comfy shoes for parks?


Elliot’s MiMi
Jan 9, 2001
Any suggestions for sneakers and sandals? It is getting time to start breaking new ones in for our May trip.

I know I have read about Teva's but which kind of Teva's?
And are they good for kids too?

Any brand of sneakers that are better than others?
As far as brands go, you will get many different suggestions. Its best if you try some one and see what feels best to you. I wore Reeboks on our last trip which were great. Got them on special at Sports Authority. My DW & I just picked up a pair of New Balance 605's at Foot Locker for $39.00. We are wearing them on the treadmill only and everything is fine so far.

But the one thing I found out last year was that TEVA'S are the best thing going. I never wore sandals before last year and picked up a pair at Cape Cod (Bass, I think) and wasn't crazy about them. Then I was walking around Dick's Sports and found a $100 pair of Teva sandals for $25.00 (clearance and only one pair). I was lucky that they were my size and figured I would try them. Well I'll tell you I spent the majority of my last trip to WDW in them (not broken in) and they were the best thing I ever wore. No blisters, no tired aching feet. They were great! I didn't know anything about what type to get or style. But they worked wonders on my feet.

I would recommend you definitely get a pair.

Good luck!
For sure Birkinstock sandals! They are the best! Make sure you wear them for about a month or more before going to wear them out though or you will be sorry!
Another vote for Tevas!! Have never worn a pair of sandals this comfortable - I can even make it through days at WDW without a blister! My favorites are the ones with the 'terradactyl' (sp?!) soles. And always a pair of comfy, lightweight Nikes, too.

Guess I am the odd man out here, but I ALWAYS go with sneakers. Tried sandals, but a great pair of comfy sneaks makes my trip the best. Usaually take 2 pair, that way if they get wet and don't dry out can make a quick change.

I usually take the ones I walk in. A good way of justifying a new pair of sneaks months before the trip!!!

I think it just depends on your foot. I needed new shoes for the park too.
DH swears by Tevas and that's what he wears almost all the time.
I'm just not a sandal person. I'm a sneaker person too. I tried on many different types, and for one reason or another just didn't feel right.
Then I really lucked out. In one of our nicer dept stores is a large shoe sale room. I bought a pair called Diesel, that were $65 normally, for $18!:bounce: And they fit perfect and were great in the parks!
For the days flying in and out, I wore my Born's.
The Born shoes are very comfy, but I walked an awful lot that first day and didn't wear any special socks. I did notice a slight tenderness at the tip of one toe (from where my toe was "grabbing" not rubbing). But that was it.
I think it helped to have shoes to switch around.
My vote is for New Balance sneakers. Wore for 1 week right out of the box with no blisters. Very comfortable with excellent support. Have been saving them for the next trip in several days.

Another vote for Tevas! I bought the leather ones ( in August of 1999. They've been worn at WDW twice (the whole time we were there both times), twice at DLR and every day of my pregnancy. Nearly three years, several Disney trips and a baby later, they still look great and they still feel new. I have never gotten so much value out of any shoe I've ever purchased.

You're wise to try to break the shoes in before you go. I purchased some Reebock's that were horrible -- they gave me blisters. It was good to know this before taking them on a trip.

Birkenstocks are also good shoes -- but it depends on your arches. Mine are flat -- so Birkenstocks actually hurt my feet. It's too bad -- because they look like comfy/durable shoes!
Another vote for Teva. We all wear them at the park - children too. We all have multiple pairs so that we can wash them out after a day or two. THe nice part about waterproof sandals is that they can get wet on rides with no problem and when your feet get hot we spray them or walk through a fountain or somthing wet. They have great arch support and are worth every penny.

One suggestion - you may need sunscreen on your feet if you are prone to burns - I spray our feet each morning and they come back looking nice and tanned.
I actually do better with a pair of thick flip flop type shoes.
I think that having at least two pair of whatever type of shoe you prefer, makes the most difference. I take at least two pair of Reeboks.


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