 10/6 - 10/13. dansyr2514 has started a PDR.

    jedijill - Jill set sail on a 7 night Eastern cruise on the Fantasy from 10/6 - 10/13. She also spent one night before and after the cruise at WDW. During that time she dined at California Grill and Artist Point for dinner, as well as Kona Cafe for breakfast, and the GVL for Tea...all of these are on my favorites list. :woohoo: Here is Jill's PDR.

    auntfrannie was at Disney World from 10/7 - 10/12 and stayed at the Poly club level for the first time. She did some "live" updates for us. Fran has started her Dining Report.

    TinkerBelle 325 did some live reporting during her Disney World trip from 10/7 - 10/13. She attended a "soft" opening of the new Fantasyland area on Friday, Oct. 12 and has included many pictures in her Dining Report.

    NoOrdinaryPrincess was at the World from 10/8 - 10/15 and recently completed her first ever Dining Report from her May trip, which includes her dining plans for this trip. She did a week's worth of live updates for us and will be starting her new Dining Reviews soon.

    stichaholic and scar9501 took their first ever Adults only birthday trip to Disney World! They stayed at AKL - Kidani from 10/11 - 10/16. stitchaholic did live updates for us, including a very special update when they got engaged!

    smile4stamps - Paula and Hunter were at WDW from 10/11 - 10/26 and did a split stay at CSR and VWL. Paula did many "live updates" for us! Here is Paula's PTR and her PDR. Look for her reviews to begin soon!

    Jagfanjosh3252 was at Disney World from 10/10 - 10/15 and did some dining reviews on his Live Dining Report while there. Jagfanjosh3252's DR

    nanienamou - Stephanie and her DH celebrated 15 years together by taking a trip to Disney World from 10/14 - 10/28. They stayed in a Little Mermaid room at AOA for the first two nights and then at the Dolphin for the next 12 nights. Stephanie has started her Dining Reviews.

    TigerKat was at the World from 10/17 - 10/26 and stayed at the Boardwalk Villas.

    MickeyNicki - Nicki and Todd were at WDW from 10/18 - 10/28 to celebrate her birthday. Nicki again did her dining report live while she was at Disney World. Here is the LINK to her now complete report.

    nickymaria and family did a split stay at AoA and WL from 10/18 - 10/26. She did a few live updates for us!

    HNT2419 - The Taylor family (Stephanie, James and their kids) were WDW from 10/19 - 10/27. Stephanie did live updates for us!

    vikkii19 took a "Girls Only" trip to Disney World from 10/19 - 10/27 and emailed in live updates for us!

    anhower was at Disney World from 10/20 - 10/27 and stayed at the CBR. She is thinking of doing her first-ever dining report!

    BlovesC - B (Becky) & C (Charlie) were back at WDW from 10/21 -10/24, this time they celebrated their 2nd Anniversary and stayed in a 1 BDR Villa at SSR because POFQ was overbooked. Becky again texted in live updates for us! And she has already started her reviews. Here is Becky's DR.

    dixonsontour is at OKW from 10/22 - 11/5 and this is their first attempt at DxDDP. dixonsontour will be doing a dining report after their trip.

    dvc4life - Chris and a group of 10 were at Disney World from 10/23 - 10/28 and stayed in a Grand Villa at SSR. She did live updates for us!

    DancinDaisyDuck - Nikki and friends were at Disney World from 10/23 - 10/29 and stayed at POP. Here is her PDR. DancinDaisyDuck did live updates for us! Her reviews should be starting soon!

    emmebear was at WDW again from 10/25 - 10/28 and this time stayed in AOA's Little Mermaid Section. She texted in live updates for us! Here is emmebear's Dining Report, where she has started her reviews (including many pics of her room)!

    Linda67 - Linda spent some time at Disneyland from 10/25 - 10-29 and sent us many live updates. Also she met up with emmysmommy (Brenda) there on Oct. 27. Brenda sent us pics from their meet and also posted a review on her Dining Report thread.

    chocolateMinnie and family were at Disney World from 10/27 - 11/3 and stayed at the Beach Club. She emailed her live updates to us! Here were their Dining Plans.

    one2admire - Tarah, her DH, MIL, DS (5) and DD (1) stayed at POFQ from 10/27 - 11/3 and Tarah did live updates for us! Here is a LINK to their dining plans.

    Couchy and her DH stayed at the Beach Club from 10/31 - 11/4 and she volunteered to do live updates for us! Here are their Dining Plans. Also Couchy has started a PDR.

    LOVEMY3KIDDOS and family were at WDW from 10/31 - 11/10. Here were their Dining Plans.


    rachel09985 - Rachel along with her DBF Corey and BFF Emily visited WDW from 11/1 - 11/6. They stayed at the new AOA Resort in the Little Mermaid section! Here is Rachel's PTR. Also she was a "live" reporter for us! Rachel has started her Dining Report.

    podsnel - Ellen & family were at AKV in a GV from 11/2 to 11/7, then BWV from 11/7-11/11. She did many great live updates for us!

    jedijill - Jill returned to WDW along with a friend from 11/2 - 11/12 for the Food & Wine Festival and to celebrate her friend's 50th birthday. Here is Jill's DR.

    Candycane83 was at Disney World from 11/5 - 11/13 and she did live updates for us!

    Roma and her DH did a split stay and stayed off-site from 11/8 - 11/11 and then at the Beach Club from 11/11 - 11/15. They celebrated their 1 year Anniversary on 11/11! Roma did live updates for us!

    cyndiloveswalt - Cyndi and her DH (Ron), DS14 (Lee), and DS8 (Sal) did a split stay between SSR and AKL from 11/9 - 11/17. Her MIL joined them for some of the trip. Cyndi did many live updates for us!

    GoofySon'sMom - Vicki and the Goofy Son (Andrew) visited WDW for the last weekend of the F & W Festival. They arrived late on 11/9 and were there through 11/13 and stayed at the All Star Music resort. Vicki again did live updates for us! She has completed her Dining Report.

    shannonstar was at Disney World from 11/14 -11/24 and has offered to do live updates for us! Here are their Dining Plans. No updates received.

    Nanabug02 and her DH were at WDW from 11/15 -11/23, and stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. Halfway through their trip, her DH's family met them there. So they had a Be Our Guest reservations for 10 people on November 20th. Nanabug02 did many live updates for us and is the current leader in the November Scavenger Hunt with 78 points!

    Minnie_Mom - Emily, her DH, her two kids, her parents, her brother, and her brother's girlfriend, Jahni (Judgey Judgerson) are coming from 3 different states to have a family reunion at WDW from 11/15 - 11/26. Jahni is a new member of the DIS!

    HoneyBeeM and family held their annual Disney family reunion from Nov. 16-21. They stayed the first two nights at Yacht Club and the remaining nights they are at the Swan. They were especially excited this time around because they got to see her little sis for the first time in months! She is currently working in the DCP as a fairy godmother at BBB. There was five of them, plus some aunts and uncles. So they had plenty of food to go around! AND, they had a ressie for Be Our Guest on Nov. 20! HoneyBeeM did live updates during their trip! :cool1:

    klinlin was at Disney World from 11/16 - 11/23 and did live updates for us while there!

    emmebear and Emme took a quick weekend trip to Disney World on 11/17 - 11/18 to attend a Fantasyland AP Preview on 11/17. She again did live updates for us! Here is her PDR.

    jecskc - Susan and family spent Thanksgiving at Disney World! They stayed in a 1BR at SSR from 11/21 -11/25. Susan did some live updates for us!

    emmebear - and her daughter visited Disney World again from 11/23 - 11/25. They had dinner at BOG on 11/24. emmebear did "live" updates for us! Here is her PDR.

    mousiemom - Pam, Bo, & their DD, Kinsey, took their 30th trip to WDW from 11/23 - 12/1. They did the QS Dining Plan and they knew how to utilize it well!! Pam did live updates for us!

    Gina99 and family took their first trip to Disney World from 11/24 - 12/1 and she emailed live updates to us.

    sanapp was at WDW from 11/24 - 12/1 and did live updates for us!

    mommyof3princess27 - Erin, her DH, Jim, her 3 daughters and pretty much everyone else she is related to went to Disney World! :grouphug: They stayed in a Royal Guest room at POR from 11/25 - 12/2 and dined at BOG on their first night. Sounds like it will be a fun family reunion! Here is Erin's PDR.

    ILikeWaffles - Jess introduced her husband, Pete, to the magic of Disney World. They arrived in Orlando on 11/24, but first spent a few days at Universal Studios. Then they were in a Royal Guest room at POR from 11/28 - 12/7. Jess was able to snag a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest on the 29th. Jess has started her PDR and she did live updates for us during her trip!

    DsnyMama - Amber was at the AK Villas and CSR from 11/26 - 12/5, along with her kids, Ava and Levi. This time she left her hubby home, but took Grammy Suzanne along. It was Grammy's first-ever trip to WDW and she was very excited to try all the delicious food there. Suzanne has apparently been drooling over it for 59 years now...boy, that's a lot of drool! Hope you had a fantastically delicious 1st trip!!! :thumbsup2 Amber's PTR and PDR She has offered to live updates for us during their trip! No updates received.

    happy2012 visited Disney World from 11/26 -12/11 and s @ AOA, stayed at SSR, CSR, & Hyatt @ MCO for the last night to catch an early flight home.

    sunnysideup3 - Jillian, Nate, & son, Eli, took a surprise (for Eli) vacation to WDW from 11/29 - 12/8. Jillian did live updates for us during their trip! Here is sunnysideup3's PTR.

    disneydivamama was at Disney World from 11/30 - 12/9 along with her DH (who took his first gluten-free trip to the world) and their very excited almost 3 year old DD. Here were their Dining Plans. disneydivamama did live updates for us!

    AlohaPolynesian and her DMom were at WDW from 11/30 - 12/3 and she did live updates for us! Here were their Dining Plans.


    Destructsean - My "Abruzzo" cousin ;) and his amazing bride Honeymooned at WDW from 12/2 - 12/14 and stayed at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort. Sean and Christina got married on December 1st! :) Here is his Dining Report

    Dalamara - Becky & her BFF, Liz (Squizz) were at Disney World from 12/3 - 12/14 and stayed at AOA. They hadn't seen each other in FOREVER, as they've lived many states apart for the last several years. Here were their Dining Plans. Dalamara did live updates for us!

    MickeyNicki - Nicki and Todd were back at WDW for some Holiday Cheer from 12/6 - 12/9. Though her review wasn't "Live" this time, I'm sure it will still be great because they are meeting up with KatMark, her DH, their DS, and his DGF...which means 3 x more food than usual! Here is Nicki's Dining Report.

    jmm476 Jill & family were at Disney World from 12/8 - 12/14. For the first two nights they stayed at POR and then on 12/10 they transferred to Pop Century. From then on, they were on the free QSDP. Also it was her DD's first trip to Disney World and she celebrated her 1st birthday there on 12/11. Jill did live updates for us!

    Mariep26 - Marie & family plus friends, making it a group of 10 total, were at WDW from 12/8 - 12/15 and stayed at AoA. Here is Marie's PTR, which includes their dining plans. She offered to do live updates for us! No updates received.

    ses1230 celebrated her birthday at Disney on Dec. 8th, along with her DH, DD7, DD4, and her DMom. They stayed at AKV Kidani from 12/8 - 12/15. ses1230 did live updates for us!

    JessiLynn015 was at Disney World from 12/8-12/17 and did many live updates for us!

    Rarity and her sister stayed at Pop Century from 12/9 - 12/15. Their trip was a "life is looking up" celebration, and they also celebrated her sister's 25th birthday. Rarity did live updates for us!

    DisWishes720 - Jenna stayed at the Beach Club along with her DH (BigT), their 18 mo. old DS (TJ) from 12/10 - 12/16, and her parents and brothers met them later in the trip. Here were their Dining Plans. Jenna did live updates for us!

    grrrlennyl was at WDW from 12/12 -12/20 with her partner to celebrate their anniversary. They stayed at the AoA Resort in the Little Mermaid section. Here is her PDR and she did live updates for us from a Vegan point of view during her trip!

    krhst25 - Kristin took a family trip to Disney World from 12/13 - 12/21 trip. It is her parents first time there. Here were their Dining Plans. She did live updates for us!

    emmebear and her DD were at Disney World again from 12/14 - 12/17 and she did live updates for us! Here is her Dining Report.

    wildelady and DS8 was there from 12/14 -12/28 and stayed offsite but have 1 night at the CBR and 1 night at the Hard Rock. wildelady did a few live updates for us!

    debrapagliasotti - Debra and her family (2 adults, 2 Disney adults & 2 kids) took a holiday trip to Disney World this year! They stayed at the Boardwalk from 12/18 - 12/28. During their 10 night/11 day trip they were on the Deluxe Dining Plan and had 27 ADRs and a whopping 120 snack credits to use!!! Here is Debra's PTR and her Dining Plans. Debra did live updates for us!

    disneychristmasx3 and family celebrated the holidays at WDW from 12/19 - 12/27 and did live updates for us while there!

    AppleSister1 and family took their bi-annual Christmas trip to Disney World from 12/25 - 1/2. They stayed at POFQ and here were their Dining Plans. She did some live updates while they were there!

    JANUARY 2013

    DisneyMamato4 - Christina and family were at Disney World from 1/2 - 1/8 and stayed at AKL. Here were their Dining Plans. She did many live updates for us during their trip!

    Jersette, her DD and DD's boyfriend were at WDW from 1/2 - 1/9. Here were their Dining Plans. She did many live updates for us!

    glasslipper and her family of 4 were at WDW from 1/2 - 1/12 and doing a split stay between POFQ and BWI. Here were their Dining Plans. She did live updates for us!

    emmebear and Emme were at Disney World on the weekend of 1/4 - 1/6. emmebear again did live updates for us!

    quietgirl and her DGF were at Disney World from 1/4 - 1/10 and she did live updates for us while there!

    rachel09985 was at Disney World again from 1/5 - 1/7 and did live updates while there! Here were her Dining Plans.

    ciera321 - Robin and her family were at Disney World from 1/5 - 1/11. Here are their Dining Plans. She did live updates for us while there!

    livinlife25 was livin' the life at WDW along with her dh, ds, sister, and mother from 1/5 - 1/11. They stayed for 2 nights at AKL, then 4 nights at WL.

    DannyDisneyFreak - Dan and his two children and GF, Cathleen, took their first ever cruise on the Disney Dream from 1/6 - 1/10 and then spent 4 nights at WDW. Dan's PTR

    MissPrice - Amanda was there for a graduation celebration from 1/7 - 1/14 and did live updates for us! Here were their Dining Plans.

    butiflfeet used those lovely feet to run in the Disney Half-Marathon on 1/12. She and her DH, plus her sister and mom, are staying at BLT from 1/10 - 1/17. Here are their Dining Plans. butiflfeet is doing live updates for us!

    Giselle22 - Lauren and her DMom also ran in the marathon on 1/12. They arrived on 1/10 and stayed at AoA's Little Mermaid section. Then on 1/12, the rest of their group (which includes Lauren's DDad, brothers, BFF Amber, and Amber's DBF and parents) arrived and they are now staying at POR until 1/19. Here is Lauren's PTR and their Dining Plans. Lauren is doing live updates for us!

    Niki Andiokno and her DH were at Wilderness Lodge Villas from 1/11 - 1/18. Here were Niki's Dining Plans. Niki did live updates for us!

    BlovesC - B (Becky) & C (Charlie) were back at WDW and stayed for a full week this time, from 1/15 -1/21. :cool1: Becky did live updates for us again!

    soontobewed07 and family was there from 1/16 - 1/27 and stayed at the BWV. Here were their Dining Plans. She did some live updates for us during their trip!

    jecskc - Susan & family were at Disney World again from 1/17 - 1/21 and stayed at the BWV. Here were their Dining Plans. She again be did live updates for us!

    dvc4life - Chris & her DH returned to WDW from 1/17 - 1/21 and Chris did live updates for us again!

    carobear helped her sister drive down for her CP in January and will be Disney World for a couple days (1/19-1/22). They won't be going to the parks but plan to eat plenty of Disney food. She has volunteered to do live updates for us!

    disneybride96 and her DH will be at WDW from 1/19 - 1/26. Here are their Dining Plans. She has volunteered to do live updates for us while she is there!

    AlohaPolynesian was at Disney World again from 1/21 - 1/24, this time with her sister and nieces. She again did live updates for us!

    dreamscometrue101 took her niece to WDW to celebrate her 10th birthday (a couple of months early). They will be there from 1/21 - 1/26 and she did some live updates for us while there!

    CaliBear was there from 1/21 - 1/26 and did live updates for us during her trip!

    marshallsmommy stayed at BLT from 1/22 - 1/28. It was her son's (age 20 mos.) 1st trip to Disney World! Here were their Dining Plans. And she did live updates for us!

    hulagirl87 was at WDW from 1/24 - 2/1 and is doing live updates for us! Here are her Dining Plans.

    Cuddlemama - Leigh is traveling from 1/24 - 2/10 with a group varying in size from 5 to 9. They're driving from Upstate NY to Lorton, VA to catch the Autotrain down to Sanford. Staying one night in the new Drury Inn in Orlando, then 2 weeks at AKL- Kidani. Here are the Dining Plans of this very diverse group. Also, Leigh has volunteered to do live updates for us!

    tallen429 - Tricia was back at WDW with middle DS fand DMom from 1/26 - 2/1. First three nights at AKL Jambo and last three nights at BLT. She did live updates for us during their trip!

    arbolita - Theresa and her DH, Scott, stayed at SSR from 1/26 - 2/1 and she did one live update during her trip. Here is her PTR, which includes her Dining Plans.

    TravelAgentJen was at Disney World from 1/26 - 2/1 and offered to do live updates for us while there! No updates received.

    emmebear and Emme took a week long cruise on the Fantasy (Eastern Caribbean itinerary), setting sail on 1/26. emmebear did some live updates for us from onboard the ship!

    Li Li and her DH were at Disney World from 1/28 - 1/30 and did live updates for us while there!


    Ginamarie and her DSis were there for a Sister's Weekend trip from 2/1 - 2/4 and she did live updates for us!

    elleavon and her family were at Disney World from 2/1 - 2/7 and she did live updates for us while there!

    bigal'sdaughter and family stayed at the Poly from 2/2 - 2/8 and celebrated her DH's 40th birthday while there. She offered to do live updates for us! An update from Le Cellier was received.

    nanhol and her DH & 3 kids (DS14, DD11 & DD9) stayed at the Beach Club from 2/3 - 2/7. They were on the Deluxe dining plan and had lots of table service reservations. Then they were back at Disney World following a cruise on the Disney Dream from 2/7-2/10. This time they stayed at the Contemporary from 2/10-2/11. nanhol volunteered to do live updates for us while at WDW! No updates received.

    zy144622 and family was at WDW from 2/3 - 2/9 and volunteered to send us some live updates! None received

    alli817 was at Disney World from 2/3 - 2/14 and offered to do live updates for us while there! None received

    Linda67 was at Disneyland Paris from 2/6 - 2/8 and did live updates for us while there!

    LucyBC80 was there from 2/6 - 2/15 and had offered to do live updates for us! None received

    atisikitabasket was at WDW from 2/9 - 2/15 and did live updates for us while there! Here were her Dining Plans.

    nicole0992 traveled to Disney World to visit her daughter who is doing the Disney College Program. She was there from 2/9 - 2/17 and did many live updates for us!

    Piglet54 was at Disney World and stayed at POR from 2/16 - 2/19 and did live updates for us while there!

    DaisyluvzGoofy is there from 2/16 - 2/23 and she is doing live updates for us!

    Couchy and her DH cruised on the Disney Wonder from 2/16 - 2/21 and she has offered to send us some updates upon their return.

    IncredibleboysMom was at the World with her family from 2/16-2/24 and did live updates!

    pinkxray - Diane took her first girls only trip to Disney World, along with her DD (Caitlin) and friend, Jenny. They were there from 2/18 - 2/24 and Diane and Jen (aka Nermel9) took part in the Princess Half Marathon. She did live updates for us during their trip! Here were Diane's PTR.

    LumosQ102 and her best friend traveled from London to Disney World on 2/21 and are spending the next 14 nights at the WL and on the DxDP (thru 3/7). They are doing live updates for us during their 2 week trip!

    emmysmommy - Brenda and her DD (Emily) took a girls only trip to Disney World from 2/23 - 3/4. They did live updates for us during their trip! Emily has started a PDR.

    milmore104 took a "girls only" trip to Disney World with her DDs and DMom from 2/24 -3/2. She did live updates for us!

    LucyBC80 was there again from 2/24 - 2/26 and had offered to do live updates for us! None received

    Angebee was at Disney World from 2/24 - 3/2 and did live updates for us while there!

    Kathymford was at WDW from 2/24 - 3/2 and did live updates for us while there!

    Mariep26 was at Disney World again from 2/25 - 3/1, and had offered to do live updates for us! None received

    hotcarib & her DH were there from 2/25 - 3/4 and did live updates for us!

    wdwpirates - Kerri and her DH, Jim, are at WDW from 2/26 - 3/10 and she is doing live updates for us! Here are their Dining Plans.

    superchime and family are there from 2/26 - 3/6 and she is doing live updates for us!

    tstidm1 was at Disney World from 2/28 - 3/4 and did live updates for us!

    Stini228 visited WDW from 3/1 - 3/4 and did live updates for us while there!

    emmebear & Emme took a weekend trip on 3/2 - 3/3 and are doing live updates!

    woodleygrrl was there from 3/3 - 3/10 and has volunteered to do live updates for us!

    MichelleWDWfan was at WDW to celebrate her birthday from 3/6 - 3/12 and and did live updates for us!

    AuroraMeansDawn - Dawn and her DH (Jesse) and DS18 (Dylan) were there from 3/6 - 3/12 and did live updates for us!

    emmebear & Emme, along with emmebear's parents, were at Disney World from 3/7 - 3/10 and emmebear again did live updates for us!

    #1eeyoregirl is at WDW from 3/8 - 3/17 and is doing live updates while there!

    carmie3377 and family plus 8 friends took a cruise on the Disney Fantasy from 3/9 - 3/16.

    4HppyCamprs was at WDW from 3/10 - 3/15 and did live updates for us while there!

    proudestmunkie was there from 3/16 - 3/20 and did live updates for us!

    dvc4life - Chris & family combined a few days at Disney World with a 4 night cruise on the Disney Dream from 3/16 - 3/23. First they had a one night stay at SSR before leaving on their cruise on 3/17 and then 2 nights at AKL when they returned on 3/21. Chris again did live updates for us!

    DannysMom was there from 3/20 - 3/27 and did a few live updates for us!

    GoofySon'sMom - Vicki & the Goofy Son (Andrew) were at Disney World 3/22 - 3/26 and were again be live reporters for us!

    podsnel - Ellen and her son (Tim) spent 2 nights at Disney World (3/22 - 3/24) before their 4 night cruise on the Disney Dream. Ellen again did live updates for us!

    Arielle71 - Arielle was there from 3/24 - 4/10 and did live updates for us!

    Here are the volunteers I have so far for April:

    KMarston - 3/30 - 4/6
    PirateRachel - 3/31 - 4/6
    jecskc - 3/31 - 4/8
    HoneyBeeM - 4/1 - 4/6
    mommakacie - 4/3 - 4/10
    roxysmum123 - 4/6 - 4/13
    emmebear & rachel09985 - 4/11 - 4/15
    MickQuinn - 4/12 - 4/18
    mousiemom - 4/15 - 4/19
    SmallWorld71 - 4/17 - 4/19
    Hannikins - 4/18 - 4/25 (WDW), 4/25 - 5/4 (US)
    buzz1121 - 4/20 - 4/27
    Mommyof3inVA - 4/20 - 4/27
    Rumpletinker - 4/20 - 4/27
    MRYPPNS - 4/21 - 5/5
    Rarity - 4/25 - 4/28
    vettegirl - 4/27 - 5/1
    FancyNancy - 4/27 - 5/3
    diskam 4/28 - 5/1 (WDW), 5/2 - 5/6 (Wonder cruise)

    auntfrannie - 4/29 - 5/8
    aladdinsgirl - 4/30 - 5/10
    podsnel - 5/2 - 5/6
    carmie3377 - 5/4 - 5/10 (Disney Magic)
    RyMacJ - 5/4 - 5/11
    jedijill - 5/4 - 5/12
    StuffedwFluff - 5/4-5/14
    jimnlahaze - 5/7 - 5/13
    dramaticmissy - 5/8 -5/13
    MrsBearcat - 5/11 - 5/16
    skylizard - 5/11 - 5/17
    Chavaleh - 5/11 - 5/19
    CalSea12 - 5/11 - 5/21
    zomama - 5/12 - 5/18
    quietgirl - 5/13 - 5/20
    ChrisNY2 - 5/18 -5/20
    AvasMommy526 - 5/21 - 6/1
    dvc4life - 5/22 - 5/27
    smile4stamps - 5/25 - 6/2
    buzz1121 - 5/25 - 6/8

    brobrosmom - 5/31 - 6/4
    wdwpirates - 6/1 - 6/7
    chloesmommy - 6/1 - 6/8
    DisneyMamato4 - 6/2 - 6/9
    disnmooner2013 - 6/3 - 6/10
    tammilynne - 6/3 - 6/11
    phi2012 - 6/3 - 6/19
    sarabear - 6/5 - 6/12
    dutchdisneyfamily - 6/6 - 6/14
    cindymindy - 6/9 - 6/15
    AlohaAnnie - 6/15 - 6/28
    Goofyluver - 6/16 - 6/21
    JennyWren - 6/24 - 7/1
    KateB - 6/25 - 7/1
    Incredibleboysmom - 6/28 - 7/2 (Disneyland)
    Wendydagny - 6/29-7/6

    SRiley1985 - 7/7 - 7/13
    Indy Denise - 7/8 - 7/9 (US), 7/10 - 7/16 (Disney)
    sock2you - 7/9 - 7/13 (Disneyland)
    nicol30992 - 7/16 - 7/23
    Smiling Cheshire Cat - 7/18 - 7/25
    yorkshirebelle - 7/31 - 8/14

    Ivonne - 8/4 - 8/15
    JintyB - 8/8 - 8/25, followed by a short cruise on the Disney Dream
    GoofySon'sMom - 8/10 - 8/20
    glasslipper - 8/11 - 8/24
    scanne - 8/13 - 8/22
    emmysmommy & JustEmmy - 8/17 - 8/30
    Gin0818 - 8/19 - 8/28
    autumnpalm - 8/26 - 9/2

    Okay, that's all I have so far thru August 2013. If I have missed anyone, have any mistakes, or if you have any information you would like to add/change then please let me know. :thumbsup2
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  4. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    The very first live from Disney World update that I received was from a very special lady, who is pretty well-known around these parts. ;)


    Brenda (aka emmysmommy)

    In this picture, Brenda is holding the TO DO" List which I composed for her prior to her trip to Disney World last month. Brenda, being the gracious person that she is, decided to humor my craziness and put forth her best efforts to complete each of the 18 tasks on her list. It is still unknown just how many of these were completed, but you can follow her progress on both her current Trip Report and Dining Report.

    We do however know that she successfully completed the first item of her list - 1) Take lots of pics at any DISmeets you have with DDW, GoofySon’s Mom, PrincessBetsy, or anyone else. Actually she completed this task in a "BIG" way, meeting 9 DISers during her 12 night trip! :worship: In fact if I am the "Queen of Lists" (thanks, Linda! :) ), then Brenda is the "Queen of DIS meets".

    Let's see, if I remember correctly, the next picture to be sent to me by Brenda was from her first DIS meet with DonaldDoleWhip...


    Yep, it's a headless DonaldDoleWhip!
    (Doesn't Brenda know that I like my prawns headless, but my DDWs to be head-on??? :lmao: )

    Next came another teaser pic…


    And then finally the face of Mr. DonaldDoleWhip was revealed…


    Now I’m sure that you are probably already following along with DDW’s current Dining Report, but just in case you aren’t …get yourself over there now! :thumbsup2 Here’s the LINK.

    After getting caught in a downpour while riding Splash Mountain together, they met up with PrincessBetsy, who is currently working at Magic Kingdom through the Disney College Program.


    Here's a link to Betsy's ongoing DCP Dining Review.​

    Then on that same evening, Brenda (still with DDW) bumped into another DISer, Disneyfreak616


    To read all about this evening, check out this LINK to Brenda’s TR.​

    That’s three, but Brenda still met 6 more DISers during her trip. Four of these she revealed during her live updates to me.


    Brenda with wilmabride (Joh)

    Here is a LINK to the Index Page for the installments of Joh's Trip Report.


    Brenda with a newly-married, Pinkgirl (Marie)


    Brenda with Joh, GoofySon’sMom (Vicki), and Tracerr00 (Tracy)

    Their very fun DIS meet has already been revealed in both Vicki’s and Tracy’s Dining Reports, so check these out to hear more about it and see lots more pics! :thumbsup2

    Then DISer #8 was recently revealed in DisneyMomFanatic’s (Karla) current DR…


    Brenda, Karla, and a photobomber! :lmao:

    See Karla’s Dining Report to hear more about this meet.​

    So if I have counted correctly, that makes 8 DISers that have been revealed to us so far. Who will #9 be??? Stay tuned to Brenda’s Trip Report and Dining Report to find out the answer. ;)
  5. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    So after finding out how fun it was to receive Brenda’s “live” updates from Disney World and seeing how well they were received when I shared them here, I then contacted two more of our Disney Dining Reporters who traveled to Disney World at the end of August.


    GoofySon’sMom (Vicki) and Tracerr00 (Tracy)​

    When I sent each of these wonderful ladies a PM asking them if they might be willing to do live updates during their trips, they both answered my (probably rather odd) request with an enthusiastic, “YES!” :thumbsup2

    And so here are a few of the live updates I received from Vicki…

    What do when your room isn't yet ready...


    Strawberry Margarita from the CSR Pool Bar

    This just in from GoofySon'sMom, who is having lunch at the
    Hollywood Brown Derby...​


    Margarita Flight at Hollywood Brown Derby
    (This one's for you, Master Linda :thumbsup2 )

    Sorry the above pic is a little blurry. Just imagine that you have already had one of these flights when viewing this picture. :lmao:

    Oh, and being the good DISer that she is, GoofySon'sMom also sent a pic of the menu description of her margarita flight :thumbsup2 ...


    And this from GoofySon'sMom, reporting live from her lunch at Yak & Yeti...

    "No margarita today...sake instead with ahi tuna" ;)


    Yak & Yeti's Seared Ahi Tuna Appetizer and Sake

    Mom and Dad had a surprise waiting for their Goofy Son at their dinner tonight at California Grill...


    Marble Cake with Fudge Mousse Filling
    (just in case you were wondering ;) )

    Reporting "Live" from her dinner tonight at Narcoossee's...


    Vicki's (GoofySon'sMom) Agave Margarita :thumbsup2

    Vicki (GoofySon'sMom) & family had dinner tonight at Tokyo Dining and guess what delicious cocktail she had???....

    Sake-rita (Japanese version of a margarita)
    I had to look this one up since I'd never heard of it and so here is the description I found,
    Sake-Rita - Sake, Grand Marnier, orange curacao and lime juice

    Oh, and Vicki asked me to let Linda know that this was possibly the best margarita so far! :thumbsup2

    At her dinner at 'Ohana tonight, Vicki (GoofySon'sMom) did not get a margarita. Nor did she get a Lapu Lapu.

    Here is the delicious cocktail that Vicki chose...


    Pineapple Upside-Down Martini
    SKYY Infusions Pineapple Vodka, Frangelico, Piña Colada Mix, and freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

    Vicki said this was amazing! :thumbsup2

    And here are a couple of Tracy’s live updates…

    From Tracy (Tracerr00)...

    "DD told me she wanted a turkey leg and I really thought she was joking. She was not! Not my cup of tea but she loved it!"


    Eilee and a Big 'Ole Turkey Leg

    Tracy and Eilee have arrived at the Boardwalk...


    Ahhh...the Boardwalk, my favorite resort! :cloud9:

    And I'm happy to report that...THEY LOVE IT!!! :cool1:

    Please see Vicki’s and Tracy’s Dining Reports to hear more about their trips.
  6. GoofySon'sMom

    GoofySon'sMom DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 2007

    Yay! Thank you so much Barb for continuing this! You rock! :worship:
  7. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Once Tracy and then Vicki returned home, there was then a lull of nearly week in the “live reporting” action. No one was volunteering to do them and I feared that the idea might be “dead in the water”. I then sent out an “ SOS” to another awesome Disney Dining Reporter…

    BlovesC (Becky)

    Becky came to our rescue and sent these live updates during her long weekend trip earlier this month.

    This just in from Becky (BlovesC), who checked into the Beach Club this morning...

    "Guess where we are?"


    This is the floor of Beaches & Cream! :cool1:

    Followed shortly thereafter by this delicious-looking text...​


    This is none other than the No Way of my favorite Disney Desserts!!! :thumbsup2

    And another update from our Live Reporter, Becky...

    "Saving this to be my back-up dinner if Cape May is a bust again!" ;)


    Coffee Mocha Cupcake from the Boardwalk Bakery

    "Also found these guys in the Beach Club Marketplace. Didn't buy any, but I know they have fans mourning their removal from Cape May.
    Six to a package...couldn't find a price though!"


    Oreo BonBons (previously served dessert at Cape May Buffet Dinner)

    ADDED NOTE FROM jabead: I myself have never tried these, as I've never been to Cape May for dinner.
    So I wanted to see just what these looked like, outside of the package.


    I'd have to say that these look pretty good, but not as good as Becky's Boardwalk cupcake. :thumbsup2

    In case you were wondering where Becky and Charlie had lunch today (after deciding not to have lunch again at Beaches & Cream), here is the answer...


    Delicious Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Sandwich with a side of Cous Cous from the Beach Club Marketplace :thumbsup2

    Becky and Charlie had dinner tonight at the Flying Fish Cafe...

    "Here is one of our Flying Fish entrees!
    Great meal, but I'm pretty sure our server must have moved over from 50's Prime Time Cafe."


    The Flying Fish Signature Char-crusted New York Strip Steak with a classic sauce foyot
    Served with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Haricot Vert (thin green beans), and Young Carrots

    Breakfast today for Becky and Charlie was at Kouzzina...

    "Our breakfast made Kouzzina a strong rival to Kona Cafe!"


    Steel Cut Cinnamon Oatmeal - with Bananas, walnuts, and Honey-drizzle

    This just in from Becky & Charlie, reporting live from their lunch at Sanaa.

    Where Becky had this...


    Mango-glazed Tandoori Chicken Breast - served with arugula, cucumber, radish, mango and masala-spiced pistachios

    And for dessert..​

    "By request, a big cup of Chai cream! Saved me from ordering the trio when this was all I wanted!"


    Here is Becky's COMPLETED Dining Report, if you'd like to read more about her trip. :thumbsup2
  8. DannysMom

    DannysMom DIS Veteran

    Jun 1, 2007
    I see a new thread, I jump on there!

    Don't have a trip planned til March, so I'm living vicariously. :)

    Sent from my iPad using DISBoards App, please excuse any typos.
  9. DonaldDoleWhip

    DonaldDoleWhip DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 2008
    Just woke up from a nap, and this is what I see! I can't wait for this thread to take off like the last one did - the live updates were a brilliant idea. :yay:

    Thank you so much for doing this - it's the best thing in the world for those of us who aren't in the World. :rotfl:
  10. Smiling Cheshire Cat

    Smiling Cheshire Cat DIS Veteran

    Feb 16, 2009
    You are brilliant Barb!
  11. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Next came Ginamarie & family, who were at Disney World from 9/16 - 9/29. Ginamarie volunteered to be a live reporter for us and did a fantastic job, with two weeks of delicious updates! :thumbsup2

    Here is her first live update from 9/16...

    Ginamarie and family dined tonight at the Cape May Clam Bake Buffet at the Beach Club Resort,
    where Ginamarie's dinner plate looked like this...


    Starting from the crab legs at the top of the plate, there is a regular roll, corn bread with Mac & Cheese underneath,
    Gnocchi with beef and peas (which she said was phenomenal! :thumbsup2), and Fried shrimp.

    Then her dessert plate looked like this...


    Strawberry shortcake, Flourless chocolate cake, and a Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Ginamarie said the food was great! :thumbsup2
    In fact it was so good that the baby started eating the tablecloth when the food was all gone! :lmao:

  12. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    And this was her update from 9/17

    Ginamarie and family had dinner tonight at the Pop Century Resort's...

    Everything Pop Food Court


    Pasta Alfredo with Parmesan Chicken, Pepperoni Pizza,
    Brownie topped with M & M's and Marshmallows, and White Cupcake with Tye-Dye Frosting​

    Ginamarie said, "This was really good!" :thumbsup2
  13. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Two updates on 9/18

    Ginamarie's lunch today was at Hollywood Studios...​



    Chicken and Ribs Combo with baked beans and cole slaw
    And chocolate fudge cake for dessert!

    Ginamarie said, "The chicken and ribs were slightly overcooked but their taste was good".

    Dinner for Ginamarie & family was again at Hollywood Studios...​



    Crispy Calamari for Two topped with grilled peppers and onions, served with dipping sauces (marinara, pesto, and honey) and fresh lemon

    Ginamarie said, "Honey and lemon was my favorite combo with the calamari."


    Charred Strip Steak with five-cheese baked macaroni, aged balsamic-shallot butter, and Chianti Wine Reduction

    Ginamarie said, "The steak was good, but a little over-seasoned/over-salted. Hubby finished all of his though!" ;)


    Chocolate Cannoli Cake - with cannoli and nutella filling (pictured in back) and
    Chocolate Amarettini Cheesecake (Chocolate-flavored Cheesecake with a Cookie Crust, Almond Cream, and Italian Amarettini Cookies)

    Ginamarie said, "The nutella dessert was amazing!"
  14. jecskc

    jecskc DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2010
    This will be a fun thread !! We are going January 17 - 21, 2013 if you want to put us on that list :-)
  15. smile4stamps

    smile4stamps DIS Veteran

    Mar 20, 2009
    I'm here!! And about to start a PDR!! :rotfl2:
  16. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Three updates on 9/19

    After a visit to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique this morning, Ginamarie and her daughter are currently having breakfast in the castle with the Disney Princesses. princess:

    Cinderella's Royal Table


    Current CRT Breakfast Menu


    Children's Entree - Scrambled eggs, French toast sticks, and bacon


    Cream Cheese-stuffed French Toast drizzled with Cognac chocolate ganache
    Served with bacon and fresh fruit (strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry)

    Ginamarie said, "This was nothing like French Toast, but decadent and rich and delicious! Also the fresh orange juice was amazing!" :thumbsup2

    It's snack time for Ginamarie and family...


    Dole Whip Float - soft-serve vanilla ice cream with pineapple juice
    (from Magic Kingdom's Aloha Isle, located in Adventureland ;))

    Dinner tonight for Ginamarie & family was at...



    Spicy Kazan Roll with Crab, Shrimp, Scallops, Tuna, and Fireball Sauce


    Heirloom Tomato BLT Flatbread with Marinated Tomatoes, Applewood Bacon, Chiffonade Romaine, and Lemon Mayonnaise

    Ginamarie said, "This was totally amazing! Flatbread was one of the best things I've ever ate!"


    Handmade Potato Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms, Edamame, Smoked Pork, and Organic Soft-poached Egg


    Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Pesto, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Basil


    Seared Diver Scallops with Southern Sweet Corn Risotto, Spiced Tomato Broth, and Micro Popcorn Shoots

    Ginamarie said, "Everything was really great! Hubby ordered a dessert for everyone to share, but I couldn't eat more than a couple of bites. It was supposedly delicious though."


    Heather's Chocolate Sampler
    Marshmallow Whoopie Pies, Chipotle Chocolate Cupcake, Peanut Butter Buckeye Pop, and Valrhona Mint Chocolate Cup

  17. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Two updates on 9/20

    Ginamarie & family had lunch today at Epcot's...

    Le Cellier


    Wild Mushroom Filet Mignon
    Le Cellier signature dish served with wild mushroom risotto and white truffle butter sauce

    Ginamarie said, "This was delicious as ever! The filet is one of our all time favorite dishes." :thumbsup2

    And for dessert...


    Canadian Chocolate Mousse ("Moose")

    And for dinner tonight, Ginamarie & family dined at Epcot's...

    Tutto Italia


    Risoto al Frutti di Mare
    Canaroli rice, shrimp, squid, clams, mussels, and a light tomato sauce

    Ginamarie said, "Hubby loved this and ate every morsel."


    Cavatelli pasta, sweet sausage ragu, a light tomato sauce, and topped with pecorino cheese

    Ginamarie said, "Sister had this and called it her new favorite dish."


    Polenta Valsugana -Traditional Northern Italian creamy polenta and melted fontina
    Served with braised short ribs, meatballs, sweet and piccanti pork sausages

    Ginamarie said, "They serve the meat and polenta separately and then you mix it together in your own plate.
    The polenta was perfect and creamy and the meat was the best accompaniment with their sweet and fresh tomato sauce."

    And for dessert...


    Torta Di Nocciole "Cortemilia"
    Hazelnut polenta cake, nutella, and sweet cream cheese

    Ginamarie said, "This was really unusual. The cake is kind of dry, but good! You can definitely get the hazelnut and nutella taste and the nutella creamy top added a light texture to even it out. Even the chocolate swirl on top had a hazelnut flavor."
  18. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Two updates on 9/21

    Ginamarie & Family had lunch today at the Contemporary Resort's...

    Contempo Cafe​


    Hot Turkey Sandwich topped with Brie, green apples and arugala on Challah bread & Pepperoni Flatbread

    Ginamarie said, "I had the sandwich and it was very good...a nice light selection for a hot day!" :thumbsup2


    Bacon Cheeseburger with French Fries

    And for their desserts...


    Worms and Dirt & Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cupcake


    Apple Spice Cupcake with Apple and Craisin Filling

    Ginamarie said, "Cupcakes were huge and we split them up."

    Ginamarie & Family were at the Polynesian Resort tonight having dinner at...



    'Ohana Welcome Bread (Pineapple-Coconut Bread)


    Mixed Greens with a honey-lime dressing


    Honey Coriander Chicken Wings and Pork fried dumplings (plus an anxious baby hand ;) )

    Ginamarie said, "We also had noodles, mixed veggies, and skewers, but the camera was off taking pictures of the kids. The skewers were chicken (delicious and better/more moist and flavorful than I remembered), Asian Barbecued pork (good and a little spicy), sirloin steak (so good!, I would have eaten more but was stuffed), and spicy peel-n-eat shrimp (wonderful, I loved the spicy kick in these which was enough to add some heat without making it too spicy for the kids)"

    And then of course, for dessert was...


    The Famous 'Ohana Bread Pudding served a la mode with Bananas and Caramel Sauce
  19. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Two updates from 9/22

    It's snack time for Ginamarie & family back at their resort, Port Orleans French Quarter...


    Beignets from Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory

    Ginamarie said, "Love them! Hot, crispy and moist in the middle...perfection!" :cloud9:

    Ginamarie & family had dinner at the Polynesian Resort again tonight, but this time they dined at...

    Kona Cafe

    Here is the menu they were given (which is different than any of the current online menus)...




    Togarashi Spiced Ahi Tuna
    Served with Tempura Fried Vegetable Maki Roll and Red Wine Reduction

    Ginamarie said, "Hubby liked his tuna, but said the vegetable rolls were the best thing on the plate."


    Kona Coffee-rubbed Pork Chop
    Grilled and served with Wild Mushrooms and Bacon-Potato Gratin, and Seasonal Vegetables (Corn)

    Ginamarie said, "I got the coffee encrusted was ok. The crust tasted more like pepper than coffee. The corn was good, but the potato casserole that sounded so good on the menu was a disappointment. It looked grey and tasted bland. The whole dish needed something bright and acidic."


    Kid's Ravioli

    Ginamarie said, "This was a tiny portion. The six year old didn't care for it, but the baby loved it. Baby also loved the chicken noodle soup, which I didn't photograph. Other son got the hot dog, which came with no side, just a fruit cup appetizer and ketchup. It was weird. :confused3

    And for dessert...


    Kilauea Torte
    An explosion of warm liquid Chocolate inside Chocolate Cookie Volcano

    Ginamarie said, "This was good, but the molten center was overcooked and solid instead of liquid."


    Pineapple Upside Down Cake
    with Lemongrass and Caramel Sauces

    Ginamarie said, "Hubby ate every morsel!" :thumbsup2


    Kid's Ice Cream Sundae

    Ginamarie said, "This was basic, tasty, and cute."


    Kid's Yogurt Parfait

    Ginamarie said, "Daughter loved it!" :thumbsup2

    Ginamarie's final thoughts, "Kona seemed a little off tonight. I'm hoping it was a fluke." :worried:
  20. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    An update from 9/23

    Ginamarie & family were at Animal Kingdom and had lunch at...



    Chicken Breast Nuggets - 8 pieces served with choice of apple slices or fries
    Mac 'n Cheese Hot Dog (I couldn't find this on any menus, so maybe this is new???)
    Chocolate Mousse x 2 for dessert!

    Ginamarie said, "The nuggets were surprisingly good-white meat and juicy. The hot dog was also good.
    We were disappointed to see the shrimp po boy off of the menu though."

    For dinner, they were back at the Sassagoula Floatworks food court at their resort, POFQ. ( sorry no pictures)

    Ginamarie said, "We had a chicken quesadilla that was really good! Cheesy and full of large chicken chunks.
    It was oddly served with baked beans though." :confused3

    "Also had fried chicken, which is still the hubby's favorite. Always hot, fresh, and nicely seasoned."

    "And for dessert, a very good brownie and two scoops of chocolate ice good! :thumbsup2 I couldn't finish the ice cream, but put the leftovers in a cup so it would make a milkshake for today." ;)

    Note from jabead: I was able to find a couple of Sassagoula menu pics online which show the items that Ginamarie & family chose.


  21. jabead

    jabead DIS Veteran

    Sep 22, 2000
    Three updates from 9/24

    Today Ginamarie & family are at Magic Kingdom, where they had breakfast at...

    Main Street Bakery


    Iced Mocha, Crumb Cake, Yogurt Parfait, and a Cinnamon Roll

    Ginamarie said, "MAIN STREET BAKERY ROCKS!!!" :cool1:

    Snack time for Ginamarie & family was at...

    Main Street Confectionery


    Gingerbread man, Mickey ear brownie, and Chocolate-covered pineapple spear

    Ginamarie said, The pineapple was mine and it was so good! Fresh with a healthy layer of chocolate.
    I did need a wet wipe afterwards because I was covered in pineapple juice, but it was worth it! :thumbsup2

    Ginamarie & family had dinner tonight at Magic Kingdom's...

    Crystal Palace

    Buffet with Character


    On this plate: Apples, carrots, salad (lots to choose from), rice, and a sunflower seed roll


    On this plate: Pork marsala, more rice, beef loin, turkey, broccoli, sweet & sour wings, and mashed potatoes

    Ginamarie said, "Everyone liked this meal. There was a big variety, even for desserts, but I was too full to indulge."

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